10 Things You Didn’t Know about The 2021 Mercedes S-Class

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior

Mercedes Benz is a brand that many associate with class and luxury, a reputation it seeks to maintain with all its releases. The S-Class model is the real picture of lushness, an image it has been holding ever since its debut in 1972. Six generations later and we are expecting the debut of the 2021 Mercedes S-Class and expectations are high. According to Wikipedia, this model was formerly known as Sonderklasse, which means special and has debuted several Mercedes Benz technologies, including interior features and drivetrain technologies. What does the 2021 Mercedes S-Class have to offer? Let us answer this question by looking at ten things you probably did not know about this new edition S-Class.

1. Classy Exterior Styling

One thing that Mercedes is synonymous with is the artistic freedom employed to the exterior styling of most of its car models. The situation still applies with the latest S-Class, with an exterior that is a perfect definition of classy. It sports the lengthy chassis associated with the 6th generation and slicker headlights. It also sports a wider front grille. One thing that Mercedes always impresses is the touch of simplicity, that is present in this to-be-release.

2. The Goodness that is The Interior

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior 1

The exterior styling acts as a spoiler of what to expect when you open the doors of this 2021 Benz. An element that the German automaker nails with the interior, is the spaciousness, which gives an unrivaled feeling of freedom. It applies to both the passenger and cargo compartments, where you have more than enough space to enjoy its comfort. Leather features prominently inside the car, mostly on the seats, and does justice for this model when looking at the luxury tag it owns.

3. Limited Line-Up

Sad news to auto-enthusiasts who expected a broader release in terms of body styles is that the 2021 Mercedes version will have a limited line-up. According to Autoevolution, an auto review website, there is a high probability that coupe or a convertible version will not accompany the sedan. It is a move aimed at reducing production costs and improving the profitability of the car manufacturer.

4. Targeted Market

2021 Mercedes S-Class exterior

The S- class is one of the best performing vehicles in the automobile market, a feat it seeks to continue with its new model. The S-Class has, over the years, gained root in the East Asian market as the car of choice for those who want to be chauffeured. It remains popular in the European and the American auto-scene, mostly for clients who appreciate class and lushness.

5. Possible Competitors

Ever since Mercedes Benz debuted in the car manufacturing scene over a century ago when the industry was in its infancy stages, it always brings its best to stay atop its competitors. However, its competitors also bring their best to offer excellent options to the large clientele base.For the 2021 Mercedes s-class, its competitors are the 2021 BMW 7 Series and the 2021 Audi A8. Both of the two car models are among the most reputable when it comes to their power, luxury, and exterior looks. They have an indelible mark in the executive vehicle market and do give the S-Class a run  for its money. The 2021 S-Class may edge out its competitors by a close shave when you look at its engine power and interior features.

6. Customization

2021 Mercedes S-Class front

Customization serves to give your vehicle a personal touch, and you can provide the S-Class with a few changes to meet your aesthetic appeal. Some of the tuning you can make include the wheels and maybe color. However, this Benz model is an executive class; as such, you need to tone down on the modifications lest it interferes with its originality. To preserve its resale value should you want to dispose of it in the future, you need to maintain its original shape.

7. The Engine of the 2021 S-Class

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class will be a force to reckon when its wheels touch the tarmac courtesy of its robust engine. Under the hood is a choice of two engines; either a 3.0 liter inline-6 or a V8 4.0 liter turbocharged V8. There won’t be an all-electric version of the s-class as the EQS will fill the void for all-electric car clients.

8. The 2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach

2021 Mercedes S-Class side

Maybach is the ultra-luxury branch of the S-Class and will also debut in tandem with the sedan. According to Carbuzz, the 2021 Maybach will look almost the same to the S-Class, the only difference being the prominent grille and some additional details to the headlights. The chassis also appears lengthy.

9. Safety And Driver-Assisted Features

As earlier mentioned, the S-Class debuts most of Mercedes’s inventions. Most of these innovations come in the form of safety and driver-assisted features. While it is not clear if there will be new safety features, the ones of the earlier versions will be present.

Some of them include;

• The active brake assist.
• Electronic stability program.
• Active blind spot assist.
• Adaptive high-beam assist, and many more.

10. Release Date And Pricing

2021 Mercedes S-Class front 1

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class will probably come out sometime towards the end of 2020. The auto shows that decorate the last quarter of the year may be the gracing stage for this new Mercedes model. While the pricing details are not yet out, speculations point that it will cost around $94300, while the Maybach version will sell for about $173000. Considering what the car has to offer, it is a fair price.


Mercedes is one of the most popular car brands worldwide due to its longevity in the car manufacturing scene, resulting in some of the best vehicle models. The Mercedes Benz S-Class is one of these models that have been common in the auto scene for almost five decades. The sixth generation of this model presents us with the 2021 model, and above are some of the things to know about it.

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