A Closer Look at the 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx

2020 Harley Davidson Bronx

2020 appears to be an exciting year for motorcycles, a year that will be even more spectacular when Harley Davidson releases it’s newest, mid-sized model, the Bronx. However, if you happen to visit its page on the Harley-Davidson website at the time of this writing, you won’t find much in the way of information on this much hyped model. That’s because the development of this middleweight street fighter is still kept under wraps. But, no worries, as Harley-Davidson has released enough information so interested fans can get an idea of just how tough this street bike is.

1. Brand New 975 CC Revolution Max Engines

What do you get with a 975 cc engine with 70 foot-pounds of torque? For starters, you get a Revolution Max engine packed with 115 horses just waiting to eviscerate the pavement. This engine is a 60 degree, V-twin, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine, with the 60 degree angle ensuring more than enough air flow is available to maximize performance. The V-Twin is no stranger to Harley Davidson bikes, as it’s been around since 1909, and its evolution into the Revolution Max engine means mid-size sport bikes like the Bronx will get the power people expect from an HD bike.

2. Brembo Brakes

2020 Harley Davidson Bronx 1

Again, Harley Davidson hasn’t let much information slip past them, but it is assumed that the OEM braking system chosen for the 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx is by Brembo.  The brakes supplied are believed to be a radial monoblock, four-piston caliper, stylish in design and powerful in function. So, you get dual Brembo Monobloc radial calipers for the front, with durable, with tough and dependable 320 mm discs ensuring you’ll stop on a dime.

3 The Birth of the Bronx, A Response to a Changing Time

The film “Easy Rider”, gave America it’s first, real look at what life on a bike could be like. The bike ridden by Peter Fonda was a classic, 1951 Harley Davidson Painhead chopper. For decades on the ‘hog’ ruled the road–a formidable presence that commanded respect. That tradition of the massive touring bike still resonates with people today, and made the name Harley Davidson is synonymous with excellence in motorcycle design. However, tastes change, and in today’s world, it’s the smaller, more sporty mid-sized bikes that are taking center stage. Harley Davidson execs knew this, so included the Bronx design in their “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” plan. So, In order to stay relevant, Harley Davidson had to consider the changing tastes of young bikers, where urban commuting needs far out-distanced long haul road tripping days of the past, and developed a new, sporty, mid-sized bike: The Bronx.

4. What Bump? Smooth Riding is Guaranteed

2020 Harley Davidson Bronx 2

A smooth and stable ride is guaranteed for the 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx via a counter balancing shaft, new swingarm design and top-of-the-line suspension system. The counter balancing shaft works to keep the bikes vibrations on the low end. Power is then supplied using a belt drive, and it is speculated that the Bronx will include a quickshifter as standard or as an option. While no OEM manufacturer has been announced for the suspension system, it’s supposed that shock absorption will be handled by mono shocks and upside down forks.

5. What’s in a Name

Just one look at this power bike and you may find yourself wondering, “why did they call it the Bronx?” Well, a Harley Davidson Representative was gracious enough to give the run down. While he said they can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, the name Bronx, basically feeds off the drive and perseverance of riders who crave that sporty, high-powered, primal road crunching experience.

6. RDRS or Reflex Defensive Rider Systems

2020 Harley Davidson Bronx 3

Harley Davidson’s very own Reflex Defensive Rider System, or RDRS is designed to to add that extra bit of security when hitting the streets. RDRS includes some of the best rider safety tech on the roads today, and includes an antilock brake system, cornering enhanced antilock brake system, electronic linked braking and cornering enhanced braking. you also get cornering enhanced traction control, drag-torque slip control and cornering drag-torque slip control. If that’s not enough, hold on, there’s more. also included in the RDRS is vehicle hold control, and tire pressure monitoring system.

7. The Bronx will have HD Connect Services

While not much is yet known about the Bronx, we do know that the 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx will indeed include Harley Davidson’s very own HD Connect services.  So far, the HD Connect has only been made available for their Livewire bike, but a spokesperson for Harley Davidson stated that yes, it will be made available for the Bronx as well. HD Connect Services allows you to connect to your bike from a remote distance via your smartphone. This technology lets you know the state of your bike, vehicle tracking, maintenance reminders and much more.

8. The Harley Davidson Sportster XR 1200, The Original Bronx?

2020 Harley Davidson Bronx 4

To say that the upcoming 2020 debut of the new Harley Davidson Bronx has Davidson’s fans expectations pumped would be an understatement, to be sure. After all, it’s a new road for Harley Davidson, part of their “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” campaign, of which the Bronx is a big part. But did you know that they actually made a bike that many people consider the original Bronx? That bike was the XR1200,  a nifty, speedy and agile sportster, debuting in Europe in 2008 and coming to America in 2009. However, the bike was before it’s time. As fabulous as the XR1200 was, consumers were more interested in Davidson’s touring models so the high performance XR1200 was discontinued.

9. The 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx is Considered a “Naked Bike”

At the time of this writing, Harley Davidson is still holding back on much of the information regarding the Bronx. However, what we do know is that the Bronx is considered a “naked bike”, so just what is a naked bike? A naked bike refers to the all-around street bike, hence the Bronx classification as a streetfighter. If you’re still confused, then always check the riders position. While a sporty, racing street bike will have a rider who leans forward, a naked bike, like the Bronx, will be designed so the individual rides in an upright position. As they’re ‘naked’ they’ll be missing the fairings that sport bikes have.

10. The 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx Will Have an IMU

 2020 Harley Davidson Bronx 5

At the time of this writing, Harley Davidson is still mum about their infotainment/electronics system. However, what has been gleaned from reports is that the Bronx will have an Inertial Measurement Unit,  a system which provides valuable data to your bikes systems such as traction and wheelie control, and launch control. While ‘Old Timers’ question the need for such gadgets on a bike, the fact that an IMU is part of the Bronx, means that exciting electronic rider aides are on the way.

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