A Closer Look at The 2020 Zero SR/S

The 2020 Zero SR S

Zero motorcycles are at the forefront in creating chargeable, high quality production bikes for the public. Zero is in it for the long haul, as the 2020 Zero SR/S proves. However, if you’ve been curious about the Zero models of the past, only to find them a slightly unflattering ride, visually speaking, then it’s time to give them a second glance. As you see, their 2020 Zero SR/S is anything but unattractive. In fact, it can be said that finally, their eye-catching appearance matches their high performance internal components. So, if you find this unassuming powerhouse tempting, then read on, as we’ve got some facts that might interest you.

1. Five Rider Modes Turns the Zero SR/S Into Your Very Own Personalized Riding Machine

Lets start off by introducing you to just how you can personalize this versatile machine. The developers of the 2020 Zero SR/S smartly decided to include 5 riding modes which run off the Cypher III operating system. These modes include Eco, rain, street and sport, and you make your mode changes by operating the switch located on the left handlebar. The fifth mode is known as the custom mode. Here, the rider is given up to 10 profiles, and that gives you even more options to use, in order to create your perfect ride. By utilizing this feature, you’ll be able to ensure that any other riders in the family, will also be able to acquire the best ride for themselves as well. FYI, the Zero also has a cruise control, which is operated by pressing a button on the right-hand handle bar.

2. Direct Drive–Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The 2020 Zero SR S 1

If you’ve never ridden a bike with direct drive, the you’re in for a treat, as it’s currently the simplest system. Just how simple? To put it in layman terms, a direct drive means the engine rotates rear wheel directly, and it does it without a transmission. This set up provides riders with an even and consistent ride. As you an imagine, direct drive just gets rid of the internal parts, so you don’t have to bother with having them fixed or replaced.

3. Acclaimed Showa Suspension

Both the standard and premium versions of the Zero SR/S comes with front and rear Showa suspensions. The front suspension is a Showa SFF-BP, adjustable 43 millimeter Big Piston Separate Function Fork, while the rear suspension is an adjustable Showa monoshock. The front suspension comes with an easy to adjust spring preload, along with compression and rebound damping. The rear suspension is comprised of a Showa 40mm piston piggyback reservoir shock. it also has an easy to adjust spring preload compresson and rebound damping.

4. Provides the Rider Comfort via a Revised Ergonomic System

The 2020 Zero SR S 2

Enjoy a comfortable ride due to a revised ergonomic system. The research and development team considered rider comfort quite carefully, and came up with an almost flawless ergonomic system that suite most riders. Here, they lowered the foot position, and raised the handlebars. As for passengers, their team definitely didn’t skimp there. They bestowed the Zero SR/S with a wider passenger seat and lower foot pegs.

5. Quick and Easy Charging

When anyone talks about the efficiency and power of any electric vehicle, from e-scooters to electric cars, the first thing that usually comes to mind is charging time. Zero knows this, and it’s why they integrated a 3kW Level 2 charger for the standard model, to connect to the 2020 Zero SR/S 14.4 kWh Lithium-ion battery. This means that in 4 hours, the charge will go from 0 to 95 percent, and that’s some pretty fierce and efficient time crunching tech. If you elect to purchase the premium version, you get a second 3kW charger, so the capacity equals 6kW, and that’s a 95 percent charge in only 2-1/2 hours when you charge up at a Level 2 charging station

6. Which Would You Choose? Standard or Premium?

The 2020 Zero SR S 3

Did you know that you have two choices when it comes to the Zero SR/S? It’s true. Technically they do resemble each other, right down to the color options, but there are some notable differences to take note of. The first is the price, with the standard being $19,995 and the premium being $21,995. The standard comes with a 3kW Level 2 charger as well as a 120 volt wall charger. As for the premium bike, you get a 6kW charger, and heated grips. So basically, if you’re desiring quicker charge times, then the premium is the better choice.

7. Good and Extensive Range Per Charge

The Zero is a fabulous, exciting motorcycle for those looking for something new. Even if you’re accustomed to petrol powered bikes, you may find the Zero a refreshing change of pace. That being said, you may be wondering how far you can go on one battery charge. Well, that all depends on how you ride it. If you push pedal to the metal, then your range will be obviously shorter, if you ride at a nice even pace, then your time will be extended. In general, Zero lists 161 miles of range at 70 mph

8. The 2020 Zero SR/S Brand New Z-Force 75/10 is Its Most Advanced

The 2020 Zero SR S 4

Just charge and start, it can’t get more simple than that. Zero’s Z-Force motors have the distinction of being researched and developed in-house, and not procured from outside manufacturers. Zero needed their motors to be efficient, yet have the power required to propel the rider effortlessly. The Z-Force 75-10 is it’s most powerful motor yet, and features in Interior Permanent Magnet, or IPM, which enhances even the speediest rides. This maintenance free, brushless motor is pretty good on its own, as it requires no forced air cooling nor liquid. In fact, it has only one moving part, has no transmission and no clutch.

9. The Zero SR/S Adds Some Pretty Sweet Tech to Your Ride

When you visit their website, you’ll be witness to one of the most fascinating riding machines every made. Not only is the exterior design cutting edge, and the internals packed with power producing components, but it’s also haven to some of the best rider friendly tech on the market. Features include a ABS with a Bosch IMU, along with an angle detection traction control that comes with three levels: Rain, Street, and Sport.

10. It’s Precision and Controlled Braking is Due to J.Juan Calipers

The 2020 Zero SR S 5

The reason so many people just love this bike is it’s precision braking. The 2020 Zero SR/S utilizes the J.Juan dual radial mounted braking system.  The front brake is made of the aforementioned dual radial mounted 4 piston J.Juan calipers, 320mm discs with a Bosch ABS, and the rear brake is a single piston j. Juan caliper, 240mm disc. When combined with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III front and back tires, you’ll find braking to be controlled and precise.

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