A Closer Look at the 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2

2021 Chevy Colorado

The Chevy Colorado has a long been a favorite for those searching for a mid=size truck, and the upcoming 2021 model just keeps that ball rolling. The 2021 model is more of a update of the second generation Colorado of 2015, than a refresh or rebuild. Upgrades are slight, yet meaningful, and some, such as the Duramax Diesel option, quite exciting. What makes the Colorado such a crowd favorite is its ease in handling, especially for those who love a little off-road adventure from time to time. The ride is powerful, yet smooth, and its known for its towing capability. All of this combined with its relatively affordable price tag, make it a tempting buy for both adventure seekers and day-to-day commuters alike. The WT, LT, and Z71 will all be getting upgrades, while their powerful sibling the ZR2 get’s an exterior with grit, exuding toughness and durability.

1. The Chevy Colorado ZR2 2021 Build Creates an Affordable Off-Road Monster

You love off-roading. The rush of adrenaline as you smack up against the tough terrain of the back country, and Chevy knows it too. That’s why the Colorado ZR2 got a meaner and more menacing exterior, plus some nifty upgrades. First, if you’re into camping or hauling in general, know that the ZR2 just received some red tow hooks. Other off-road features include multi-matic dampers, 2.0 inch lift, and a nice, extra 3.5 inches to its track width. if you’re concerned about your Colorado’s under body as you chew yourself through the dirt, no worries. Skid plates have been added for protection.

2. The Chevy Colorado 2021 is Designed to Be Driver Oriented

2021 Chevy Colorado 1

This updated version of the Chevy Colorado sports a more “driver orientated” design as to its purpose. For instance, if you hop inside, you’d notice that there’s nothing too fancy. But look closer. Off road vehicles collect a good amount of dust in the interior, so Chevy designed the front driver and passenger areas to be easy to keep clean, generally requiring nothing more than a quick, simple wipe down.

3. Exterior Changes Have Been Made

The 2021 update of the Colorado includes a much needed, front fascia design, putting the tired old 2015 through 2020 front design to bed. The Chevy Colorado LT and Z71 trims have now been styled to mirror the Silvardo. As such, you’ll notice that the air intakes are larger, with the front grille resembling that of the Silverado as well. On the rear, they added a new tailgate design with the name, CHEVROLET embossed, and the familiar Chevy “Bow Tie” seen on 2015 to 2020 models, is now out.

4. The 2021 Upgrades are Specifically Designed to Keep Up with Other Trucks

2021 Chevy Colorado 2

Competition in the mid-sized truck market is fierce, and with so many contenders out there, Keeping car buyers intrigued and interested in the name of the game, and Chevrolet desperately needed to do an update on the Colorado to remain relevant. For instance, during 2020, the mid-sized pickup favored by most drivers sales wise, was the Toyota Tacoma. Other main competitors to the Colorado were the Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator and Honda Ridgeline. The new exterior design helps to keep this little off-road hauler at the top of his game, while designers work on a whole new redesign for the line.

5. Will Be Available in Three New Packages

While the 2021 Colorado admittedly contains nothing dramatic, many are finding that the 3 new packages offered for this model pretty exciting.The first is the WT or Work Truck Appearance Package. This entry level model package comes with door handles and exterior mirrors sharing the same body color as your WT. For those who love chrome, the Chrome Appearance Package comes with the LT. This package adds enough chrome to the grille, rear bumper, and door handles to make any chrome lover happy. Finally, if a having a grille the same color as your truck, along with 18 inch Dark Argent Metallic aluminum wheels is your thing, then the Custom Edition Package is something to shoot for.

6. Chevy Drops the Colorado’s Base Trim

2021 Chevy Colorado 3

Those fans of the Colorado who were hoping to score a new 2021 base trim model for its budget friendly cost may be disappointed. Chevy decided to drop the base trim from its 2021 lineup, making the Work Truck or WT, their new entry level model. This switch has some concerned, as it opens up an avenue that competitors can take advantage of, and that is price. However, the Colorado has one thing going for it that others in its class do not, and that’s its ability to be a tough. mid-sized hauler and off-roader, while still being driver friendly, and ease of touch handling.

7. Infotainment System and Interior

Much of the interior of the 2021 Colorado remains unchanged, but there are a few updates you might want to know about. First, the LT gets itself a revamped audio system, integrated in the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System. Included in that update is an 8 inch, diagonal touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, voice command via cell phone, AM/FM stereo, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ready. The LT also makes the once optional, auto-dimming rear view mirror, standard. What’s neat, is that they even included a chap stick holder on the drivers side for those who love to rough it in hot, desert environments.

8. It Will Be More Expensive

2021 Chevy Colorado 4

Due to certain additions, you can expect this truck to have a slight price increase, depending on the version. The 2021 Colorado’s base price increased by $4,000, making the new price at the time of this writing, $26,395. This is due to the fact that the Colorado dropped its entry level build, seen in 2020, replaced by a new base model called the WT or Work Truck. Their star off-road Colorado model, the ZR2, also increased $200, for a final tag of $42,995.

9. Duramax Diesel Engine Option

One of the coolest items on the list of upgrades for the new, 2021 Chevy Colorado is the Duramax engine option. In case you’re not familiar, the Duramax is a turbo diesel engine, specifically designed for their pickups. So, if you’ve had a buddy or two who have Chevy trucks equipped with the Duramax, then weep no more, for now it’s an option for the mid-sized, 2021 Colorado. This in-house engine is a 2.8 liter, which ensures you get that power you crave for your off-roading adventures. It’s 369 pound-foot of torque enhances your hauling capacity, as well.

10. A New and Improved Air Dam

2021 Chevy Colorado 5

Air dams on vehicles function to improve engine cooling efficiency and aerodynamic performance, and do this by redirecting air currents to crucial areas. For instance, a good front air dam will increase the air flow rate via the radiator, keeping the engine cool, as well as reducing drag. Since 2015, many Colorado owners who enjoy off-roading, have found the large front air dam to be an unsightly inconvenience, even to the point of making some moves in the back country almost impossible. Well, Chevy heard you, and the 2021 model will have a more stylishly designed air dam that is easy to remove, and won’t hinder off-road performance. Not only that, for those who just want to take it off altogether, can now do so with ease. Please note this air dam is only good for WT, Z71, and LT trims, not for the ZR2.

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