A Closer Look at the 2020 Crownline 290 XSS

2020 Crownline 290 XS

Crownline has undoubtedly been releasing some of the most innovative boats, not just in design but also in technology, for the last couple of years. For the brand, it isn’t just a matter of outwitting the competition. Creating a cocktail of luxury, style, and family fun is an endeavor that has been ingrained into its philosophical beliefs. And this is something evident from the get-go once you begin analyzing the boat models the company has been releasing. The Crownline design team has been burning the candles at both ends to ensure that their loyal customer base remains satisfied throughout the year.

An example that clearly illustrates the forward-looking idiosyncrasy that has been associated with the Crownline boats is one of the new watercraft they have just released; the 2020 Crownline 290 XSS. This model is the flagship for the trio of outboard versions they have just released for the 2020 model year. Since this is the outboard version, it comes as no surprise that they have splurged on some incredible features throughout all consuls of the boat, making sure that almost all the needs that both the boat aficionado or the dilettante are catered for. For you to fully appreciate the sheer remarkableness of this particular boat, you need to have an understanding of its functionality, design, and features installed in it. Here are ten things you might not have known concerning the Crownline 290 XSS.

1. Specs

The boat has an overall length of 28 feet 10 inches, and a beam length of 102 inches. It has a deadrise of 23°, a fuel capacity of 75 gallons, and a dry weight of 5832 pounds.

2. Design

Like most boats in the market today, the 2020 290 XSS has the traditional pointed bow that most people are familiar with. That being said, Crownline has taken several steps to make sure that the design is unique to them and their boats. The contouring of the boat gives it a chicness and elegance akin to a water lily. The color pattern used on the outside of the boats works in tandem with the contouring, consequentially increasing the boat’s chicness and sleekness.

3. Navigation features

For easy and comfortable steering, the boat has been fitted with power steering and digital throttle and shift. The 7-inch Garmin display gives you a platform to sufficiently and effectively interact with the engine and other parts of the boat like the battery. Analog gauges have been fitted on either side of the Garmin display, and both of them combine to not only make it easy for the helmsman to navigate through the water, but also accentuate the styling the designers have used for the helm station. Toggle switches have been installed next to the steering wheel, meaning that you can easily control all the boat’s systems. Trim tables are also present, meaning that it will be easy to level the load if the passenger’s seat on one side.

4. Seating

There is plenty of seating area in this particular boat. Many features have been added to the seats to make it easy for people to enjoy the ride together. The driver and navigator bucket seats swivel and move forward and aft, making it easy to turn and face the cocktail. The bow has been designed to provide comfort to those that chose to seat on that side. The two lean-backs have a 16° recline angle and an oversized pillow top for comfort. The fall-down armrests provide further comfort.

5. The engine

The boat has a Mercury 350 Verado XL engine in its standard version, consequentially giving the watercraft the power that it needs. It gives you up to 300 horsepower and a maximum speed of upwards of 51 miles per hour, meaning that you will be plaining in 3.7 seconds or less. Not only is the engine a top performer in its peer group, but it also gives you a smooth and quiet ride.

6. Storage

There is plenty of storage area that can suffice the carrying requirements of every individual on board. Beneath every single seat, there is storage space. Underneath the bow’s lean back seats is a huge amount of storage space. Just rear of the starboard seating is the fender storage built into the deck. There is a floor locker in the center of the cocktail floor that acts as additional storage while also housing the cocktail table and its pedestal.

7. The transom

The walkthrough from the cockpit to the transom is located on the starboard side. Both the transom and the said walkthrough are covered with moon-stone padding. Ergo, this not only makes both surfaces look great, but it also gives them the nonskid texture that is needed for safety. The transom has an aft-facing lounge, making it easy to enjoy the ride. In the touch of a button, the bolster of the said lunge can swing forward, making a full-width sun pad.

8. The commode

The commode installed into this boat warrants is own section in the list of features because of its size. It is large enough to work as a changing area. Inside, you have a granite counter-top and an electrical flushing marine-grade toilet. There is also a vessel sink and nonslip soft-touch mat used as the floor surface.

9. Optional features

There is a myriad of optional features you can choose to optimize the functionality and design of your boat. There are plenty of interior upgrade options, ranging from installing granite top steel sinks to changing the flooring. There are also numerous options when it comes to the stereo sound system and the type of lighting used in the boat. If the Mercury engine that is standard doesn’t suffice your requirements, you can choose to have other engines installed in your boat. Options include the Yamaha F 300 XCA and the Suzuki 300. Even in the engine options, you still have further options in terms of their functionality, whether you want digital throttle or digital controls.

10. Price

Taking into consideration the top-tier quality you get when you but any Crownline boat, the price on this one is surprisingly cost-effective. It may fluctuate slightly, depending on the features you chose to have. Visit your nearest Crownline dealer to ascertain the price of your custom boat.

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