A Closer Look at The 2020 Mercedes GLC 43

2020 Mercedes GLC 43

With the exponential development in the technology, both mechanical and electrical, applied in Sport Utility Vehicles over the years, you have to wonder how humans managed their daily activities before the SUV was invented. Yes, we know that there were family coupes for moving about with your loved ones, but SUVs are simply more than that. I mean, could you go out for a countryside drive in an old-school coupe without having to fear for the safety of your car or without having the mechanic on speed dial?

SUVs have managed to ease some of the tension. The 2020 Mercedes GLC 43 exemplifies this with the myriad of tasks it can perform. I mean, once you have a taste of the quality it offers, you’ll be a friend for life. Dropping off your kids to school, it’s got you. Visiting the folks upcountry, have no fear. I know you might say that the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63  is more powerful and faster than its compatriot in the AMG series. To be completely honest, once you set your eyes on the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63, you won’t care in the least. Here are ten reasons why.

The exterior

When you take a stroll down memory lane, it is clear that Mercedes has always put its best foot forward when it comes to designing the AMG series. I mean, the 2019 Mercedes GLC 43 had arguably the sleekest look in the SUV department. With the redesigned taillights and slime-line LED headlights, coupled with the new grille that has vertical bars running through it, the overall effect is that the latest model has an even more elegant look.

Don’t be fooled, because even in the said elegance and sleekness lies an undertone of aggressiveness showcased by the flared side sills, twin power-dome hood, and the rear valance. The features present in the standard version include a power liftgate, power-folding side mirrors, and anodized roof rails.

The interior

2020 Mercedes GLC 43 1

Once you purchase this car, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the crème de la crème when it comes to interior finishes. The designers at Mercedes have pulled out the almost impossible magic trick of making the interior have both a family-friendly and sporty feel at the same time. The numerous buttons you would expect to have in a sports car are non-existent, with the floating display being the center of attraction.


The infotainment system is one to die for. The 10.25-inch display in the car epitomizes clarity and the system offers an integrated navigation platform. In the past, many drivers opted not to use voice control, as its lack of understanding can be vexatious. However, the GLC 43’s works perfectly if you can speak English perfectly.

With Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and Bluetooth streaming, you can listen to whatever you want to without any fuss. The system also comes with a six-month subscription to SiriusXM radio. You also have the option of adding other features like in-car Wi-Fi, head-up display unit, and 12.3-inc digital instrument cluster. For the speakers in your car, choose the sports exhaust option, as these premium speakers work best.

Seats and Space

2020 Mercedes GLC 43 2

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 is a five-seater, and its cabin is designed to be an airy space, a fact further exemplified when the optional panoramic sunroof is fitted in. The contouring of the seats is done perfectly. There is also plenty of headroom, with the front having 37.8 inches and the rear seats having 37.3 inches of headroom. This model is made even more suitable for long-distance travel with the spacious legroom, some 40.8 inches in the front seats, and 37.3 inches in the back seats.

Trunk and Cargo space

For the occupants, this car is perfect, but the spacious nature in the front is paid for by the somewhat lack of it in the back. Compared to other SUVs, this car has a smaller trunk space, offering just over 17 cubic feet of space. The rear seats can be folded down, and consequently, the space increases to a useful 56 cubic feet. There are water bottle holders and door pockets in the front for storing smaller items.

The engine

2020 Mercedes GLC 43 3

The GLC 43 is only rivaled by the GLC 63 when it comes to speed. 4.7 seconds is the official zero to sixty sprint time. That’s lightning-fast. But how can it be this fast? It isn’t a hybrid, and yet it consumes miles on the road like a rabbit eating veggies.

Under the hood is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, making it a sonic freight train on the road. The engineers at Mercedes have managed to pump up the 2019 model’s horsepower by 23, from 362 to 385, thanks to some ECU trickery. You can also expect some might torque, some 384 lb-ft.

The car is a four-wheel drive, with the power being distributed to the wheels by the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT nine-speed transmission, with the system having a slight bias for the rear wheels.


Obviously, this car can handle itself pretty well when driven in a straight line, but we all know that driving on some roads isn’t smooth sailing. The five driving modes in the GLC 43 will make sure you are cruising smoothly through the twists and turns the road might throw at you. Depending on the climate, the road, or even your mood, you can navigate through the modes, all of which offer different levels of throttle and transition response. The modes have simplistic names; Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Individual.

Gas utilization

2020 Mercedes GLC 43 4

The EPA rated the 2020 GLC43 at 18mpg in the city, 24 mpg in the highway, and 21 mpg combined. These statistics aren’t all that shabby when you consider the consumption in other SUVs. The GLC 43 has a 17.4-gallon capacity, meaning that when fully filled, you can cover a maximum distance of 365 miles.


Mercedes implements brake assistance and blind spotting in the standard version of the model. It also has seven airbags, including the driver knee airbag, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and an anti-theft alarm system. There is also a plethora of other safety features you can add on, including lane-change assist and the active speed limit.


2020 Mercedes GLC 43 5

Excluding the registration and the destination fees, plus the tax, the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC43 will cost you some 59,500 dollars.

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