A Closer Look at the 2020 Aprilla RS 660

Aprilla RS 660

Famous for both it’s racing and street bikes, Aprilla decided to craft a brand new contender in the world of middle weight sport bikes: The 2020 Aprilla RS 660. Fitted with the power of 100 street hungry horses raging it it’s powerful parallel twin engine, this lightweight, 373 pound fighter carries its rider on a tough and durable aluminum frame. The power to weight ratio held by this bike, combined with its blend of electronic rider aides and connectivity make the 2020 Aprilla RS 660 a unique and formidable competitor in the market of mid-sized bikes.

1. Ergonomic Design Means a Comfortable Ride

No matter how well designed a bike is, it’s not going anywhere fast unless it provides the rider with a comfortable ride. Aprilla’s designers know this, and created a bike that offers comfort during longer rides. First, you have a comfortable, large saddle for the rider and passenger alike. Both footpegs and handle bars have been altered to give a more economically design as well. Finally, the low riding exhaust ensures that riders get a cooler ride in the saddle.

2. Aprilla Pays Tribute to Its Racing History

Aprilla RS 660 1

Aprilla is name to be reckoned with in the racing world, that’s a given. One of their most impressive years was 1994, where they won both the 125cc and 250cc World Championships, and the 1994 Aprilla RS250 Reggiani is a replica of the bike Loris Reggiani rode. To honor that year, Aprilla has given the 2020 Aprilla RS 660 a purple and red color scheme option. The purple and red is significant in that it pays tribute to Aprilla’s racing history. According to Aprilla, “The pairing of purple and red is a tribute to the RS 250 in its 1994 Reggiani Replica version, the last real sport bike of the two-stroke era, still beloved by motorcyclists and highly sought after by collectors,”

3. Brand New 660cc forward-facing parallel Twin Engine

This mid-size street monster from Aprilla comes with a liquid cooled, 660cc V2 four-stroke engine, driven by 100 horses. Fuel system is injection, with fuel control provided by double overhead cams/twin CAM, or DOHC system. Other features of this powerful engine include a powerplant design borrowed from Aprilla’s very own RSV4, and a firing order of 270 degrees.

4. Professional Racer Rennie Scaysbrook is a Fan of the Aprilla RS 660

Aprilla RS 660 2

When the Aprilla RS 660 was in its concept stage, Rennie Scaysbrook was there, cheering it on.  Rennie Scaysbrook is a world-renowned, professional motorcycle racer. Notable wins include the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the King of the Mountain win, setting a record in the process. He also takes his side career as a motorcycle journalist very seriously, as well as being a motorcycle tester for Cycle News, where he had the honor and pleasure of testing the Aprilla RS 660 and doing the write up for CycleNews.

5. Large Selection of Electronic Aides for the Rider

For a sporty middleweight, the 2020 Aprilla RS 660 sure packs a punch in the electronics department. Lets just say this, you won’t find many mid-size bikes with fully functional cruise control, except if it’s an Aprilla RS 660. But that’s just a start. Basically, it borrowed the Aprilla’s RSV4’s six-axis IMU and APRC controls. In other words, All of the following are standard on the RS 660:

• Aprilla Cruise Control, or ACC
• Aprilla Traction Control, ATC
• Aprilla Wheelie Control, AWC
• Corning ABS
• Aprilla Quick Shifter, AQS
• Aprilla Engine Brake, AEB
• Aprilla Engine Map, AEM

6. Brembo Brakes Make for Precise Stopping Power

Aprilla RS 660 3

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to any equipment in a vehicle as it rolls off th assembly line and enters the showroom. Only the best manufacturers are chosen by vehicle makers to craft their OEM parts, and that’s why Aprilla chose Brembo for their braking system. Up front, the 2020 Aprilla RS 660 uses a clamping, dual 320 mm disc system, the rear a 1-piston caliper, single disc. The radial mount calipers, and radial master cylinder made from cast aluminum alloy with a hard oxide coating, making for smooth and efficient braking power, due to their ability go gauge the riders grip on the lever producing the perfect braking response per rider force on the braking levers.

7. Aprilia MIA Multimedia Interface

Not only did the designers of the 2020 Aprilla RS 660 provide your mid-sized ride with a plethora of electronic aides, but they also included the Aprilla MIA, multimedia interface. Combined with the 5 inch TFT display screen, you’re in perfect sync with your bike, as you can now enjoy the fruits of multimedia connectivity, as well as keep track and customize your ride whenever you see fit. All of this provides you with the complete and perfect overall riding experience, on street or track.

8. Double Fairing Design

Aprilla RS 660 4

Air drag is an unavoidable aspect of motorcycle riding, for both street and racing bikes. Air drag, also known as air resistance, also takes a nip out of the pocketbook when it comes to fuel expenses, as the vehicle needs to burn more fuel to go against it. Hence, the concept of “fairing” in motorcycle design. Fairing is nothing more than an aerodynamically designed, plastic shell that functions to reduce air drag, thus improving fuel efficiency and a smoother ride. The mid-size, fast 2020 Aprilla RS 660 comes designed with a double fairing shell,  with the outermost shell functions to keep your ride stable by increasing the downforce, especially when going fast, as well as redirect heated air away from the rider.

9. Five Riding Modes

The 2020 Aprilla RS 660 is a mid-sized street beast that has no problem being at home or on the track. As such, the designers of the Aprilla RS 660 incorporated five riding modes just for that fact.  Here, you get three riding modes for street travel, and the last two are for the track. by doing so, Aprilla took care of customers who want the best of both worlds: Commuting on the weekday, and for the weekend, savage road warrior racing. Street modes include Commute, Dynamic and Individual. The track modes are Challenge and Time Attack.

10 Aprilla Comes Euro 5 Ready

Aprilla RS 660 5

From the moment it leaves the factory, know that your 2020 Aprilla RS 660 is Euro 5 ready. Years back, not many people gave two hoots about motorcycle emissions, but that’s rapidly changing. Due to attempts to slow down the climate change scourge, as well as decreasing the negative effects air pollution has on our overall health and well-being, Europe has enacted rules and regulations to deal with emissions, called the Euro 5. Since refitting a bike to meet Euro 5’s strict standards can be expensive to do on your own, Aprilla has gone to great lengths to design a bike that already complies with Euro 5 emission standards.

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