A Closer Look at the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour

2020 Honda Goldwing Tour

Exploring the sprawling countryside on the back of a tough and agile touring bike is an experience few can forget, and many look forward to. In fact, according to BrandonGaille.com, around 47 percent of all motorcycles sold in the U.S. alone, are touring bikes. So, whether you’re planning on going cross country, or a simple drive through the city, doing it on a sound, smooth riding, and comfortable bike makes all the difference.

Since touring bikes are designed for road trips, this means that they must also be built for comfort. As a result, you’re looking at some pretty big and heavy bikes. Touring also involves bringing along enough supplies for the road trip, and even a passenger.. All of this means that the bike must have an engine powerful enough to handle the driver, passenger and any supplies required. Now that you’re aware of what a touring bike needs to handle, it’s easy to see why the Honda Goldwing Touring bike, is an all-time favorite, and why riders are finding the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour, provides everything they need for a pleasant and secure, cross country ride.

2020 Goldwing Tour Model Updates and Additions

Since 1975, the Honda Goldwing has been the master of the road. This stunning piece of machinery has always captured the imagination of those who dream to tour the country, owning both the urban streets, and back roads. In 2018 The Honda Goldwing Tour received a total redesign. This design overhaul created a touring machine unmatched by its competitors. So, when it came down to designing the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour, all that was needed was for the designers to make a few touch ups and cutting-edge updates.

Smart Key Feature and Adjustable Windscreen

2020 Honda Goldwing Tour 1

Some updates and additions provide offer the rider added convenience, such as its new smart key feature. With this feature, your key fob comes alive as you near your bike. So, with your key still in your hand or pocket, just one quick press of a button will get you on your way. The automatic, adjustable windscreen gives you superior protection against the wind, which is crucial on long road trips. As it’s adjustable, you’ll be able to alter both the angle and height of the windshield via a button. Once you’ve found the best angle and height, the Goldwing remembers so in the future, it will automatically make the adjustments.

New Additions for 2020

Some notable new features for the 2020 model offer the rider comfort and enhanced maneuverability. These features include LED fog lights, updates for the navigation system and front and rear suspension settings. There’s also a USB charger mounted on the saddlebag, as well as the dash mounted charging station. Passengers can now enjoy re-engineered, enlarged and ergonomic grab handles which improve passenger comfort for various body types.

Power, Comfort and Enhanced Handling

2020 Honda Goldwing Tour 2

The 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour comes complete with a liquid cooled, 1.8-liter, flat six engine, complete with 4 valves per cylinder, and uni-cam cylinder heads. The engine provides a low center of gravity, giving the rider less vibration, and an all-around quieter ride, with comfort and maneuverability guaranteed by the Goldwing’s lightweight, durable aluminum, die cast beam frame.

As a rider, you are given the ability to select different rider modes: Tour, Sport, Econ, and Rain. Fast acceleration is a given, and a smooth and agile ride is provided by its double wishbone front suspension, single-sided, rear Pro-Arm, and new front and rear damping settings. An optimized fuel-injection system provides you with exceptional handling, even at low speeds.

You also get the option to select a seven speed, third generation DCT or Duel Clutch Transmission, which features a Walking Mode designed for moving slowly forward at 1.1 mph and back at .75 mph. Those who elect to add the DCT option enjoy the smooth and quick gear changes is provides, as It eliminates shift shock as well.

The two-piece seat is designed to let the rider find their own comfort zone, while allowing the passenger to do the same. Furthermore, the Goldwing comes equipped with fold-up foot boards, a durable, comfy backrest and armrests, all designed to guarantee the comfort and security of your passenger. As for luggage space, you get a 50 liter travel trunk. Finally, The 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour comes with a Dual-Combined Braking System, which provides you with even handed braking as the system evenly distributes braking power to both front and rear wheels.

Instrumentation and Connectivity

New or seasoned riders will just love the control center of the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour. Take one look at the cockpit and glue your eyes on the high level of design which went into the placement of the instrumentation. For instance, check out the 7 inch, full color, TFT liquid color display. Notice that it handles the audio system, supporting both Android Auto and apple CarPlay. Other features include voice control, navigation, Bluetooth, as well as handling the HSTC and rider modes. You can even control both the front and rear damping level via the TFT display.


2020 Honda Goldwing Tour 3

When it comes to making your Goldwing really yours, nothing beats tricking it out with some authentic Goldwing accessories. By taking one look at their accessories brochure you’ll be happy to know that anything from luggage, comfort, audio and electronic accessories are available for purchase. Also included are security kits, cycle covers, amp and speaker kits.

Final Thoughts

As the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour shows, Honda is committed to continually seek to update and improve on its classic tourer. The introduction of fog lights, a smart key feature and improved ergonomics for both rider and passenger are just a taste of what this 2020 model has to offer. While it looks a beast, its maneuverability through both tight urban streets and long, winding country roads remains unmatched. Not only that, but you also have to option for DCT or Duel Clutch Transmission, which offers you both swift and smooth gear changes without the worry of shift shock. We could go on and on regarding the masterful design of the 2020 Honda Goldwing Tour, but we’re confident that you’ve already realized what a well-built machine this is, and how it not only lives up to its predecessors, but overpasses them.

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