A Closer Look at The 2020 Sanger 231 SL

2020 Sanger 231 SL

For some of the best watersport excitement, one must try their hand at wakesurfing. Here, instead of riding a wave, the wakesurfer takes a board, and rides it in the boats wake, and one of the best wakesurfing boats on the market today, is the 2020 Sanger 231 SL. This 23 foot wakesurfing boat is the largest Sanger has ever produced, and boasts a number of features and amenities which qualify it as a top favorite among wakesurfers. Features such as a fold down swimming platform, large ski mirror, triple ballast with 1000 pounds in front and 1200 pounds dual in the rear.

1. Plenty of Seating and Storage

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping aboard the 2020 Sanger 231 SL is the gorgeous, Deluxe Upholstery Package seating, in the bow area. This is something that Sanger is known for and again, they don’t disappoint. The bow is where your guests will sit, and Sanger has provided you with three cup holders and two 8 inch speakers. Elsewhere you’ll find the dual observer’s seats. At first glance, you may find them looking a bit odd, but let us assure you, they are comfortable and provide you with an excellent view. As for storage, you have a large under seating storage area with enough space for 3 or 4 boards, plus you also have an under seating cooler for drinks and treats.

2. The Helm

The helm of the 231 SL offers the driver both comfort and convenience while boating. Everything you need, from gauges to audio control is right here. First, there’s the ergonomically designed captains chair. This chair not only swivels, but also moves to and fro, as well. The dash holds 2 large, traditional analog gauges. The first gauge is your speedometer, and the second analog dial provides you with fuel, temperature, and pressure. Nestled in between the two analog gauges is a 4.3 inch touch screen display. The left side controls the menu, and the right side deals with speed controls. You also control the audio from the helm, via the Kicker Head Unit. Other helm features include a tinted, curved one piece windshield, and handy glove compartment. There’s also rack and pinion steering, Livorsi Digital Throttle, and tilt steering.

3. Great Sounds Courtesy of Kicker Head Unit and Memphis Speakers

We already mentioned that you’ve got sound on the 2020 Sanger 231 SL, but we didn’t exactly tell you how good it is. The sound is controlled at the helm via a Kicker head unit. If you don’t know, Kicker is one of the more esteemed audio suppliers on the market. Their Kicker Marine product line guarantees you’ll be getting a high performance audio rig, one that will not only sound fabulous, but also be able to withstand the elements while out on the water. The audio quality is nothing short of perfect, due to the high performance, Memphis speaker system. Weather proof, this audio system is also resistant to the effects of salt, fog and the UV rays of the sun. Internals such as the cone pump are all marine-grade. Not only that,

4. IndMar Raptor Engine Series 400

The 2020 Sanger 231 SL is powered by one of the top names in the business: Indmar. The Indmar 400 is part of their Raptor series, and comes with 350 horsepower and 404 pound feet of torque. The Indmar 400 offers you a variety of features that come standard, such as a closed cooled engine to help increase engine life, dual spark plugs, and up to 20 percent more fuel efficient. This engine runs quiet, so won’t compete with your favorite tunes, and its performance management system keeps an eye out, ensuring all components are functioning properly.

5. GSA Surf System

GSA, or GoSurf Assist Technology is rapidly changing who wakesurfers ride. Its Double Layer Hydro-thruster Technology is what makes GoSurt Assist a favorite among wakesurfers. This patent pending technology is featured on your 2020 Sanger 231 SL ensures that wakesurfers will surf the best waves possible in either side. All of this happens with an action as simple as touching a button. In other words, the days of swapping a ballast is over. The star of this tech is the software, which lets the rider control the wave to the point that wherever you go, you can create that same wave riding experience.

6. Zero Off GPS Speed Control System

One of the key features of the 2020 Sanger 231 SL is the Zero Off GPS Speed Control System. The operation of this system depends on satellite input, as well as your engine systems, and uses your current boating speed. This means you’re free to enjoy the ride as the system operates on speed controls, and not the weight of the wakesurfer, crew or even wind adjustment as a variable. All that’s needed is for you to enter the speed of the boat, and the Zero Off GPS takes it from there.

7. Tandem Axle Boat Trailer

Your purchase also includes a tandem axle boat trailer. But just what is a tandem axle boat trailer? Just as the word states, tandem means one follows another, and in this case, it refers to a boat trailer that comes with two axles, with one behind another. As a rule, tandem trailers are great because the double axles absorb any road shocks on the way to the water, so that’s much better for your boat. The Sanger trailer also comes with disc brakes and a swing arm tongue.

8. Skylon Boat Accessories

For well over 30 years, Skylon has crafted exceptional boating accessories. In fact, there are many who believe that Skylon boat accessories are the best you can buy. They have perfected their craft for fans of wakeboarding, which is why Sanger used products designed by them. On the 2020 Sanger 231 SL, for instance, items such as the durable, folding 88 inch bimini, folding tower and board racks are all furnished by Skylon. So, right away you know that Sanger cuts no corners when it comes to quality, even when it comes to the accessories.

9. GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring

The 2020 Sanger 231 SL is not only a beautiful boat from the outside, but the interior is rather stunning as well. Case in point, Sanger’s decision to use GatorStep non-skid flooring. GatorStep is known as one of the top makers of boat flooring on the market. This stain resistant, waterproof flooring also adds a good grip, so the risk of slippage is reduced significantly, while keeping your feet cool. As for maintenance, GatorStep requires very little maintenance, as it almost takes care of itself.

10. Options to Enhance Your Boating Experience

So far, we’ve seen that this is indeed, a beast of a wakesurfing boat. However, we’re not done yet, there’s more, as Sanger has tagged on some terrific options to make your boating experience more pleasurable. First you have the engine options, which are also in the Indmar Raptor Series, and include the Indmar Raptor 398 horsepower 440, and the Indmar Raptor 575, or “Ultimate” with a hungry 510 horsepower. Other options include a larger Bimni, heater and Supertube Custom trailer. For sun worshippers out there, you also have the option to add a sun pad to the walk through, creating a restful sundeck.

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