A Closer Look at The 2020 Scarab 285

2020 Scarab 285

There are normal boats, and then there are iconic boats. Although a newcomer to the market, the 2020 Scarab 285 has all the makings of the 2nd kind. Fast, luxurious, and packed to the gills with state-of-the-art tech, the 285 is a giant leap forward in the jet boat market. Find out more about the latest addition to the Scarab line with these ten fast facts.

1. It’s revolutionizing the standard for jet boats

If you want a simple, bog-standard boat, look somewhere else. Whatever the Scarab 285 is, simple is most definitely not it. Neither is it low tech. Clearly, its designers know a thing or two about modern technology. Clearer still, they aren’t afraid to put that knowledge on full display. The 285 is kitted out in an extraordinary amount of detail, all designed to increase the state-of-the-art vibe and elevate the user experience to new heights. When Scarab says the 285 is an ‘evolutionary leap for the jet boat industry’ that will ‘revolutionize the standard for future jets’, it’s not using hyperbole.

2. It’s packed with state-of-the-art tech

Everywhere you look on the Scarab 285, you’ll see the latest technology on loud, proud display. As noted by boatingmag.com, techiest of all the features is the touchscreen display. Orientated in a heads-up position, it lets the user tap to alternate between presets for their favorite riders, as well as offering a graphic of fuel burn so you can tailor the ride according to optimal mileage. There’s also the opportunity to tap for cruise control, to desensitize the throttle, control audio, and a host of other very cool little features.

3. It’s the height of luxury

The Scarab 285 might be revolutionary when it comes to onboard tech, but good old-fashioned luxury and comfort are still very much on show, too. Buyers can expect as much convenience and heavy-duty style as they can gadgetry, with a billet trimmed aluminum dash, console, and switch panels, along with grab handles for safety and a glove box door for convenience.

4. The seating is a standout feature

When seating can be described as a stand-out feature, rather than just an everyday necessity, you know you’re looking at something a little different from the norm. And that’s exactly the case with the Scarab 285. As MSN notes, the bow seating is one of the boat’s most remarkable pieces of kit, featuring wide, forward-facing loungers joined at the hip with beam-to-beam seating. Thanks to the novel fitting of the port seat forward of the console, it can be raised to give clear access to the roomy head compartment. Depending on whether you’re prepared to pay for some extra features, you can get even more out of the seating area with the addition of a cocktail table or filler cushion.

5. It’s the biggest recreational jet boat in the world

The Scarab 285 doesn’t compromise on style, but neither does it compromise on size. At 28-foot, this is one beast of a jet boat… in fact, it’s the biggest recreational jet boat in the world. Those interested in getting the low down on the rest of the spec can find it on the Scarab official website… or, in faithful albeit slightly condensed reproduction, here: Engine: Dual Rotax 300 jets. Drive/Impeller: Jet pumps/3-blade stainless steel. Gear Ratio: 1:1. Fuel Load: 70 gal. Draft (max): 1′8″. Dry Weight: 5,750 lb. Seat/Weight Capacity: Yacht Certified.

6. It’s valued at nearly $100,000

If you like the idea of cruising the waves on a Scarab 285, then you’d better start saving. The starting price is a massive $99,994.00… add some fancy extras on top of the basic model, and you’ll either need a very big salary or a very obliging bank manager.

7. You can customize the color

If you’re going to lay down the best part of $100,000 on a boat, you’re probably going to want to put your own stamp on it. After all, why put up with someone else’s sense of style when you could add a dash of your own? When it comes to the Scarab 285, you can go to town with customization, starting with the big one – color. Buyers have the option to customize the boat in the favorite color – providing that color is Black/ Amethyst with graphics, Black/ Atomic with graphics, Black/ Crimson Red with graphics, Black/ Denim Blue with graphics, Black/ Phantom Grey with graphics, Crimson Red. Denim Blue, Jet Black, Liquid Blue, or Seafoam Green.

8. Warranty is included as standard

Finding out a boat you’ve just spent $100,000 on comes without a warranty is likely to be a pretty dark day. Fortunately, Scarab has thought ahead. Buyers of the 285 can expect decades of worry-free boating thanks to Scarab’s lifetime limited warranty. Most components of the protection plan (including the 3yrs components warranty, 5-year hull structure warranty, and 5-year osmosis warranty) are transferrable, giving customers the chance to increase the value of their Scarab at no extra cost.

9. It’s got an awesome top speed

If you want a boat that knows how to move, you’re unlikely to be disappointed in the Scarab 285. It might be the largest recreational jet boat in the world, but it’s lightweight and aerodynamic enough to ride the waves like a dream. Thanks to its high-performance dual 300-horsepower Rotax supercharged engines, it’s capable of accelerating 0-30MPH in 4.74 seconds. Lower the throttle and you can expect a top speed of 55 mph – a new industry standard in acceleration and speed that’s guaranteed to appeal to speed-freaks.

10. Surfers will love it

Not only will the Scarab 285 appeal to those with a love for speed, but it’s also a seriously attractive proposition to water-sport fans. With its optional surf package, it’s designed to create exactly the kind of wake riders will get a huge thrill from. With its ability to tow skiers, tubers, wakeboarders, and wake surfers, there’s no doubting that not only is this one of the most revolutionary jet boats on the market, it’s also one of the most versatile.

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