A Closer Look at the 2020 Chaparral 23 SSi OB

The Chaparral brand, originally known as fiberglass fabricators, has been around for a while now. Established in 1965, the company has continually flooded the market with top-tier products that provide consumers with the best quality of boating they can experience. An in-depth analysis into the workings of the company and you will identify a common theme across all the model boats and yachts it has ever produced; affordable quality. From the premier bellwether boat it has produced, the 15-foot Tri-Hull, to the latest model the firm has pushed into the market, it is as clear as day that the brand’s raison d’être is designing and producing luxurious boats at down to earth prices.

In this respect, none of the watercrafts the company has ever designed is true to its principles like the 2020 Chaparral 23 SSi OB. This is the latest model made by the company, and it illustrates how the brand has managed to cultivate and properly utilize a specific niche in the boat aficionados’ market. Dynamism and fluidity are indeed paramount in any modern-day business, but sticking to the principles and values you have cultivated over time is the main reason why large corporations have amassed dedicated followings. Even though the 23 SSi does possess some properties that are ubiquitous in all Chaparral’s models, it also possesses some aspects that make it eccentric but in a good way. Here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Chaparral 23 SSi OB.

1. Built for the beginner

From the get-go, it is clear that the designers at Chaparral had targeted a specific market when designing and constructing this boat. The 23 SSi is simply a boat for the boat dilettante, who is on his way to becoming an aficionado. The features present on it are simplistic, and they work in tandem with one another to make sure that navigating through the open water is smooth.

2. Dimensions and specifics

The 2020 Chaparral 23 SSi OB has an overall length of 23 feet and a beam length of feet 6 inches. The deadrise is at an angle of 20 degrees. The boat has a deadweight of 3600 pounds, equivalent to over 1600 kilograms. Its fuel capacity stands at 45 gallons. It can accommodate 13 individuals or additional weight of 1650 pounds.

3. Design

The boat’s overall design gives it a chic feel. The contouring used is slick and effortless and your eyes will run smoothly from the front to the back without any distractions or features clogging your sight. The colors used on the outside also work into this, and the aggregate effect is an extremely à la mode feeling.

4. Seating

What makes this boat particularly unique is the seating arrangement. The designers have gone for a U-shaped seating at the cockpit, and the helm and companion chairs can be span to face aft. Consequently, you will be able to turn all the seating areas to face one another, and you have a conversation place for when you are anchored. The forward seating area is spacious, luxurious, and has been designed to not only offer additional space for seating but also matches the aggregate design of the boat.

5. The helm

The helm has been customized to facilitate maximum comfort for the navigator. The helm station includes an armrest, which makes it possible to move the throttle ergonomically. The steering wheel also has a tilt base, making it even more comfortable for the navigator.

6. Upholstery

One of the things that can make or break the design of any boat is the upholstery. Coincidentally, the upholstery we have come to be accustomed to with preceding Chaparral models. It comes with two or three-color textures of vinyl that work synchronically to form a scintillating pattern. The vinyl used for this particular boat is treated and thus won’t pink, which is a problem very common in other boats. The foam used for the seats is firm, making for a comfortable seating area.

7. Engine

The boat derives its power from a Yamaha F200 outboard engine. It is the lightest 200 horsepower engine you will find on the water. As a result of the feather-like weight of the boat, the engine is all-powerful, producing a neck-breaking speed of up to 48 miles per hour at 6000 RPM.

8. Comfort features

The boat as pulled out all the stops to make sure that everyone on it will enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation. After all, that is the very reason why you buy a boat, right? Stainless steel grab rails are strategically placed at different locations, giving everyone something to hold on when the boat encounters turbulence. Premium Clarion stereo speakers are standard, and they have been positioned appropriately all around the cockpit and the bow, giving you the best entertainment system, you can hope for.

9. Optional pieces

You have myriads of features to optimize the look of your 2020 Chaparral 23 SSi Outboard. You can choose the option of having a sun pad, and you can also convert the cockpit seating area into a large sunbathing area. There is also an optional cocktail table. You can also choose to have the snap-in sea deck installed into your boat.

Further customization can be attained by including flip-up bolsters into your helm seats, making it easy to see while docking. For additional navigation features, you can have the Garmin display installed. This makes it easy for you to understand what exactly is going on in and around the boat since the platform displays the engine’s functions, the depth of the water, and even the speed you are moving at.

10. Price

As stated earlier, the main purpose of designing such watercraft is to ensure that anyone that is looking for a luxurious piece at a reasonable price gets exactly what he or she wants. The price of this boat starts at 49,195 dollars. With the additional features, the price might increase a little bit, but the price range will remain the same.

Images via Chaparral 

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