A Closer Look at the 2020 Regal LS2 Surf

Regal LS2 Surf

Regal has been around for some time now, and for good reason. The family-owned and operated brand has managed to transcend and navigate through the huddles that many nascent, and seasoned companies come across. You could say that the brand as it is today, has undergone a baptism of both water and fire to become what it currently is. And not only that, the company has been able to break the monotony of occupying one specific niche in the boat-manufacturing industry. For many, this may seem like a downside, because it would theoretically mean that it doesn’t have a specific type of brand that it has perfected the art of making. This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Not to sound cliché, but Regal is great at making different types of watercraft. Be it making yachts or wakeboarding-oriented boats, Regal is at the apogee of every single type of boat making.

Its latest release illustrates with vivid imagery of how Regal has been able to maintain its position atop the list of wakeboarding boats. This also doesn’t come as a surprise, because the sport itself has gained considerable notoriety amongst the young and the young at heart over the last couple of years. The new release goes by the moniker ‘The 2020 Regal LS2 Surf‘. It is, by all accounts, one of the best and most premium models you will find in the market today and in the near future. That being said, you have to understand the intricacies of the boat’s functionality and design to fully appreciate it. Here are ten things you might not have known about the 2020 Regal LS2 Surf.

1. Dimensions and specs

The boat has an overall length of 22 feet 4 inches, and the length of the beam is 8.5 feet. Its approximate dry weight is 3900 pounds and it has a deadrise of 28°. It’s windshield to keel height is 6 feet.

2. Exterior design

As you would expect from a wakeboarding-oriented boat, the watercraft’s design is primarily to make the boat as streamlined as possible to enhance other aspects like speed and power. Indeed, you cannot judge a book by its cover, but first impressions always last a lifetime. The contouring used by the LS2’s designers not only meets the design’s raison d’être, but it also provides a gorgeous aesthetic. Take for example the colors used for the exterior. They work contemporaneously to ensure that the boat’s chicness and stunning design is in full effect.

3. The bow

Up in the bow, you have a spacious seating area for people to relax. Armrests have been installed on each forward-facing seat. Cup holders and speakers have been strategically placed around the seats, accentuating the area’s comfort levels.

4. The engine

Before delving into the features at the helm station, we must appreciate what exactly is being controlled. The 2020 Regal LS2 Surf comes with a Volvo Penta Forward Drive engine that gives you 300 horsepower. This beast of a machine offers high acceleration power while also looking after the environment by producing minute emissions. It gives the boat a top speed of 49.4 miles per hour at 5910 revolutions per minute, metrics that more than suffice your wakeboarding requirements.

5. The Helm

Everything at the helm station has been placed strategically to ensure that the driver does not have an onerous task trying to control the boat and its features. All the control buttons are placed on the right-hand side of the steering wheel, and they have been fitted close enough to the driving seat. The helm seat itself is a power seat, meaning you can slide it forward and backward, depending on your preference. Preferential customization at the helm station is proliferated by the fact that the steering wheel is on a tilt base.

6. Display screen

The Regal LS2 Surf comes with a dual-screen Volvo Penta display screen. They are touchscreen controlled, meaning you can set them up and customize them to your liking. The screens are a platform where the navigator can communicate with the boat and all its entities. You can check on your fuel, water pressure, navigation, water sports settings, or even the redundancy for the audio system. The thing that is most outstanding about the display system is that you can connect it to a Garmin VIRB camera at the back of the boat. This way, you can check on what is going on at the back, or even record the wake surfing.

7. Wakeboarding

The boat is easy to set up for your wake surfing endeavors. Even to the most novice of users, it’s pretty basic in its functionality. All you have to do is use the touchscreen display system to set up the ballast bag system. The boat as three ballast bags, two at the back, and one in the middle. Configure the 1800 pounds of ballast and pick on which side you are most comfortable surfing on. Another cool thing about this boat is that you can transfer the wake from side to side at the touch of a button. LED light installed at the rear give the surfer an indication of when the wake will change and to which direction so that they can be able to time it.

8. Seating

Regal has outdone itself when it comes to seating style. Obviously, you would expect the most premium upholstery and seating arrangements in any Regal model, but in the LS2 Surf, the designers have met these expectations and then some. In it, you can comfortably sit up to 15 individuals, both at the bow and at the cockpit.

9. Storage

Again, if you are to have 15 individuals on the boat, with some of them carrying wakeboarding gear, then you also need to provide ample storage space. Regal has done just that. Underneath every seat in the cockpit area, you will find some storage space. This coupled with a plethora of other storage spaces located conveniently around the boat, offer sufficient space to store your necessities and those of your passengers.

10. Pricing

The price of the LS2 Surf is about 85,000 dollars for the standard version, but opting for additional options can hike up the price a little bit.

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