A Closer Look at the 2020 Centurion Vi24

2020 Centurion Vi24

With the 2020 Centurion Vi24 you will find that surfing and boating finally intersect. This is a boat that does it all. You will love having it out on the open water. Meant for the lake, you will notice that this is a versatile boat that you will be proud to own. It is sleek in design, throttles up quickly, and provides a comfortable ride for everyone on board. You will find that it is just perfect for those weekend adventures out of town. Load up the gang and your supplies then hit the road. Set the 2020 Centurion Vi24 in the water and you will be on your way in no time at all. It is affordable, meaning that boat lovers will be able to fit this into their budget. Each passenger will have their own space to enjoy the journey, where people can fish, prepare to jump off the bow, or just bask in the sunshine. Load in the drinks and food and you will be set for a day out on the water to remember. Here are 10 things that you did not know about the 2020 Centurion Vi24.

1. You will love the display in the center of the dash

It is important to have easy access to a range of important data whenever you are piloting a boat. The 2020 Centurion Vi24 makes that even easier with the large LED display in the center on the console. The readings are easy to take note of. You can also customize the information that you receive, input data, chart your course, and so much more. This is a much-refined system over previous models and will allow you to enjoy your time on the water even more. Drivers will have no problem determining where they are going and can change course when necessary as a result of the information they see on the display in front of them.

2. The windscreen is unbelievable

When you are going fast, you will want to be protected for the wind and the water as you are piloting the boat. At the same time, you will want a clear picture of the water. This is important as you will want to take in the sites while keeping the boat headed in the right direction as well. The windscreen on the 2020 Centurion Vi24 is truly unbelievable. It is set low so that it is not intrusive, yet it does the job by protecting you from the elements at the same time. You will want to experience the difference that this brings to the boat.

3. The floor is sleek and simple to keep clean

The floor on the 2020 Centurion Vi24 has been redesigned as well. As you know, floors on boats can get quite wet, which makes them slippery. The new surface on the 2020 Centurion Vi24 takes care of that. You will also find that it is easy to clean up spills and mishaps as well. This is great when entertaining. You will not have to labor too much when you return to shore.

4. You can store your items under the floor

It seems that you always have items that you need to take with you on the boat, but you do not want them to encroach on your space too much. That is why it is so helpful to have the storage compartments under the floor that are built into the design of the 2020 Centurion Vi24. Just stow your items away and then easily retrieve them when needed.

5. The cockpit is spacious

When it comes to driving the 2020 Centurion Vi24, you will lock the size of the cockpit. You will be able to move around freely and talk to those around you. This makes for a more enhanced and enjoyable boating experience overall.

6. The upholstered seats are ultra-comfortable

There is a lot of sitting to be done on a boat and the 2020 Centurion Vi24 allows you to do that in comfort. The seats are covered in a comfortable upholstery, so you do not have to worry about them sticking to the body. This is especially helpful in warm conditions.

7. The exterior has been redesigned

You want to look great while you are out on the water, and the 2020 Centurion Vi24 makes that happen with its redesigned exterior. You will find it looks sleek and will attract your fair share of attention as you soar through the open water.

8. Engine noise is kept to a minimum

Even when you are going full speed ahead you will still be able to carry on a normal conversation when you are on the 2020 Centurion Vi24. This is thanks to an engine that is not loud at all. So, open up the throttle and go as fast you dare. You will still be able to carry on with the festivities as you do.

9. Get ready to go fast

Speaking of fast, the 2020 Centurion Vi24 really gets up to speed nicely. When you have open water in front of you and you would like to experience the feeling that comes with speed, feel free to let ‘er rip. Just be safe as you do.

10. It is easy to get up to speed

Speaking of getting up to speed, the acceleration on the 2020 Centurion Vi24 is amazing. You will go from a standing position to soaring through the water at a high speed before you know it. These ten things are what make the 2020 Centurion Vi24 so popular. You will find that there is much more to get excited about as well. This boat seems to check off all the items on the list when it comes to a 24-foot surf boat that is designed for fun and relaxation. Take a look at in person and see if it will suit your needs as well.

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