10 Things You Did Not Know About The 2021 BMW M4

2021 BMW M4

BMW is one of the best models to own, mainly if you focus on luxury and standout engineering. When it comes to performance, it is a car that won’t let you down. The BMW M4 is one of the best models to come out of Beamer’s production halls. Aside from performance, it also majors on sportiness, with its high-end performance feat making it a darling for many car lovers. Currently, auto enthusiasts are waiting patiently for the 2021 edition of the M4 to hit the streets. The photos of the car have been making rounds on the internet and expanded the imagination of BMW fans. Here are ten things to know about the 2021 BMW M4 to give you a hint of what to expect once it is officially out.

1. The Exterior

The exterior design of the car keeps up with BMW’s characteristic simplicity and looks very sporty. It has a slick make that reminds you of those fine tunings you make on video game racing games. One area that has many divided on, is its front grille. According to the BMW Blog, the massive kidney grille has many auto-enthusiasts feeling some way as it looks like a deal-breaker. Others feel it is a revolutionary design that will make the M4 unique.

2. Body Type

2021 BMW M4 exterior

The M4 is a coupe, like its predecessors from the other years. The coupe body type boosts its overall outlook of a sports car or muscle car. The previous models had a convertible option, though, at the moment, it is not clear if there will be an M4 convertible. It is a matter of time to know if the cabriolet will follow the coupe from the production chambers.

3. Its Competitors

For ages, BMW has been in the top spots of the best cars to ever come out of production. The M4 has some fierce competitors that also bring luxury and impeccable performance features as their arsenal. They include the Mercedes C63, the Audi RS5, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

All of them have a sporty look, and they may beat the M4 when it comes to the lushness aspect. However, when it comes to performance, the 2021 M4 holds its ground, and the most viable competitor is the Mercedes C63.

4. Its Interior

2021 BMW M4 interior

The interior is simple and has the basic look of a sports car. It is comfortable and provides ample space both for the passengers and cargo. Both the front and rear compartments have enough legroom and headspace, which is impressive when you consider its sloping roof. The cargo area is also impressive and comes with a large cargo accommodation capacity, something you would not expect from a coupe. The car’s M sport seats feature lumbar support that has the passengers firmly secured when cruising in it. Its interior features carbon and durable leather, which gives it’s a classy look.

5. Its Relation To The M3

When you look at its exterior, you may think it is a two-door version of the BMW M3. The two share a body base, and the M4 emerged as its independent model from the M3, akin to its coupe and cabriolet version. Their performance and interior are almost similar, though the M4 is quite powerful due to its sports leanings.

6. Performance

2021 BMW M4 side

BMW always brings its best when looking at the performance of its models, and the 2021 M4 keeps up this reputation. Under the hood of this new edition beamer is the robust BMW S58 6-cylinder engine. The engine came out in 2020 and will be around for some time in BMW’s auto-sport engineering division. There will be two power stages of the engine, the standard version capable of a 473 horsepower and 442 pounds per feet of torque. The M4 competition version comes with a 503 horsepower figure and 600 Newton of force.

7. Transmission

The excellent performance of the M4 will be under the control of an eight-speed automatic transmission. The good news to old school car fans is that there is a considerable possibility that the 2021 BMW M4 will also have a manual transmission. The car may also feature a rear-wheel or all-wheel-drive powertrain, according to Car and Driver.

8. Tuning And Customization

2021 BMW M4 1

The exterior design of the 2021 M4 makes it easier to tune it to your expectations. Like other BMW models, you can customize it on the car maker’s site, choosing your preferred color and other specs such as wheels. Its color variance will most likely be like that of the 2020 edition, featuring seven metallic variants and one non-metallic color. You can choose either the 18 inch or 19-inch wheels of the car. When it comes to the BMW, do not overdo the tunings as you may lose its original essence.

9. Consumption

Its consumption values are not out at the moment, though it won’t vary much from the 2020 editions figures. The 2020 version had a figure of 18 miles per gallons on city roads and 25 miles on highways. However, the 2021 edition is more powerful, and its value may range from 15 miles per gallon on city roads and 20 on highways.

10. Safety And Driver-Assisted Features

The new M4 will definitely come with driver-assisted features that will enhance its driving experience. While not yet confirmed presently, expectations point to blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, and lane departure warning, among many more.

Final Remark

The 2021 BMW M4 is the perfect description of power and class on wheels. After its announcement came in 2019, many beamer fans have been patiently waiting for its unveiling. Reports indicate that it will grace showrooms around mid to late 2020.

The estimated price tag for the coupe will be around $75000, which is a good bargain, considering its amazing features. This article looks at ten things to expect from the latest edition of the BMW M4 when it comes out. It is a posh car that will scream for attention when you ride in it.

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