A Closer Look at the 2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato

2021 brought a special treat for sports car enthusiasts with a flair for the exotic. Italian automaker Zagato produced a special limited edition collectible car that will have collectors scrambling to get one of the few offered for their private stables. Here’s everything we know so far about the 2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato.

A new Italian Import for the United States

The Robb Report confirmed that Zagato has fired up the brand again and has produced a Corvette Z06 based sports car they call the Iso Rivolta GT Zagato. The vehicle is Italian-built. One example is on its way as an import to the USA.

What is the 2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato?

Robb is calling it their Car of the Week. They give us a few juicy details about the new sportscar. The Iso Rivolta GT Zagato has a carbon-fiber body. The carbon fiber material means it’s lighter. It’s also bound to be more expensive because of the premium materials. Another factor that makes it collectible is that it’s a rare vehicle with just 19 examples produced. Zagato combined Italian styling with the American muscle of the Chevrolet V-8 engine, borrowing parts from the Corvette Z06. Each of the 19 vehicles is hand-built in Milan, Italy. More than 2,500 hours of work are estimated to go into each edition. Many components of the Iso Rivolta are custom for a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

How to get a 2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato?

Rare Rides explains that the Iso Rivolta is available only by special order. Only nineteen examples will ever be built. The GT and GTZ designs feature a retro aesthetic reminiscent of the AC3 from the 1970s, the Strada, with a Corvette center console. Rare Rides confirmed that there are a few of them left for special order, but they also explain that the full price of the GT has yet to be shared publicly. Most people will never get to see one of these collectible cars in person because of their rarity though. We learned that a man from Arizona has purchased the first of the rare Zagatos to be delivered to the United States. He’s been waiting for two years to take possession and he is the first in the country to take ownership, however, he will not retain ownership.

Check out the Iso Rivolta GT Zagato at auction

We also learned that Mecum Auctions is holding an auction on January 15, 2022. They’re offering an example of the Iso Rivolta GT Zagato at auction in Kissimmee, Florida. The vehicle is an import with US registration and comes with 169 miles recorded. The Arizona buyer decided that he must allow the car to go to another collector as he and his wife plan to return to her Japanese homeland. This is good news for collectors with an interest in adding this rare vehicle to their private collections.

Performance of the 2021 Iso Rivolta GT Zagato

The Iso Rivolta GT is more than just a rare collectible to be put on display in a showroom. It’s a car that performs on the highly. The lightweight body and powerful engine make it a force to be reckoned with. The total curb weight of the vehicle is a mere 2,645 pounds. it’s equipped with a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4-V-8 engine that gives it ample speed and torque. The 660 horsepower car sprints from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in a hair less than 3.5 seconds in test trials. This is thanks to its 649 lb-ft of torque. It achieves a top speed of an impressive 195 mph.

Other unique features of the Iso Rivolta GT Zagato

Some onlookers see the resemblance to the Bizzarrini Strada 5300 in the design. Motor 2 further describes a Giorgetto Giugiaro design element in the total carbon fiber for the body. The sole unit imported to the United States features the tri-coat metallic paint job in Le Mans Red, as a titillating feature to add yet more curb appeal.

The interior is plush with high-end upholstery in Charcoal Italian leather. Accents of hand-stitching in red along with brushed aluminum accents give it an extra lift of luxury. There’s more though. It’s a grand touring vehicle featuring customized wheels, door handles, lights, and glass. It’s a beautiful car inside and out, but it’s not one that you’re likely to see tooling down the roads of your city.

What is the value of the Iso Rivolta GT Zagato?

The price of the custom Iso Rivolta GT Zagato has yet to be revealed. Since Zagato has listed the vehicle as a custom order, the cost is likely to vary from one vehicle to another. We’ve not yet heard what kind of options are available on this model. They’re playing their cards close to the vest on this one, but we’ll soon have a better idea of the value of the model that has made it to the USA.

Final thoughts

Soon the world will get to view the 2021 Iso Rivolta Zagato as it makes its way to the auction block. It will be displayed in its full glory to collectors from around the world. With nothing said about the cost of the car when it was purchased, it leaves us few clues about what a special order would cost. F

or more information about the value of the ultra-rare 2021 Iso Rivolta Zagato, you’ll need to tune in to the upcoming Mecum auction, held in Kissimmee, Florida on January 15, 2022. We’d like to assign a numerical value to the car but much will depend on the reserve price and what collectors are willing to pay. You never really know the worth of a rare car until it sells. The true value ends up being whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay. Still, it would be nice if the automaker had given us a hint of its assessed fair market value.

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