A Closer Look at the 2020 Axis A20

2020 Axis

In the intricately interwoven world that is boat making, you will find different brands that offer unique features and consequently different experiences for you and your loved ones. It is thus vital to understand what you want from a boat. True, all boats have a plethora of similar features, but an accumulation of these nuanced changes results in a whole different experience. When it comes to wakeboarding, wake surfing, and everything in-between, it becomes an arduous task to find a boat tailor suited to the said watersports like the Axis line from Malibu. Malibu specifically introduces this line of boats to make sure that everyone with an affinity for watersports can get the best experience when taking part in aquatic sports.

Since its inception back in 2009, the Axis Wake brand has made a name for itself in the boat-making niche, it occupies. In less than a decade, this model has ascended to the very zenith of sports-oriented boats, and for a good reason. Take the latest model Axis as just released, the 2020 A20. Everything about the boat epitomizes the ideology Malibu wanted to bring into corporeality. Essentially, everything a surfer or wakeboarder would want is in this boat. Not just in the features and tech installed, but also in the watercraft’s functionality and poise. Perusing through the specs will not give you the full picture of the boat’s functionality. So, here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Axis A20.

1. Dimensions and specs

The latest version of the A20 has an overall length of 20 feet, a beam length of 98 inches, and a draft length of 27 inches. It as a fuel capacity of 42 gallons, and a maximum ballast weight setting of 3,900 pounds.

2. Design

The design team at Axis has managed to pull off one of the savviest and most unique designs of the year. Everything on the boat is a double entendre. Take, for example, the pickle fork design used for the boat. It gives it a great aesthetic look while making sure that there is sufficient space at the bow seating area. The contouring used for the boat’s shape ascertains that it is not only streamlined but also that it gives it a beauteous look. This, coupled with the colors used to create the color patterns on the exterior, give the boat the chicness and elegance we have come to expect from Axis Wave boats.

3. The bow

As stated earlier, a pickle-fork design has been used on this particular boat to ensure that the seating space at the bow is spacious and comfortable. Additional cup holders and speakers have been installed in the front to accentuate the comfort levels the passengers will feel. The batteries have been moved to the front and can be easily accessed by removing the center cushion. With this, more space has been freed up at the back of the boat. More on that later.

4. Old is gold

Axis has gone for a more traditional navigation system compared to the newer models from other brands that are also premièring. Honestly, this is a breath of fresh air. All the techy-ness has taken a back seat, and for once, you can enjoy controlling the boat and navigating through the open water.

5. The helm

In front of the steering wheel, you have two gauges, one for the revolutions per minute and the other for the speed you are traveling at. They are easy to read. Between these two gauges, there is a small digital display screen that shows you where your surf gate is and your wedge. Again, this system is intuitive and easy to navigate through even for a novice in boat control. On both sides of the steering wheel, you have soft-touch buttons that control every single feature on the boat, including the wedge, the heater, and your ballast system.

6. The cockpit

The way the cockpit has been designed ensures that everyone seating in it, irrespective of which seat, has sufficient space and doesn’t feel crammed in. Other features like the 17 cup holders, yes, 17, and the four-speaker means that the passengers will have luxury and comfort at their disposal. As stated earlier, the fact that the new design saw the batteries moved to the bow means that the A20 has the largest-in-class storage in the industry. The freed-up space meant that a built-in cooler could be installed.

7. Engine

The boat is powered by Malibu’s new Monsoon M5Di engine, turning it into somewhat of a pocket Hercules. It can produce 400 ft-lb of torque at 3800 rpm, and up to 360 horsepower at 5600 rpm. These are quite some heavy metrics for such a small boat, but the aggregate effect is that you can carry up to 11 individuals on the boat without it feeling any strain.

8. Wakeboarding and wake surfing features

Another feature that propels this boat to the upper echelons is the fact that it has a power wedge and surf gate. This means that you have full control of the shape and size of the wake, and the control itself is easy. For wakeboarding, the full weight of the ballast comes into play. Even after you have set up the initial wake size, you can gradually change the size and the shape of the wake however you like it. Surfing has also been made more fun and much easier to control with the surf gate. With it, you can dictate the direction of the wave and the wake.

9. Stereo system

Compared to the competitive models that occupy the same niche, the Axis Wake A20 has, without a doubt, the best stereo system. The boat has a total of six speakers, two in the bow, and four in the cockpit. One of the speakers in the cockpit is under the helm station, making steering the boat an even more enjoyable experience.

10. The Price

The 2020 A20 has a starting price of $71,995, and you have the option of optimizing the boat with myriads of other features.

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