A Closer Look at the 2021 Honda ADV 150

2021 Honda ADV 150

Not everyone needs a big chopper to go cruising down the road on. The new 2021 Honda ADV 150 is designed to allow riders that chance to have a bit of adventure of their own on a scooter. There are many reasons why Honda has dubbed this an adventure scooter. It is loaded with extra features that make it a lot of fun to drive, while also being practical and convenient. You will find that it really checks off all of the boxes and can be used equally as well as a bike to commute back and forth to work on as it can to take a Sunday cruise through the mountains. To get you more familiar with this vehicle, here are 10 things that you did not know about the 2021 Honda ADV 150.

1. It has automatic transmission

When you are just cruising around the valley, you do not always want to have about shifting gears. With the 2021 Honda ADV 150 there will be no such concern. You will love the automatic transmission and how it handles. You pull the throttle back and go. With the fuel-injected engine that has been liquid-cooled behind you, it will be difficult to not appreciate the difference that this new scooter brings to the world of motorbikes.

2. The windscreen is adjustable

2021 Honda ADV 150 1

When you get up to high speeds, you will appreciate having a windscreen that adapts to your particular size. That is exactly what you will get with the new 2021 Honda ADV 150. The adjustable windscreen is a useful feature that many other scooters in this class do not have. You will find that it moves with you and can help block out the wind during those long drives.

3. There is ample storage under the seat and it locks as well

Many scooters lack much storage, but this is one bike that has it integrated into its design. You will find that there is plenty of storage under the seat. You will easily be able to put your helmet under there, along with a few other personal belongings. This will also keep it out of the direct sunlight and any possible adverse weather that you might face along the way. Perhaps the best part of this is that the storage compartment is locked. So you will not run the risk of someone snatching and grabbing things out of there when you are not looking.

4. It has a smart-key system

2021 Honda ADV 150 2

Everyone knows that bikes, by their very nature, are targets for theft. While nobody can prevent someone from picking up your bike and throwing it in a truck, that thankfully does not happen very often. With the smart-key system on the 2021 Honda ADV 150, you will also benefit from anti-theft technology. These keys are almost impossible to replicate and the electronic system makes it difficult to start the bike with it. This is a win-win situation for bike owners.

5. The price is already set

The price has been set for the 2021 Honda ADV 150, but that does not mean that you know what it is. You will find that Honda retail outlets should be featuring this scooter very soon for an impressive $4,290. That brings great value to this class of bike, so you should be able to easily fit it into your budget.

6. The front brake has ABS

2021 Honda ADV 150 3

Brakes are always important when it comes to bikes. Honda has really integrated a nice system into this one. You are going to get a 240mm single disc brake in the front. This one is equipped with an ABS system that is enough to get you stopped quickly and safely when needed. The rear brake is 130mm drum style and does not have ABS.

7. There is a 12V USB Outlet

Here is something you did not know about the 2021 Honda ADV 150 that you will be glad you do now. There is a 12V USB outlet on the left storage compartment that provides more than enough power to charge your phone. This is a great feature to have, especially when you are out for a long ride. You will no longer have to worry about running out of battery power when you need your mobile devices the most.

8. There is an LED display system

2021 Honda ADV 150 4

The new 2021 Honda ADV 150 makes it easy for you to see all of the important data that you need to know while you are driving. The miles per hour are displayed in big numerals that you cannot miss. You will also be able to see how much fuel you have remaining, along with other critical information that can really come in handy as your driving. This is a weatherproof LED display that looks great during the day and at night.

9. It has a 149cc single-cylinder engine

While the 2021 Honda ADV 150 is not going to have you winning any races against a Harley, you will find that its 149cc single-cylinder engine is surprisingly powerful. You can easily get up to speed with traffic in a respectable manner.

10. Showa suspension is built into its design

2021 Honda ADV 150 5

In the past, many scooters have gained a bad reputation because of their suspension system. Hit even the smallest of bumps and your body may feeling it for hours. That is not going to be the case with the 2021 Honda ADV 150 thanks to the Showa suspension that is now built into its design.

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