A Closer Look at the 2020 Moomba Kaiyen

2020 Moomba Kaiyen

Wakeboarding as a sport is relatively nascent to the world of boating. True, it has been around for some time now and has deluged the world as a whole in its notoriety. However, it is still an avant-garde endeavor compared to older and more classic boating activities. For this reason, an embryonic market has popped up in boat manufacturing. For a duration of time, large boat making brands offered additional waterboarding features to help incorporate this growing fan base into their general consumer market. However, a problem developed because the options were customizations of boats whose raison d’être wasn’t wakeboarding. The between a proper wakeboarding boat and a customized one may at times be nuanced, but that slight difference is accentuated if you are a wakeboarding aficionado.

The Moomba brand stepped right in and occupied this niche that created itself in the market, not just by being the only one that did this sort of thing, but being the best in everything it does. The models Moomba has released over the years has placed it at the apogee when it comes to wakeboarding boats or any sort of watercraft in general. A clear illustration of the modus operandi of this boat maker is the 2020 Kaiyen it has just released. It is the Moomba brand at its most fundamental, and this isn’t a feeling you develop when you read the specs of the boat. You have to understand is functionality and intricate detailing so that you can appreciate it. Here are ten things you might not have known concerning the 2020 Moomba Kaiyen.

1. Dimensions and specs

The new Kaiyen is 21.5 feet in overall length and has a beam length of 102 inches. It is standard with 3700 pounds of ballast, a dry weight of 4500 pounds, and has a fuel capacity of 45 gallons.

2. Trickle-down

One of the more popular Moomba boats over the years, and one that ascertained the brand’s name is engraved at the zenith in waterboarding, is the Makai. The boat was of huge popularity to both aesthetes and fanatics. The designers at Moomba have deployed features akin to the Makai on the latest Kaiyen. This means that you have the option of getting most of the Makai’s premium features on a smaller, cheaper boat.

3. The design

From the outside, it is immediately apparent that the people at Moomba weren’t kidding around when they were designing the Kaiyen. Every part of the boat’s exterior had been detailed to perfection. The contouring used certainly serves its purpose of streamlining the boat, but it also works into the general theme of chicness and elegance that occurs recurrently all around the watercraft. The colors deployed work in tandem with one another, creating a color pattern that proliferates the said chicness. Overall, the boat has an exceptional snapshot.

4. The Bow

One thing that is clear from the get-go is the similarity in bow size the Kaiyen has with the Makai. That is a good thing because the wide bow was a huge selling point for the Makai. Why fix something if it isn’t broken, right? The Kaiyen’s bow does have some new features though. The boat comes standard with a wide filler cushion for the bow, meaning you can convert the seating area into a large sun pad.

5. The cockpit

The wraparound seating that has been associated with the newer boat releases has also been deployed in the 2020 Kaiyen. The seating area is so spacious. It can comfortably accommodate up to ten passengers on it. The backseat can also slide forward and aft, thus giving you the choice of facing aft where the action is taking place.

6. Upholstery

The upholstery used in the seats is top-tier, coming as no surprise from a brand in the upper echelons of design and boat manufacturing. It is soft and comfortable to seat on, while the stitch and the color patterns used to accentuate the elegance of the interior. To prevent damaging the upholstery, the back seat has been fitted with a gator step pad in the middle. The padding offers a stair to access the walkthrough that leads to the swim section.

7. The helm

The helm has been fitted with a myriad of features, consequentially ensuring that he navigating experience is a pleasing and not strenuous one. It houses both analog and digital control features, giving the diver a taste of the best in both worlds. Analog switches are left of the controlling wheel, and they give the driver access to the boat’s features, some of them including docking lights and redundancy redundancy-free balance system. There are also other features like wireless phone charging and stereo controls at the helm.

8. Autowake

The 7-inch touchscreen display system has been installed with precise positioning, ensuring that the driver has an easy time accessing it. It gives you a platform where you can interact with the numerous electrical and mechanical systems on the boat. What stands out the most about this boat, is the patented Autowake system the engineers at Moomba have developed. The technology, present in the Kaiyen, makes it easy to adjust the wake and wave produced by the boat. It makes this possible by changing the directions of the surf plates. The monitor illustrates the way the surf plates change while you are adjusting them, meaning that it becomes easy to understand this nascent technology.

9. Storage

Since the boat can carry up to 15 individuals, it is no surprise that beneath almost every surface, you will find a storage compartment. Opposite the helm station is a glove box that as two entry points, making it convenient to access the things you’d stored inside. Beneath each seat in the cockpit, you will find sufficient storage space to keep you and your passengers” requirements. At the back of the boat, you have storage space that seats above the ballast bag, so you can out your ropes, vests, and other wakeboarding requirements in there.

10. Price

The Kaiyen’s price range will vary, depending on the customizable features you might choose to add on. That being said, for the standard model, the pricing starts from $75,460 dollars. Not bad for the luxury you will get.

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