A Closer Look at The 2020 Glastron GTD 240

Glastron is a nostalgic boat brand that has been in the boat making business for quite a while now. Owning a Glastron boat is associating yourself with a brand that is over sixty years old. Like every legacy brand in the world, the reason it has been able to not only stay relevant through the years but to also ensure that it is at the top of the market, is because it has been dishing out new and innovatively designed boats for all those years.

A case in point is the 2020 Glastron GTD 240. At first glance, it is immediately understandable why Glastron has made it the flagship design of its deck board lineup. This versatile boat is at the epitome of boat design. It combines the nostalgic contouring that has come to be associated with Glastron, while also making sure that the technological advancements that have been made in the motor-boating sphere have been implemented perfectly. As a result, the boat will have you reminiscing about boat designs of old while also making sure you enjoy the best features technology has to offer. Reading about the boat will give you a vivid idea about how the boat looks and works, so here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Glastron GTD 240.

The design

The GTD 240 has a very dynamic look. It is a deep hull, ensuring that you get sufficient stability, either when you are docking or when you are in the open water. The style lines in the boat give it an aesthetic look. Couple this with the stainless trim used on the gunnels and the result is a design reminiscent of the legacy Glastron boat designs of old. The GTD logo bezel is on the side, and it matches beautifully with the overall design of the boat. The chrome breather and the spear also work perfectly in tandem with the general color scheme of the boat.

The engine

The boat has a Mercury V8 engine, arguably the most efficient engine you will find in the market. This engine produces 300 horsepower and 6000 revolutions per minute. This machine is powerful enough by itself. However, with Glastron’s well-known character in efficiency and efficacy, the materials the company used to make the boat results in featherlike weight relative to other boats; 4250 lbs. As a result, the powerful engine and the light boat combine to form a speed monster.


Everything in the GTD 240 is dynamic. The designers at Glastron have ensured that you can make the most out of everything. At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that it is able to carry up to fourteen people. Nevertheless, a tour around the boat will leave you in awe at how different parts of the boat move to ensure that you get maximum capacity.

Dynamic features

The entire back end is multiuse as a flappable cushion that turns into a backrest. It can also be converted into a lounger since the periphery cushions are also dynamic. The peripheral cushions can also be moved so as to access the walkthrough. The seating area can be converted into a Sun pad by using the easily installable filler cushion. Take the said cushion out, and you’ll get wraparound seating.

At the helm, you have companion seats, a rare sitting amongst modern-day boats. What makes it even cooler is that the headrests in the helm seats can slide forward of aft, meaning you can shift the two seats in the front into another two seats in the wraparound section. The good thing about the GTD 240 is that every walkthrough is offset to the side of the boat, unlike in typical boats where you’d find people walking through the center. As a result, the driver isn’t distracted by people moving up and down the boat.


It comes with power steering; thus, you can apply the torque personally. Additionally, you have an electronic throttle and shift. The boat also has tilt steering, and you can customize the steering wheel to your own liking. The toggle switches are stainless steel and they light up. Therefore, you can see them in the night time easily. The gauges are also fully visible.


A boat that can carry upwards of thirteen people should have enough storage space for everyone, and Glastron has been able to achieve this through ingenuity. Underneath every seat, be it in the wraparound or at the front end, there is storage space. Here’s the interesting part. The center storage space gives you access to the batteries and the pumps. By using a snap-in storage basket, you can convert it back into a storage space once you are done conducting your check.


Again, the ingenuity of the designers at Glastron ensures that you have sufficient avenues to access the boat. The boat has three routes via which you can enter. There are two ladders at the back, and you can board from either the port side or the starboard of the transom. You can also board from the portside door of the midship step or you can remove the cushion at the bow and step in using it. The said cushion can also be removed so that you can access the cooler.


Multiple grab handles are installed everywhere on the boat, ensuring that you have something to hold on once you start navigating through turbulent waters.

Pleasure features

There are plenty of features installed on the boat that ensure you have a splendid time out in the open water. A wash-down shower is installed at the front and back of the boat. There is also a windlass, which has rope and chain anchor. The windlass is so easy to use, and you don’t have any ropes to move or anchor to pick up.

There’s everything for everyone.

The 2020 Glastron GTD 240 comes in an outboard, sterndrive, and forward drive version. The sterndrive offers a larger, extended swim platform that isn’t broken up by the outboard, thus giving you lots of room. The forward drive gives you a platform that’s not obstructed, and you can surf on it since the propeller is turned forward.

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