A Closer Look at The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC

2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC

Boating is a fun and enjoyable activity that offers healthy recreation on the water. In a time when it’s best to stay at least 6 feet from people who are not members of your household, what better way to get out in public and enjoy yourself in the fresh air? Boating enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that there is a new Sea Chaser 30 DC for 2020. If you’re not yet familiar with the model, it’s a versatile craft for fishing and other recreational uses on the water. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about the 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC.

1. It’s ideal for 12 fishermen

The 2020 version of the Sea Chaser 30 DC is set up to accommodate 6 fishing poles at a time. The craft features 6 built-in rod holders that are located on the transom and the gunwale, and there are an additional 6 on the hardtop. This makes it a good choice for larger fishing parties of up to a full dozen.

2. The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is luxurious

When it comes to creature comforts, this boat has you covered. It features a roomy head compartment so everyone onboard can stretch out without feeling cramped. There are several interesting seating designs and configurations to choose from so you can customize the layout to meet your specific needs and preferences.

3. You can keep the catch fresh

One of the best features of the Sea Chaser, if you’re a sports fisher is that it comes with a built-in live well. This helps to keep the fish fresh even if you’re out on the water for several hours at a time. The live well is large enough to hold the days’ limit on the catch for up to several people.

4. You can freshen up in between excursions

Another useful feature of the 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is that it is equipped with a freshwater sink and shower. There are a lot of things that can happen during a fishing trip, or even on a leisurely boating cruise that would make an onboard shower more than a luxury, but rather a necessity. You can emerge from the trip feeling as fresh as the moment you stepped on board after an enjoyable shower. It’s set up for multipurpose use.

5. The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is a dual console boat for recreation or fishing

The DC in the name of the boat stands for “dual console.” It can be used for both fishing and family boating. It’s made for year-round boating because it comes with a windshield to cut the cold air. It’s ideal for both fishing and cruising. It also comes with a swimming platform at the back of the boat. This can also be used for fishing if you choose to hold the rod instead of using the built-in rod holders.

6. It’s suitable for day trips and parties

The Sea Chaser 30 DC also comes with a large galley and grill for cooking while you’re out on the water. You can have a barbecue right on the boat. There is also a handy sink in the galley for quick cleanups or for use in food preparation.

7. It’s equipped with an entertainment system

The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is ideal for throwing parties on the water for friends and family. It comes with 2 molded-in electronics boxes, along with an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth, a USB, and an Auxiliary plug. This means that you can plug-in devices that store your favorite tunes for entertaining everyone aborad. There are also 4 stereo speakers in-gunwale and 6 blue and white LED lighting stereo speakers in the powder coat T-top.

8. It comes with a good warranty

This model is made of high-quality materials featuring a 100% composite construction that is NMMA/ABYC certified. There is a 5-year hull warranty that is transferable if you sell the boat to someone else before the expiration date.

9. It’s packed with other impressive features

The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is a model that is loaded with useful and convenient features. Among them are the self-bailing deck, bow and side bolster pads with a powder-coated low profile bow rail, a tie-off for the bow anchor and bow anchor rope storage, a stainless steel anchor chock with a roller, LED bow navigation lights, a walkthrough windshield, an in-floor storage box, removable bow cushions, diamond pleated upholstery, a Windlass anchor system, 7 lighted cup holders made of stainless steel, and much more. We also like the 30-gallon live well for fishing and the LED lighting for all of the various storage areas. It’s a highly functional boat that is designed for convenience and relaxation whether you’re out fishing or cruising the river on a day cruise.

10. The 2020 Sea Chaser 30 DC is made a combination family and sportfishing boat

The overall length of the Sea Chaser 30 DC is 30 feet and 3 inches with a beam of 114 inches. This provides a lot of deck space for an average size family of 5 to move around comfortably, but it will accommodate a lot more passengers. The fuel capacity is 237 gallons so you can easily take it for day or overnight cruises to your favorite destinations. The 700 horsepower engine gives you plenty of power to cruise at fun and comfortable speeds, or to get back to shore if the weather turns nasty. This is a multipurpose vessel that is designed for comfort and practicality. One of the things we like most about it is that you can configure the seating to meet your preferences and lifestyle. The new Sea Chaser 30 DC is coming out with updates and more premium features for practical use and also for enhanced enjoyment.

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