10 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2019 Honda Monkey

Honda made the announcement that there is going to be a new release in 2019. The Honda Monkey for next year was scheduled to be released in the next model year in September, to local dealers. If you haven’t been keeping up on what’s new with the brand, then you probably haven’t heard of it, but that’s okay because we’re here to let you know all about it. Here are ten interesting things about the new Monkey that you probably don’t know yet.

1. It’s based on the Grom

The new Honda Monkey is inspired by the Grom. It features the same 125cc engine and the suspension is also taken from the bike from yesteryear. There are some striking similarities and this model is designed to give riders a sense of nostalgia. It even has the “old wing” logo. Don’t mistake it for a Grom though. The Monkey is a modern bike that comes packed with features that set the two apart. It has a personality that is distinctly its own.

2. It’s really affordable

The 2019 Monkey is set at a reasonable price. The manufacturer’s suggested retail for the bike is $3,999. If you order the edition with front-only ABS system, it will cost an extra $200. The rumor is that it’s going to be a big hit with a few niches among riders. The price puts this bike within the reach of more people.

3. It’s attractive but the Monkey is also great for riding in the dirt

The 2019 Honda Monkey has an attractive and sporty aesthetic. It’s almost pretty if you will and it’s offered in Banana Yellow and Pearl Nebula Red color options. It’s small and light, with a curb weight of just 231 pounds. The tires are a Vee Rubber dual sports type that goes well with the sporty appearance of the bike, and although they’re not as bulky as the original Tractor Grips, they do a good job in the dirt.

4. It’s a throwback model to the ’60s & ’70s eras

If you were riding during the ’60s and ’70s, then the Monkey is going to seem familiar to you. If you remember the Z50, and you were one of the fortunate kids that got to learn to ride on it, then you’ll see some of its DNA in the Monkey. Ths new and more modern creation lends a tip of the hat to the popular model that so many youngers fell in love with as their first bikes.

5. Honda took pains with the details

This isn’t a new bike model that was haphazardly put together. it has been thoughtfully designed and assembled with attention to details such as the round headlight and chromed steel fenders. The Monkey is an intentional recreation of the vintage Grom that features a kiss of the modern age to recreate the familiarity of the original for a new generation. It has the potential for becoming another of Honda’s iconic bikes.

6. The Monkey is easy to park

The Monkey features a design that gives it a miniature statue. This makes it ideal for parking in the city. It’s perfect for beginner through intermediate riders who might otherwise have trouble getting into tight parking spaces with a larger bike. It makes riding and parking less complicated because there’s always room to park a Monkey.

7. The Monkey is ideal for commuting

The Monkey comes in an ABS model for just a couple hundred dollars more. If you intend to use it as a commuter bike, it’s a good idea to go with this option. The ABS will improve stopping ability on road surfaces that are compromised, such as wet pavement, etc. It gives you more control when making stops under less than favorable conditions. It’s ideal for commuting to and from work or school because of its ease of handling and small size.

8. The Honda Monkey cover is removable

The side cover for the Honda Monkey is removable. It shares this feature with the original Z50. This also means that the cover can more easily get lost. In the original model, the covers were often removed and then they became lost or misplaced. In forty years’ time, finding one of the covers for the original is a real find worthy of a “picker’s” full attention because they have a monetary value, especially for anyone who is attempting to fully restore a vintage bike. The same thing is likely to happen forty years down the road with the new Monkey as well. Keep track of the side cover if you remove it.

9. The Monkey is suitable for all ages

Just because the Monkey is a small bike, doesn’t mean it was designed for kids or for beginners. Although it’s ideal for newbies to learn on and for kids to have fun in the dirt, it is a seriously useful commuter bike for adults as well. Plus it is just as much fun for grown-ups to ride as it is for the younger generation. This amazing reimagined bike is truly for everyone.

10. The Monkey is a cute little bike with a serious side

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the Monkey is the fact that it is a cute little trail bike that lends itself to having fun in the dirt in off-road settings. But it has a serious side that moves it into a totally different realm. The four-speed transmission provides riders with efficiency, control, and durability that moves it into the sphere of a conventional motorcycle just as quickly. It’s a two-in-one.

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