A Closer Look at The 2020 Honda Rebel 500

2020 Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 has been around for a few years and it was a popular bike that appealed to riders with a lightweight build, low seat height, and a classy blacked-out aesthetic. With plenty of power and user-friendly design, it was well-liked. Honda has made some significant upgrades for the 2020 model year. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the 2020 Honda Rebel 500 that you might find interesting.

1. Some of the best features stayed the same

Honda retained the best features of the Rebel 500 in its iteration for the new model year. The same low seat hight along with a light build. It’s still as easy as it was to use and operate, and the engine that it’s equipped with is still the narrow and reliable 471 cc parallel-twin. None of this has changed, but some other areas that could benefit from enhancement were targeted for the changes that come naturally in progressive evolution.

2. The 2020 Honda Rebel 500 gets new lights

2020 Honda Rebel 500 1

One of the most noteworthy upgrades that Honda saw fit to make to the new Rebel 500 was the lighting system. The bike has been endowed with a new lighting package that includes an updated headlight, a new taillight, and turn signals. The new LED package keeps the path before you illuminated in the dark and it lets everyone else on the road know that you’re there from both front and behind.

3. It’s available in 2 trims

You have your choice of 2 different trims when it comes to the 2020 Rebel 500. The base model is the Rebel 500 with a starting price of $6,199. Specs include fuel injection, a 471 cc liquid-cooled Parallel-twin engine, blacked-out styling, an electric starter, slipper/assist clutch, and an optional passenger seat and footpeg kit. The Rebel 500 ABS trim retails for $6,499 and it comes with all of the standard features of the Rebel 500 with the addition of Anti-lock brakes (ABS).

4. The Blacked-out styling extends to the muffler

2020 Honda Rebel 500 2

The 2020 Rebel 500 takes the blacked-out aesthetic all the way. You won’t need to trouble yourself with polishing the chrome on this bike. Honda has extended the blacked-out theme throughout the bike to the exhaust system. This makes it blend in nicely with the rest of the bike and it contributes to the timeless classic appearance of the design of the bike.

5. The 2020 Honda Rebel 500 has a target audience

When Honda made the updates to the new Rebel 500 they had two distinct groups in mind. These are women riders and beginners. Statistics that the manufacturer has been keeping on the bike show clearly that there are growing numbers of riders from each classification. To make the bike even more appealing and ideal for these groups, Honda made some tweaks to enhance key areas with even greater ease of use and comfort.

6. Intimidation has been negated in the Rebel 500

2020 Honda Rebel 500 3

The 2020 model has been updated with a new assist and slipper clutch for the express purpose of reducing lever effort. This makes it 30% easier to pull than some of the tougher lever actuation. The engine sports low-end torque that isn’t overwhelming but it presents plenty of power for a beginner. with 40.8 horsepower and 29.9 lb-ft of torque at 6,300 RPM.

7. The new bike is more comfortable

In an effort to improve both comfort and handling of the new 2020 Rebel 500, the team of engineers at Honda stiffened the spring rates. The chassis is balanced with a reduction in front end dive when the brakes are applied rapidly, although the braking remains firm. The fork is 41 mm and is stable over rougher terrain and poor road conditions and the twin shocks contribute to less jolting in the event of a pothole or other rough road conditions. These factors enhance user comfort and handling of the bike and promote greater confidence in beginning riders.

8. The 2020 Honda Rebel is one of the best-selling entry-level bikes

2020 Honda Rebel 500 4

The Rebel 500 has long been a top seller of the line. One of the more popular choices is the Honda Rebel 300, for those who aren’t ready for an increase in power, but for those who want to get their feet wet and wade ankle-deep in the water, the extra power afforded by the 500 is just the ticket. A benefit of going with the 500 over the 300 is that it’s a bike that you can grow with and when you need the power, it’s right there.

9. The Rebel 500 offers consistency

The flow of power in the 2020 Rebel 500 is consistent. Although some reviewers have rated it as being “torquey” it’s nothing too wild. It’s ideal for jaunts around town, but it also holds its own quite well on the highway. The engine puts out a consistent flow of power as you’re changing gears and getting up to speed. It comfortably climbs to higher speeds and easily maintains them for the ultimate in rider comfort and confidence.

10. A few more enhancements complete its transformation

2020 Honda Rebel 500 5

The 2020 Honda Rebel 500 has received some nice updates that have made it an even better choice for its target audience. Honda also made the lower seat a bit thicker for greater rider comfort. The housing for the instrument gauge is the same size, but they inserter an LCD display that is brighter and it is larger. This makes it a lot easier for riders to find the information that is needed while riding. The turn signals are a little smaller which adds to the overall blacked-out aesthetic and it makes the bike look even classier than before. They also made the tail section smoother and cleaner in appearance by fitting the new oval taillight inline with the rear fender. All in all, the changes have been remarkable for beginning riders.

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