A Closer Look at The 2020 Regal LX6

All boating aficionados or fanatics worth their salt understand that Regal isn’t just a boat-making company. Since its inception back in 1969, the family-owned company has endeavored to provide not just standard boats, but luxurious entities on water. Over the time the company has been in existence, it has been the frontrunner in provide chic, luxurious boats to its customers, and that is the exact reason it is considered as one of the leading boat-making companies.

The environment in which Regal designs and creates its boats illustrates the company’s modus operandi. The brand’s state-of-the-art production center is in Orlando, Florida; the very heart of boating in the world. The time and expertise taken to craft a single boat is in heavy contrast to other boat manufacturing companies. Regal takes the necessary steps to ascertain that the boat being made meets the consumer’s specific needs and requirements, making Regal boats perhaps the most customizable in the lot.

The brand has just turned 50, and on its golden anniversary, it has unveiled a line of new boats. The whole lot of them is spectacular, but none more so than the 2020 Regal LX6. This particular boat is the largest and most modernized of the bunch, and we will take a look at ten of the things that make is so.

1. Size

The 2020 Regal LX6 has an overall length of 26 feet and 4 inches. The beam is 8 feet 6 inches. It as an empty weight of 5359 pounds, equivalent to 2247 kilograms.

2. Performance

From a performance perspective, it is evident that the boat is not just another sterndrive with a bulky outboard slapped on. Since the Regal brand has been around for three generations now, it comes as no surprise that it has perfected the process of designing the boats to accept outboard power and optimize it. As a result of the fast-track hull installed and the power-steering working in tandem with the electronic throttle and shift, the optimum speed, control, and performance are delivered to you via this boat.

One of the things you immediately discern is the way the boat maneuvers around. Its cornering is just splendid and it sticks to the turns irrespective of how sharp you crank it.

3. The sliding platform

Many outboard-powered boats currently in the market have a limited amount of space at the transom. Regal, on the other hand, has managed to maneuver around this conundrum through some very clever seat designing. The sliding-seat platform installed in the LX6 moves forward, ergo giving you an additional beam to beam walkway on the back of the boat. By sliding the platform aft, you get the same additional space in your cockpit.

4. Seating

The seats in the sliding platform are inclinable all the way, giving you a completely flat sun pad, or inclined partly, giving you an aft-facing lounge. If the seat platform is moved all the way forward, the people at Regal have used some intelligent designs on the seats. The seats have cut-outs, making it possible for people at the corner without bumping knees. This adds two more seating areas on the boat. The headrests of the seats at the cockpit can also be flipped fore and aft, thus moving the lounge from the cockpit to the center of the boat. Perhaps the thing that makes the LX6 luxurious nature stand out is the upholstery used in making the seats. It has a straight double-stitching, adding a chicness to the seats. There is also a hand-crafted grab handle that has been installed on each seat at the front.

5. The Cockpit

Compared to other cockpits of the same beam-length, the LX6’s design has been able to add an extra six inches of space. By also adding a power hardtop, the brand has made the cockpit even more enjoyable. You can tilt the top of and lower the module in its entirety down. This way, you can be able to move through low bridges quickly and, should you encounter a storm, you have an efficient roof over your head.

6. Easy access

All the features on the LX6 are easily accessible. By moving the cockpit headrests aft, you have easy accessibility to the commode in the boat. The engine compartment is also easily accessible through a manually opening hatch. The pneumatic struts help in opening it and also hold it open when you are conducting tour checks and maintenance procedures.

7. Storage

The boat has ample storage for all the necessities you would need for your boat ride. Underneath every seat, there is storage space. The forward-facing seats at the helm of the boat also have easily accessible storage space underneath the headrest.

8.Battery and charging system

With all the weight that the boat has, it is paramount that the designers develop a way to make it efficient, and so they did. Regal has used a robust power system to make sure the boats maintain their high standards of efficiency and efficacy. There are three batteries onboard coupled with a voltage sensing relay. The relay system makes sure that the alternator in the boat’s motor charges the battery that requires energy the most first. This means that you will never run out of battery power and that you can always start your boat.

9. Engine

The boat uses a Yamaha V6 outboard engine for navigation that produces up to 300 horsepower. The engine provides a velocity of 48 miles per hour at 6000 revolutions per minute.

10. Navigation

The navigation features on the board are not only top-tier, but they are also agronomic. The helm station has been crafted to provide the driver with all the requirements he or she might need. The entire station is upholstered, hence maintaining the overall design of the boat. The bow thruster and the trim tabs are easily reachable. The wheel is mounted on a tilt base, and you can adjust the angle to your liking. The station has two display screens that show the navigator precisely what is happening in and around the LX6. Complete engine output information, a complete navigation sweep, and full control of the audio system on the boat are accessible through the touch-screens.

Images via Regal

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