A Closer Look at the 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB

2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB

The 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB easily carves through the water with it’s new dihedral “V” hull with stern pad, while being propelled by one hot Suzuki 200 Outboard. The combination of the dihedral hull and powerful outboard means that you and your guests will be enjoying a smooth and secure ride, even on brisk waters. This affordable deck boat may initially roll off the showroom floor with the bare essentials, but know that upgradable options, such as an anchor kit, docking lights, a ski tow pole for water sports enthusiasts, and much more are affordable, available and waiting.

1. The 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB is Powered by a Suzuki 200 HP Outboard

The 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB is driven by the Suzuki Outboard 200, otherwise known as the DF200A. This inline four-stroke engine comes with more than enough punch to give you and your passengers a good run on the water, as it planes in just 4.3 seconds. As for fuel economy, that’s listed as 25 MPH/3500 RPM at 4.2 GPH. As far as emissions go, the Suzuki 200 Outboard is certified with a 3-Star Ultra Low Emission rating. Technical specs for the Suzuki 200 include Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection, direct ignition, over-rev limiter, timing chain, two-stage gear reduction system, and much more.

2. Seating Capacity for 14 People

Take a good, long look at the Starcraft SVX 211 OB deck plans and you’ll notice some pretty sweet seating. The Starcraft easily seats up to 14 of your friends and relations, and does it with comfort. All seats come with high backs, and you get plenty of legroom to stretch out some, if needed. Not only that, but cup holders are conveniently placed within reach of seating, and grab rails are present as well.

3. Portside Conveniences and EVA Traction Mat

Moving to the portside of the 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB you’ll notice a convenient galley,which comes with a sink and 2 cup holders. That all comes standard. However, if you’d like a bit more performance out of your galley, you have the option to upgrade it with a fresh water system. As you stand up and walk to the galley, you’ll notice the beautifully textured, anti-skid deck matting provided by EVA traction mats. EVA foam is comfortable to walk on and totally waterproof.

4. Jensen Stereo

There’s nothing quite like music to add that extra touch of magic to your boating experience, So, it’s good to know that Starcraft included a Jensen stereo system as standard equipment. The Jensen stereo system also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can be sure to get all your favorite music pumped through as you need it, when you need it. That great Jensen sound will be easily heard by all via the four speakers which are strategically placed around the boat’s interior.

5. Adequate Storage Capacity

Just in case you’re wondering if you’ll have enough space to stow your food, beverage coolers and other gear onboard the 2020 Starcraft SVX OB, believe us when we tell you that the Starcraft comes with more then enough storage space necessary for a day out on the lake. For instance, go to the starboard side and lift up the bow seat, and you’ll encounter a rather spacious storage area. Turn to the portside and you’ll find an identical storage area when you lift up the seat. There’s also an ice cooler, complete with drain plug.

6. Comfortable Helm

The helm of any boat must be comfortable for the helms person, and with the 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB, that’s just what you get. First, you get a smoked windshield to help reduce glare and limit how much water sprays on you. Next on the list is an ergonomically positioned, tilting steering wheel. You also have the Jenson stereo controls and the Hummingbird Helix 5 sonar right within arms length. As for the seating, the Starcraft comes with a swiveling bucket seat complete with bolster, in case you wish to stand.

7. Comes with a Bimini

If you’re new to boating and come across the term “Bimini”, know that it simply means “boat top”. Sometimes called a bikini top or bimi, some question on whether or not you need one on a deck boat like the SVX 211 OB. The answer is yes, as the sun can get brutal as it beats down on you, and the suns rays reflecting on the water don’t help much. Bimini’s help to cool you and yours down by providing shade, and with the 2020 Starcraft SVX OB you get a nice, good quality one.

8. Humminbird Helix 5 Depth Sounder

You get plenty of options to choose from when you’re in the process of ordering your boat, and one of them is the Humminbird Helix 5 Depth Sounder. Depth sounders assist you in knowing the depth of the water, so you don’t accidentally run the boat into the bottom. The Humminbird comes with toggles that are all vinyl wrapped, and offers you a variety of charts for incoming data and settings to help you adjust the display.

9. Baystar Hydraulic Steering

Steering your boat just became much easier with the addition of hydraulic steering, and Baystar hydraulic steering comes standard on the 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB. This is a huge improvement over mechanical steering, which is outdated. Mechanical steering refers to steering where a cable runs from your boats steering wheel to the outboard, and this means you can’t ever take your hands off the wheel. However, with the Baystar hydraulic steering, there’s no feedback and control is comparable to a cars power steering system, so you can steer your SVX 211 through the water easily, with just one hand.

10. The 2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB is Designed for Affordability

This Starcraft boat has been specifically developed by Starcraft to be an affordable, first time boat. Made to be easy to operate with splash and frills kept to a bare minimum, those new to the boating experience get a chance to get their feet wet, have some fun, and trade up for a larger boat when the time comes. All options and standards have been downplayed on purpose to keep costs down. They made only the most basic equipment standard.

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