A Closer Look at The 2020 Aviara AV36

Aviara is a modern boat-making brand that fuses advanced technology with luxurious boats. The brand is relatively new to the market. Some may find it off-putting to go for a new boat from a new brand, but with Aviara, you have nothing to worry about. Sure, it is true that older boat makers will be more experienced in this particular field, but there is also the risk that the company will stick to its old manufacturing habits and not cave in to the new developments, both technological and in design, that are occurring in the industry.

That isn’t the case with Aviara, and a clear example is a new boat it has unveiled; the 2020 Aviara AV36. With the brand trying to establish a name for itself in the boat making sphere, the designers of this particular boat have pulled out all the stops to ensure that it is a frontrunner for the best boat, not only this year but also for the years to come.

Making its debut at the Miami International Boat Show in early 2019, it was clear from the get-go that the aim of the brand was to provide customers with a luxurious boating experience, perhaps the most premium you will have, while also making sure that the purchase price is reasonable. In hindsight, the boat has done just that. Here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Aviara AV36.


It has an overall length of 38 and a half inches, a beam of 11-inches and a draft length of three and a half inches. The boat has a dry weight of 14,550 pounds. It has a deep hull, providing the helmsperson with enough depth to navigate about without any stress.


The chic angularity the designers have deployed for this particular boat gives it an aesthetic feel that is very captivating for the eye. The outside layout offers a striking shape that is clean and sleek. The contouring of the boat’s edges is so well-designed, the eye simply glides from the front to the rear without breaking a sweat. The cleats, lights, latches, and sea deck pattern work in tandem to accentuate the clean angular design that Aviara is aiming to provide, and one that it has provided.

The interior

The boat’s interior design, according to Aviara, was based on how the passengers utilized the space they’re in. Consequently, the designers produced an excellent layout that is both open and comfortable for everyone in it. For this reason, the manufacturer had to use nascent designs that haven’t been seen in the boating sphere. The 2020 Aviara AV36 is home to the first transom barstool-style seating arrangement. It is also home to the industry’s first stepped transom seating in the rear.

The seats have a cool fuel vinyl upholstery, which acts as reliable temperature control for those that sit upon it. The interior of the boat comes in a one-color scheme worked into the classic feel of the boat, but if you’d prefer another color scheme, it is fully customizable. The fiberglass hardtop that has the same color pattern as the rest of the boat is also another standard feature.

The engine

The outboard boat comes with standard Twin Mercury Verado 300 HP engines that produce upwards of 300 horsepower. The sterndrive offers a twin Ilmor MV8 6.0L MPI engines that produce 380 horsepower. Both engine systems provide speeds upwards of 50 miles per hour.


The windscreen measures 8 feet 4 inches by 3 feet 3 inches, and the distance between the dashboard and the windscreen is 17 inches. The windscreen also has an anti-glare finish and a single wiper, making it easier to navigate in rainy conditions. Couple this with the large dimensions and the boat provides the wide windscreen that makes it easy for the driver to see everything well.

The access to the bow is via the portside walkthrough, and both the windscreen doors and the wind dam doors firmly closed. The steering wheel covering is hand-stitched ergo. Therefore, you have a sweat-absorbent material that makes it easy for you to navigate. The steering wheel has a tilt-mounted base, and you can customize the angle of tilt to your liking.


The Aviara AV36 has the latest, state-of-the-art technology systems that make sure that you know exactly what is going on in and around your boat. The boat has a 10-inch display system, which shows you how the boat’s systems are functioning, a 12-inch Garmin display for navigation, and finally, a 7-inch Simrad engine display, that shows you how the engine is operating. There are also push-button switches that offer access to the myriad accessories the boat offers.


In navigating around the open waters or preparing to dock, the boat offers two different options to do so; the joystick and the steering wheel. You can toggle between these two, but they are both very efficient in movement. The joystick is designed to offer you the best option when it comes to docking.


The boat ensures that you are always secure when docking and when in open water. When docking, LED lights at the rear end of the boat flash, indicating that it is still in a turning sequence and that you shouldn’t board or alight. There are also grab handles strategically placed at different points, ensuring that you will be able to hold on to something when the boat is turning or when it is moving through turbulent waters.


Aviara has gone the extra mile to ensure you and your guests will have the time of your life while on the boat. The boat has an audio system that has eight 8.5-inch speakers, two 11-inch subs, and two digital amplifiers to boost the sound. The boat also has drink holders installed in numerous places, with the driver enjoying cup coolers, which chill the twin cup holders located beneath the helm binnacles. The boat also offers a standard bar at the aft, with stowage for wine bottles.

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