A Closer Look at The 2020 Lowe SS 250 WS

2020 Lowe SS 250 WS

Summer heat is on and many of us are turning our eyes towards lakes, streams and larger bodies of water for outdoor recreation. If you’re longing for fun in the sun and water, Lowe has released the 2020 edition of their popular SS 250 WS model boat. It’s a versatile water craft that is offered at a reasonable price for a variety of assorted water activities. In case you’re not yet familiar with the benefits that it has to offer, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the 2020 Lowe SS 250 WS.

1. It’s a pontoon boat

Pontoon boats have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Innovations have made them faster and more buoyant. The SS 250 WS features a design that lifts the tubes to the water’s surface with a third pontoon for enhanced buoyancy and a reduction in drag. This maximizes the horsepower of the outboard engine so you can achieve higher speeds.

2. It’s large enough for entertaining

The 2020 Lowe SS 250 WS measures 25 feet and 7 inches in length. It’s large enough to provide ample space for a crowd of up to 13 or 14 passengers, depending on the trim that you select. Some variants can hold up to 2,800 pounds of total weight which means that there’s room for several guests aboard along with your water sports equipment as well.

3. It’s luxurious

Upon examination of the seating we noticed that there is ample seating in the aft section of the boat. The large and comfortable wrap-around bench seats are cushiony and well-padded and they are covered with luxurious upholstery so everyone on board will have a comfortable place to sit. The same is true for the pilot’s seat and the co-pilot or passenger in comfortable uprights with padded backs.

4. It’s easy to control

Another amazing feature about the SS 250 WS is that it is equipped with Mercury’s dynamic throttle for maintaining plenty of power. This combined with the power steering provides a winning combination for making smooth turns. The acceleration is premium and you’ll have no trouble operating the controls from the comfortable pilot’s chair. The captain’s chair and mate’s chair also come with comfortable arm rests for additional luxury.

5. It’s equipped with a windshield

To further enhance the comfort of pilot and passengers, Lowe has equipped the SS 250 WS with a low profile windshield. It compliments the sleek design of the craft while adding protection from the elements when you’re full-speed underway. The windshield extends from beam to beam for maximum coverage. The windshield is also available with a darker tint if you want to cut the glare of bright sunlight. The low-profile design of the windshield adds to the sportiness of the appearance of this pontoon boat.

6. This craft is ideal for water sports

We can’t say enough about the versatility of the SS 250 WS. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who likes to combine their relaxation and cruising time on the water with water activities and sports. There is an optional pylon that you can add to the package. This is for riding a tube on the end of a rope or for wakeboarding, or water skiing. There are a lot of different activities that you can participate in with this craft.

7. There’s room for snacks and beverages

This boat is also equipped with a cocktail table that is made of strong and durable acrylic material. You can upgrade this to an even better option when you order. The table also has built in stainless-steel cup holders as well as wineglass holders enough for four to keep your drinks from spilling when you’re en route to your next destination. The table is located in the aft section of the boat near the back seating area.

8. The fuel tanks are ample sized

Depending on the trim that you choose, the fuel tanks hold plenty of petrol for hours of cruising enjoyment. The lower option is equipped with a 24 gallon fuel tank. The next step up offers a 30 gallon fuel tank and the premium trim comes standard with a 50 gallon fuel tank. This makes the SS 250 WS a great choice for making hops from one destination to another or for sightseeing excursions.

9. You have a choice of 3 engine sizes

There are three trims or variants available in the Lowe 2020 SS 250 WS pontoon boat. On the lower end, which is still excellent, the boat comes equipped with a 150 horsepower engine. The next step up offers a 200 horsepower engine. The best premium trim features a remarkable 300 horsepower outboard engine. This option offers you the most power and the greatest speed.

10. You can customize upon ordering

The 2020 Lowe SS 250 WS is a boat that you can customize to make it fit in with its intended use, and your lifestyle. There are several color choices for the exterior and the interior, which is a nice place to start. Lowe also offers a variety of upgrades and add-on features. If you’re into sports fishing, water sports or simply cruising around the lake, you can totally outfit this boat with the most useful features to optimize your time on the water. The starting price suggested by the manufacturer is $34,701. When you consider the quality and amenities that come with this craft, it’s an excellent value for the cost. When we checked out the official website we couldn’t help but notice that the manufacturer also offers some great deals on financing with affordable monthly payments. This is one of the most versatile pontoon boats we’ve seen. It not only has a capacity for accommodating more than a dozen passengers, it’s laid out in the ideal configurations for entertaining moderate sized groups of passengers. During a time when there are few entertainment options open in public, boating is one of the safest ways to have fun in the sun.

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