A Closer Look at the 2020 Intrepid Panacea

Blasting through the waters at 60 miles per hour, feeling the hungry thrust of triple beast Yamaha 5.6L V8 425 XTO Offshore motors is enough to sell anyone on the thrill of powerboating. But, when you’re engaged in that activity surrounded by luxury, all aboard a beautifully designed powerboat, well that takes that thrill to a whole new level, and that’s just what you get with the 2020 Intrepid 407 Panacea. This boat has everything going for it, and then some. Sure, you can entertain on it, host grand parties filled with interesting people, but it also makes for the perfect family boat.

1. Equipped with Three YAMAHA 425 XTO Outboard Motors

These extreme 4-stroke outboards belong to Yamaha and are the 5.6L V8 425 XTO outboards. This 425 XTO is stoked with plenty of propeller punch so when you put the hammer down, you’ll almost feel a part of the ocean itself. Powered by their Direct Injection system, the first of its kind in the industry, means that you’ll get plenty of power, efficiently delivered. Seen as an integrated power system more than a motor as it includes an electric steering system.

2. Spacious Cabin

When it comes to powerboating in style, the 2020 Intrepid 407 Panacea’s got you covered. Entering the cabin, you’re welcomed to a world of seafaring luxury. The cabin itself is 6 feet, 3 inches high, leaving plenty of room for most travelers. Taking another look around, you’ll notice all the charms of modern life, such as a galley which holds a refrigerator, microwave, and sink. The dinette is of the wraparound style, and to clean up, you have a nice size shower complete with both hot and cold running water.

3. Equipped with a Tilt Helm Steering

The Intrepid 407 Panacea blends comfort and control with the inclusion of U Flex Power Assist Steering with tilt helm. This means that your steering wheel is completely adjustable with just the push of a button. Also, if you take a look at the wheel itself, you’ll notice the presence of one knob. This knob helps you to quickly steer by spinning the wheel quickly, if needed. So, whether you decide to stand or sit, a comfortable, ergonomic grip will be yours.

4. Electric Helm Seat

Let’s face it, the guests on forward will be enjoying themselves, chatting, sipping drinks and enjoying good food, all in style and comfort, but what about the helmsperson? Fortunately, Intrepid’s boat designers created a fabulous comfort zone for those long hours driving the boat. When seated at the helm, you have the ability to control the position of the seat electronically, moving it forward and back with the push of a button. The electric helm seat also comes with folding bolsters. When the Heisman who’s controlling the boat feels the need for back support, they can lift the bolster up, which will then offer much needed support while standing. The seating is well-designed and comfortable, and both helmsman seat and passenger come with armrests.

5. Multi-functional Electric Forward Table

The forward passenger section is decked out for enjoyment, convenience and comfort. One of those assets happens to be the electric powered table. Used on it’s own, it’s a sturdy table for guests to set their drinks down on or enjoy a meal or two. But say you or a guest is in the mood to sun bathe? Then just a flick of a button will cause the table to lower to seating level, becoming a sunpad, or perhaps you’d like to remove the table altogether. Then, simply lower the table to floor level.

6. Storage, Storage Everywhere

One thing you can say about the Intrepid 407 Panacea, is that they’re more than equipped to cater to your storage needs. For instance, you’ve got storage compartments in forward seating. Going to the aft, you’ve two large storage areas on the port and starboard side in the gunnels. The helm has nice sized, locked storage drawers. What’s nice about the 407 Panacea, is that the boat designers integrated the storage areas seamlessly with the overall design of the boat, so no space is wasted, and all storage areas are hidden from view.

7. Panacea Aft Cockpit Galley

If you’ve been at the helm for a bit, and begin to fancy a snack, or to simply wash your hands, you can do so quite easily. As we all well know, convenience is king with the 2020 Intrepid 407 Panacea, and right behind the helm seat, you have what is called an aft cockpit galley. Simply lift the lid on the cabinet, and you’ve got a sink, counter-top grill and cutting board. The cabinet also comes with an isothermic fridge, along with a cooler, and three nice size storage drawers.

8. Lounge Seating Forward

Not only does the 2020 Intrepid Panacea handle your storage nicely, but it also has ways to maximize the comfort of its passengers. Case in point: The lounge seating in forward. Forward means the front of the boat, and that’s where Intrepid has concentrated some of it’s more relaxation inducing tech, such as electrically operated seating. Here, the lounge seating was designed to accommodate, and does so by being convertible. First, your guests can lie down as if it was a standard lounge chair with arm rests. However, if upright seating is preferred, just punch a button, and the lounge now raises a backrest, so you and your friends can enjoy your cruising in a sitting position.

9. 5kW Fisher Panda Diesel Generator

In order to power up all your options while at sea, you’ll need a generator, and for most powerboat fanciers, when it comes to selecting a generator for marine use, you can bet they’ll choose a Fisher Panda. Fisher Panda marine generators are used in Intrepid boats such as the 407, as they’re dependable, tough, lightweight and quiet. Your 407 Panacea comes with a 5kW Fisher Panda Diesel generator, which means that you’ll receive 5kW of electrical energy to handle those items who need it, and that’s more than enough.

10. Build Your Own Power Boat

The power and seafaring grace exhibited by the Intrepid 407 Panacea goes without saying. But, we’ve got more. Intrepid allows you to basically build your 407 from scratch, right from their website. For instance, if the standard fit Yamaha 425 XTO motors don’t grab your fancy, you have from 7 other models from which to choose. The same goes for the other options, as you get to select everything from the hardwood flooring to integrated folding rear bench seating. Once finished, you’ll definitely be the proud owner of your very own, personalized Intrepid 407 Panacea.

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