A Closer Look at the 2020 Formula 270 Bowrider

2020 Formula Bowrider

Formula has been in the boat making business for some time now, and for that period, it has come to be recognized as the crème de la crème in boat-making. The family-owned business has always been associated, from its inception to today, with delivering unwavering quality to its customers. This long-standing philosophy is exactly why the company has remained in the upper echelons of the business. Loyalty and longstanding relationships have also contributed to the company’s success, not only between the company and its customers but also between the company and its employees. In fact, a clear example of this is with John Adams, the company’s exclusive designer. He has had a hand in almost all the models released in recent times, and his contribution, however minute it might see to be, is a factor contributing to Formula’s age of abundance. The latest release from Formula, the 2020 Formula 270 Bowrider, is a good illustration of the quality that Formula demands for its boats. This beauty is a clear indication that the brand has indeed perfected the formula of top-tier boat making, no pun intended. A close look into the workings of the said boat will point this out, so here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 270 Bowrider.

1. The homage

The boat is designed by Formula’s long-time designer John Adams, and from the get-go, it’s as clear as day that the design is a blast from the past. The chic contouring applied on the boat’s exteriors is a homage to the older 270 Bowrider models that propelled Formula to its notoriety.

2. Dimensions

The boat has a length of 27 feet, and there is also an option of adding an extended swim platform, which will make the boat measure 28 feet 5 inches long. It has a 22-degree deadrise, with the beam measuring 8 feet 6 inches. The boat has an approximate weight of 6,200 pounds and a fuel capacity of 101 gallons. There is also an optional water capacity of 14 gallons you can add to the boat.

3. It’s built to last

The great design that is associated with Formula has been taken a rung higher, with the plethora of measures the designers implemented to make sure that the boat is long-lasting. For instance, the exterior lamination includes a core matt which prevents print-through. As a result, your boat can maintain its sleek exterior for the long term. Additionally, the hull side laminate is made of closed-cell foam, which makes it stiff and very strong. Another measure Formula has deployed on the boat’s design is using strong fiberglass for the bottom, meaning that you need not worry about navigating through turbulent waters. The deck joint in its entirety is adhered with plexus adhesive, a material that is more tenacious than any other you will find in the market, ergo it just won’t let go.

4. The engine

The boat is powered by an Ilmore 6.2 liter 380 horsepower engine, for the sterndrive version. This one is a particular sporty engine, with a race-style throttle at the helm. To add to the long-term service that the 270 Bowrider offers, the engine is installed with rugged, through-bolted engine mounts that deliver solid alignment and top-tier performance for extended longevity. You also have other options for the type of engine you would like. You can choose either the Volvo Penta or the MerCruiser engines, which offer power ranging from 300 to 430 hp.

5. The stats

This boat tears up the open water with speeds excess of fifty miles per hour. With the Ilmore engine used, you will have smooth shifting and great fuel economy. The best cruise is reached at 3500 rpm when it is running at 27.8 miles per hour. At this speed, it consumes to 2.3 miles per gallon, and the fuel capacity of 101 gallons can cover 204 miles, while also leaving 10 percent of the fuel capacity.

6. The transom

One of the things that set this boat apart is the transom area. The lounge on the transom is large enough for two people to recline and have a sunbath while enjoying the view aft. You also have the option of adding an extended swim platform, a medium-length one, and a full-length one, depending entirely on your preferences. You can also add on a ski pylon.

7. The interior is appealing

The seats aboard the Formula 270 Bowrider work in tandem with the chicness the designers were trying to deliver, and the long-term service theme is also recurrent. The seats are of high quality. Instead of plywood, the seat-base uses starlight composite boards, with holes drilled in to provide sufficient ventilation. The foam used in the seats is aptly given the moniker ‘dry fast foam’, meaning that it just doesn’t hold water.

The upholstery, is aesthetically appealing, because of the multitude of texture and color used to make it. After a closer inspection, you will notice that it is sewn together using Tenera thread. This particular thread was used because, unlike the other myriad threads used in other boats, it does not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light. So, not only does the upholstery look good, but it also stays robust and together for the long term.

8. Adequate stowage

This boat comes with ample storage for the crew’s essentials. Inside the lounge at the transom, there is capacious storage, which has special racks for your boat- cover support poles. Your fenders and boat covers can fit inside perfectly and leave room to spare. Additional storage can be found under nearly every seat cushion. The engine room also has some storage space.

9. Additional options

There are more options you can add to the 2020 Formula 270 Bowrider to give it an additional premium feel. Some of them include the stainless-steel sports arch, the flagship pole graphics, and a porcelain commode at the head.

10. Price

There are many reasons why Formula boats command the price that they do and the most evident of which is the quality you are getting. Another is that many features that are optional in other boats are standard with the Formula, such as the stainless-steel capped windshield. The quality of the artistry of the boat also contributes to the final price. This boat costs $251,950. Having the boat at your dock is a sign that you have made it in life.

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