A Closer Look at The 2020 Monterey 345SY

The 2020 Monterey 345SY is a boat lovers dream. Powerful, reliable, and dependable, the 345SY carves through water with ease, plaining in only 7.1 seconds.This sporting yacht makes life on the water so luxurious, that you might not want to leave. Enjoy rest and relaxation in one of its two cabins, prepare delicious meals in its well stocked galley, enjoy your favorite movie on an 28 inch, LED flat screen TV, let your favorite music rock you to sleep while listening to your Sirius Satellite Radio package or spend some family time in its relaxing salon/dinette. When all is said and done, you’ll be able to find, plenty of storage available for your gear, and more than enough comfortable seating arrangements for you and your guests. All this and much, much more await you on the 2020 Monterey 345SY.

1. Powered by Dual Mercury Outboard Motors

Fast acceleration and precise handling are yours with the dual Mercury Verado outboard motors. Mercury Outboards have long since held the lead when it comes to providing boaters with outstanding performance and customer service. These outboard, 4 stroke engines have a 3 blade, stainless steel propeller, are gas fueled, with fuel economy 33.7 miles per hour at 4,000 RPM 13.5 GPH. These Verado outboards are among the quietest on the market. AMS, or Advanced MidSection take care of any vibrations and fuel injector covers are added to kill most of the noise.

2. Digital Throttle and Shift

Control your dual Mercury Verado Outboards with SmartCraft Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS). Also known to some as electronic throttle and shift, electronic signals are used for precision movement. Here, you’ll be able to control your dual outboards just with one lever. Digital Throttle and shift comes with the following features: Push button start/stop, Cruise Control, Troll Control and Smart Tow. DTS comes standard with your Mercury Verado Outboard motors.

3. Both Joystick Steering and Power Steering

Your dual Mercury Verado outboard motors allow for steering via Joystick. When you elect to use the joystick, you’re not only steering, but controlling the throttle and shift as well. When piloting by joystick, you get clean, precise and agile control of your 2020 Monterey 345SY, so whether you’re steering on the open water, or docking your boat for the night, you can do so with security and peace of mind.

4. Cockpit is Made with Comfort and Convenience in Mind

The cockpit of a boat is where all the action happens with regards to controls and even entertaining,, so comfort and convenience is a must have, and that’s just what you get with the 2020 Monterey 345SY. Here, you’ll find a wet bar complete with a sink, faucet and 120 volt outlet for any appliances. Wrap around seating lets your and your guests enjoy a drink amid some stimulating conversation. A transom shower is right there in case you feel the need to refresh yourself. There’s also a cockpit table and four stainless steel cup holders.

5. Two Mercury VesselView Gauges

Mercury’s very own Mercury VesselView gauges take the guesswork out of piloting your 2020 Monterey 345SY. VesselView gauges handle your boats engine and system information. No competitors even come close to providing the level of information necessary to operate your 345SY successfully. The 2020 Monterey 345SY comes with dual VesselView gauges on either side of the Raymarine Axiom display.

6. Fully Stocked, Luxurious Main Cabin

Your 2020 Monterey 345SY’s cabin is spacious and packed with everything you’d expect to make you feel at home while at sea. The flooring is a beautiful, synthetic wood, 12 volt direct/indirect lighting, a CO detector and automatic emergency pump for that extra bit of peace of mind. For added convenience your cabin comes with a USB port, MP3 Adapter, positive latches on all drawers and doors, three 12 volt outlets and 6 120 volt outlets. Finally, a portable vacuum cleaner to help take care of it all.

7. Mercury’s Integrated Autopilot

Stay on course with Mercury’s Integrated Autopilot system. If your car has cruise control, then know that your boats autopilot will act in a similar fashion. Trust Mercury’s Autopilot system to keep your 2020 Monterey 345SY on course, so you can put your attention toward other things, such as guests, grabbing a snack or checking on the boat. Even if your 345SY comes across strong winds or currents, no worries, as your autopilot will keep things in check.

8. Electronics are at Your Service

Your 2020 Monterey 345SY is not only a steady, efficient and fun boat to pilot, it also comes with some electronic gear to help add some entertainment as well as security to your days on the water. For instance, the 345SY comes with a flat screen television monitor, compass, cockpit speakers, DVD player,VHF and radio. To ensure for a safe and secure trip you can depend on the depth sounder and GPS, or Global Positioning System. The depth sounder measures how deep the water is as you travel. This is critical as you never want to go too shallow, or you risk hitting rocks, becoming beached or damaging your propeller. The GPS works with the depth sounder by recording when the alarm went off, so you’ll be warned the next time, if you’re getting too close to the area.

9. The 2020 Monterey 345SY Comes with SkyHook Advanced Features

When you go and visit Mercury’s GoFree store, you’ll find Skyhook Advanced Features. Treated as Downloadable Content, know that your 2020 Monterey 345SY comes already equipped. The GPS enabled Skyhook Advanced Features include Heading Adjust, Bowhook, and Drifthook. Skyhook makes boat operation so simple, even a beginner can do it. By simply pushing one button, Skyhook will obtain all the information from your GPS, and keep your boat stationary, right where you want it. No more dealing with the throttle to keep you stationary, Skyhook will do it for you, at the push of a button.

10. Build Your Boat

Customization is one of the joys of purchasing bikes, cars and yes, even boats. In fact, did you know that Monterey gives you the opportunity to customize your 2020 Monterey 345SY? All you need to do is hit up their site at where you get to select everything from the color to the individual boat options. This way, you end up with a personalized version of the 345SY, for yourself or someone you care about.

Images via Monterey Boats

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