A Closer Look at The 2020 MasterCraft NXT22

2020 Mastercraft NXT22

Messing around in boats has come a long way since little row boats on the river. MasterCraft puts some power into your boating experience. It is a world’s leader in the manufacture of water sports boats for a reason. They’re known for their high quality boats that keep the water aficionados coming back. MasterCraft has a reputation for being a luxury boat manufacturer, but the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22 is more affordable than most models while still adhering to the quality standards that MasterCraft built a reputation on. Here are ten things you didn’t know about the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22.

10. It Has a Good Deal of Upgrades.

The captain of this boat is going to find the ergonomic chair very comfortable. Analog gauges and switches deliver not only easy viewing but also control over a majority of the boat’s functions. Another new toy to play with is the 4.3 inch digital screen that comes with factory presets for a wide array of watersports activities. Tired of water-skiing? Flip a switch and you can do some wakeboarding or even some wakesurfing. It’s all good.

9. It Was Built to Party.

The seating in the V-drive cabin is shaped more like a U for better socializing. The aft seat can be spun around so the person sitting there can shoot the breeze with the captain, flirt with the cutie riding shotgun or do a 180 and shoot a video of Uncle Jack water-skiing for YouTube. Like to have a few cold ones out while boating? The subfloor ballast system means every seat is a storage space including the bow. The patented CoolFeel vinyl means seats will never get blisteringly hot, even if they’re black. Like to bring some tunes to this party? The Klipsch audio system makes a sweet upgrade. Like a big party? You can invite more than sixteen people on board. Where is the bathroom? The asymmetrical bow entry offers a whole lot of space for an on-board head.

8. You Can Do So Much With This Boat.

To quote Thad Jameson, the director of sales, “It is truly an amazing boat, it merges the tow and surf boat category with the comfort and ride quality of a large day boat.”  The surf wake on this craft is incredible considering that it weighs more than 12,000 pounds. After a fun filled day of zipping around on the lake, boarding or skiing or whatever turns you on, you can spend a balmy evening on board just chilling.

7. Docking Will Be a Breeze.

You might want to look into that dock head option. This plus the bow thruster are sure to make docking the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22 totally stress free. All 2020 MasterCraft models have the patented, one of a kind DockStar Handling System. This innovation in boating technology is winner of the 2017 NMMA Innovation Award. It’s one thing to boast that your goods are the best. It’s another to say “Mine are the best and I have the trophy to prove it.” The DockStar is a state of the art design that provides optimum control utilizing a system of extra rudders that deflect the prop wash underneath the boat.

6. It’s a Speedy Little Thing.

Do you like to go fishing in the tropics? If so, you might be familiar with a dark blue prize game fish called the wahoo. The Hawaiians call it an ono, the Hispanics call it a peto and the guys with too many pens in their pocket call it Acanthocybium solandri. It can dart through the water at forty miles per hour, the same as the top speed of the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22. The cruising speed is closer to twenty-five miles per hour so you’ll still be able to keep up with whales, dolphins and at top speed even outpace Jaws. Your boat is just the right size!

5. Bring on the Music!

The audio system for this boat is Klipsch premium audio, a prestigious speaker system that any boat owner would be proud to have on board.  The Gen 2 Surf System is very easy to use. Do you still have those shiny metal discs the aliens left behind called CD’s? You’ll have plenty of storage space for them. A ZFT2 tower comes standard. You can zip across the waves blasting Styx, inviting everyone to come sail away with you.

4. The Cockpit is Very Modern.

It looks more complicated than it is. Everything is actually laid out very logically. Many of the controls are operated by 4.3 inch touchscreen. You can just scroll through it as easily as you do on your cell phone to get information on the engine. The 2020 MasterCraft NXT22 comes with pre-programmed wake profiles as standard. The whole of the driver’s seat in general is meant to be comfortable and supportive. It’s good to be the captain.

3. It’s Got an Engine Comparable to a Muscle Car.

The first thing you’ll see when you pop the hood to check the engine is the Ilmor logo. This is the same Ilmor that developed engines for IndyCars and teamed up with Mercedes Benz to rev up F1 cars for both the McLaren and Sauber teams. It’s a six liter engine that provides 373 horsepower.

2. The Ballast System has Three Parts.

The 2020 MasterCraft NXT22 comes with a three-part ballast system. Also featured are a fixed four hundred pound ballast tank forward of midships plus two fillable bags that hold up to four hundred and fifty in the stern. The keel comes with two lifting strakes plus reversed chines. The more powerful your engine, the more skiers you can tow. That means Uncle Jack can bring your Aunt Shelly!

1. It Handles Very Well.

You will find the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22 very responsive. It handles even tight turns pretty well with almost no grab or chine walk. You’ll also find that the pickle fork bow drives through wakes with almost no hull shock. And that’s the 2020 MasterCraft NXT22! You can make it your party bus taking people across the lake to the party or with a few less people you can have the party out on the water. Come sail away with me, lads!

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