A Closer Look at The 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE

2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE

For fans of touring, you’ll find that the market is filled to the brim with numerous, exciting bikes all begging for your attention and dollar. That being said, how do you know if you’re going to get the one that will accentuate your motorcycling experience? The answer of course, will rely on your personal tastes, particular needs, research and test rides. After all, this is a luxury item of sorts. No one really needs a supercharged sport tourer if one is only going to use it to commute or go for a midnight snack run. No indeed, a sport tourer is a fearless, cocky and spirited bit of machinery whose only purpose is to provide you with an excellent motorcycling experience. Kawasaki read your minds, and in doing so designed and developed a compelling, dynamic and energetic bike that holds back nothing: The 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE.

Getting to Know the Sport Tourer

If this is your first time considering a touring bike, then some research on your part should be undertaken. Know that there are three basic types of touring motorcycles: The road touring motorcycle, the adventure touring motorcycle, and the sports touring motorcycle. Each of these makes impart a specific ride for the owner. If you’re searching for a bike that has a comfortable seat for long road trips, then you’d be looking for a road touring motorcycle. If your personality leans more to off-roading, then you’d be in the market for an adventurer. However, if speed and visions of hugging the autobahn haunt your dreams, you’ll be looking for a sports tourer. The Sport Tourer is built for the discerning, experienced motorcyclist. First, consider the name, “sport tourer”. Right then and there, you get the gist of what a sport tourer is all about: Sport and distance, and you’ll see that in the design.

These bikes have a clean, sporty design, one which communicates power and speed, even when standing still. It’s a design that speaks power and speed. According to GeeTee’s review, this is an agile, powerful bike that moves through traffic easily, a “superb piece of machinery”. Another element is their powerful, ferocious engine. Indeed, one of the ear marks of a sport tourer is an engine with a displacement over 900cc. An engine this powerful will produce a fast bike, one that can take on long distances, and sport tourers usually don’t go under 130 mph at max speed. So far, so good. As you can see, this is a dominant bike, it commands attention, so you’d better provide that attention. What is meant by that is simply to respect its power, to pay attention to what it can do, to learn how to handle and harness that power instead of becoming a victim of it. Only then will you be able to experience the heart and soul of a sport tourer.

The 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE: Taking Command Over the Sport Tourer Market

When Kawasaki set its sights on the design and development of the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE, they weren’t messing around. what resulted was a machine built to dominate the road: Powerful enough to provide you with a bike that could go the distance, yet quick and agile enough to quench your thirst for speed. That’s what you have with the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE. Motorcycle reviewer Mark Pulling described the bike as one that reached high speeds incredibly fast, offering a stable ride in the process. As previously stated, one of the ear marks of a tourer is a robust, domineering, and capable engine, and the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE has just that. In fact, it’s termed a supercharged engine. The engineers at Kawasaki Heavy Industries pulled out all the stops to build a dependable and reliable engine designed to indulge your desire for speed. The key to this marriage of power and speed is the supercharger, an in-house unit built by Kawasaki for Kawasaki.

In other words, since it was built in-house, they could sculpt it to suit the engine itself from the ground up, without having to worry about modifications. The liquid cooled engine is a 998cc, 4-stroke DOHC 16 valve, in-line four cylinder, which is what punches out a top speed of 228 horse power at 11500 RPM with 84.6 foot pounds of torque at 11,500 rpm. Finally, grab more control over your ride with the addition of Kawasaki power modes. These power modes let you create the ride you want, when you want it. Here, you get full power mode, low power mode, middle power mode and alternate mode(s). All in all those who have ridden this bike on test runs find it the perfect balance of sport and tourer, and marvel at its handling, especially for such a heavy bike. The braking system is provided by Brembo Stylema calipers. The KIBS or Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-lock Brake System was developed to give you stopping power when you need it, even at maximum output, and The Kawasaki Engine Brake Control system grants you the power to choose the desired amount of engine braking. Front brakes are dual semi-floating 320mm discs, rear is a 250mm disc with 2 piston caliper.

Kawasaki Key Features that Leave Its Competitors in the Dust

The Kawasaki family of designers and builders created a bike that was capable of blowing its competitors into the wind. As such, tech played a massive part in the bikes development. Examples of this Kawasaki specific tech include:

  • Electronic Cruise Control
  • Kawasaki Corner Management Function (KCMF)
  • Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS)
  • Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM)
  • Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS)
  • Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC)
  • Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System (KIBS)
  • Kawasaki Engine Brake Control
  • LED cornering lights

Thanks to the science of connectivity, riders can effortlessly connect to their bike like never before. By using their Rideology app, you can connect with the many functions with ease. This incudes checking up on the basic functioning of your Kawasaki ride, such as the fuel gauge and/or odometer. Other features include riding logs, cell phone, email notifications, and so on. Electronic cruise control is something a few riders will appreciate. Just enter your preferred speed, and you’re cruising down the highway. As it eliminates constantly using the throttle, your hand gets a much needed break if you’re covering a large amount of ground.

Final Thoughts

The Ninja is a high performance Sport Touring Motorcycle. In other words, a state-of-the-art bike designed to provide you with a ride to remember, by blending the thrill of the sport with a rock solid, comfortable ride. Lets just put it this way, if you always dreamed of hitting the autobahn on a bike, then the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE would be the bike of choice for you. Kawasaki’s engineers went out of their way to craft a motorcycle with heart, a bike that provides an electrifying rush to the system as you hug the terrain at top speeds, providing you with more than enough memories to carry with you into your twilight years.

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