10 Things You Didn’t Know about The 2021 BMW iX3

2021 BMW iX3

BMW is one of the most popular European car manufacturers, with a vast market that appreciates its knack for combining luxury and power. It has a good reputation in the car lover community, and fans wait for its new releases each year. Presently, many carmakers are venturing into the electric powertrain, and BMW is not taking a backseat. It has several models under the electric powertrain, the latest being the 2021 BMW iX3, that is going into production. If you are a fan of BMW, then stick on as we take you through ten things that you do not know about this new BMW release.

1. Relationship To X3

According to Wikipedia, the iX3 is the third model under the I sub-brand of BMW, which features all-electric vehicles. The X3 is one of the best crossover models to come out of Beamer’s production halls. It is famous for its off-roading capabilities that come as a result of its excellent handling. A crossover SUV sporting an electric powertrain is a unique concept, considering that most cars in this class are hybrid cars.

2. Its Exterior Styling

2021 BMW iX3 front

The exterior of the 2021 electric BMW is very classy and borrows a lot from its relative, the X3. Spy shots from car review websites such as Motor Authority, shows that it will look like a facelifted 2020 X3. The upgrades include the iconic BMW split grill, which looks more pronounced, the same to the car’s headlights. The exterior takes on a sporty but classy look, and despite its crossover class, it looks like an excellent car for off-road feats. The wheels also look sophisticated, featuring futuristic-looking aerodynamic rims. This car will be a beauty when it hits the road if its photos represent the real thing.

3. The Interior Of The Ix3

There is not much info about the interior of this 2021 edition of the iX3, but judging from BMW’s previous exploits when it comes to exterior styling, it will hardly be a flop. The benchmarking factor is the 2020 BMW X3, which has a comfy interior, punctuated with leather seats and ample space. It is a five-seater, and as witnessed from its predecessors, you expect ample legroom and an excellent cargo compartment. The rear seats are foldable to create additional space for your luggage.

4. Performance

2021 BMW iX3 interior

Performance-wise, BMW has a strong reputation, and whatever is under its hood, translates to an enjoyable driving experience, characterized by a show of power and resilience. The iX3 features robust electric motors, with the support of a 70kwh rechargeable battery. The engines are capable of a force of 270hp, which is an impressive value for an all-electric powertrain vehicle. The control unit of this car allows the battery to charge fast, boosting it to 150kw in thirty minutes.

5. Target Market

The target market of the 2021 iX3 is the young demographic, which wants a powerful car that is also environmentally sound. The vehicle will be built in China, and the Chinese market is part of the target demographic. The first market will be Norway and many European countries. Unfortunately, the 2021 edition of the Ix3 will not be available for the United States market. Limited range and the rear-wheel-drive powertrain configuration are the main reasons why it won’t make it to the US market.

6. Customization And Tuning

2021 BMW iX3 side

This to-be-released Beamer is easily customizable, and you can tune it to the state you want. You can bring in a unique color shade that you prefer the same to modify some parts, such as the wheels. You may opt for 18 or 21 inchers to give it a sporty look. The rims are unique, and getting an equal match maybe hard.

When it comes to customization, let a professional do the work and make sure not to overdo it as it will compromise the originality of the car.

7. Its Design is an In-House Project

For the ix3 project, it will be in-house, and the carmaker will be responsible for all stages of production. According to Auto Blog, this car will have all its parts manufactured at BMW’s assembly chambers, rather than outsourcing from suppliers. For its motor components, the carmaker will purchase the metal components such as lithium and cobalt from mining companies, instead of third party companies. The whole production process seems to be very economical as it tackles all stages.

8. Competition Factor

2021 BMW iX3 interior 2

Beamer has, for long, taken its spot atop the food chain when it comes to auto-engineering. However, it is getting into a new area, the all-electric division, where there are plenty of established players. Among its competitors include the Mercedes Benz EQC and the Tesla Model X. Both are all-electric vehicles and sport and an all-electric powertrain. Let us wait for the release date of the iX3 to see how it will hold its ground against its competitors.

9. Its Consumption

When talking of consumption with the 2021 iX3 Beamer, we look at how long its battery’s charge lasts. The battery can last the car for 400 kilometers, which is an excellent limit that meets EPA standards and is also efficient when you hit the road.

10. Release Date And Pricing

The iX3 was to come out in mid-2020, but the Corona Pandemic affected these plans and pushed its release date to late 2020 or early 2021. Its pricing info is not out, though it is an expectation that it will probably cost more than the 2021 BMW X3.

Final Word

BMW is a brand that speaks class and luxury, and for years it has been one of the most popular from the European car manufacturing scene. The 2021 BMW iX3 is its new release and is its third model that features an all-electric powertrain. It is based on the X3 model, and they share a lot of attributes such as interior styling and body style. Above are ten things about this new BMW edition that gives you a spoiler of what to expect from it when it finally debuts.

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