A Closer Look at the 2022 Caterham Seven 420 Cup

2022 Caterham Seven 420 Cup

The 2022 Caterham Seven 420 Cup is a lightweight sports car that resembles previous Caterham models since it retains features such as its long hood, tiny wheels, and lack of roof. Since this car pays homage to the Seven Championship UK 420R, Caterham’s fastest racecar, it has additional features. According to Evo, the features include extreme Avon ZZR tires, a 2-liter Duratec engine, and a 6-speed sequential gearbox. As for its interior, red seems to be the dominant color, as evidenced by the color of its instrument cluster’s dials, seats, and the transmission tunnel. As impressive as the car is, you can only purchase it within the United States or the United Kingdom due to emissions regulations. So, if you belong to either of the two countries and want to purchase this car, here are its specifications to understand it better.

Drivetrain Type

This car uses a rear-wheel drivetrain. Rear-wheel drive is a transmission system that sends power to the back wheels. If you are reading this, you may be wondering how advantageous this drivetrain is. After all, shouldn’t power always be transmitted to all four wheels? This drivetrain is exceptional when it comes to balance. Since the engine power spins only the rear wheels, it balances the weight of the drivetrain over the entire car. As a result, you will enjoy the car due to its enhanced handling. That explains why racecar drivers drift, since the car will hardly lose control with this drivetrain. Additionally, the rear-wheel-drive offers the fastest acceleration out of all the other drivetrain types. In a four-wheel drive, you have to wait for the power to go to each wheel, hence a delayed acceleration time. Contrast that with rear-wheel drive, whereby power travels a short distance to power the car since it only powers two wheels. As a result, there will be no delay during accelerating.

Chassis Material

The car’s chassis is made from steel. Steel has been used as the default material for making car chassis until aluminum came along. Despite the entry of aluminum, steel is a very effective material. For instance, it is malleable. According to AGNI Steels, the metal is as malleable as wrought iron. In the event of an accident, the material will be mangled depending on the accident’s severity. Fortunately, you do not need to get rid of the chassis since it can be reshaped to its former shape. Manufacturers also appreciate the fact that the material is easy to cut without using any special technology. Also, steel is a metal with the highest tensile strengths ever. It has a tensile strength from 590 to 1400 MPa. In case of an accident, it will not be severely mangled due to its strength. So, it takes a lot of force to destroy it.

Engine Type

The car runs on a dry-sump 2.0-liter Ford Duratec four-cylinder. Its engine effortlessly delivers 210 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque. According to Auto List, the average horsepower of a car is between 180 and 200, which means that this car has a higher horsepower than the average car. A high horsepower makes sense considering that this is a sports car. The engine sends power through a standard six-speed sequential transmission. The transmission is unique since you use a push-pull lever to operate it rather than steering-wheel-mounted paddles. What the transmission retains is the clutch pedal. The clutch pedal is used for slow-speed maneuvering, starting, and downshifting. Power reaches the rear wheels via a mechanical limited-slip differential when you start the car.

Car Weight

The average weight of a car is 1,302 kg, yet this car weighs only 585 kg. We tend to believe that cars should always weigh more than a ton, but that does not have to be the case. There are some benefits of owning a lightweight car like this one. Due to its weight, inertia is reduced. Based on the little Physics you may have learned, you were probably taught that the force of inertia tends to be greater on cars with a huge mass than the ones with less mass. With less inertia, the driver can brake or ride over bumps without feeling like they will be thrown off their seats. Also, due to its lightweight, it improves its fuel economy. For heavy cars, you would need a lot of fuel to move them since more effort needs to be applied. However, lightweight cars can take off easily since you will use less gas to accelerate the vehicle or increase its speed.

Suspension Type

This car runs on a live axle rear suspension. The suspension is a horizontal tube with axles connecting the wheels to the inner differential and the drive shaft. If you are not happy with the suspension as is, you can add suspension components like sway bar links or lower control arms. The fact that it uses minimal components means that this suspension is less costly to replace. However, it would only become expensive to replace if you added some suspension components. Another benefit of a live axle is its durability. As a result, it can handle any level of abuse without getting damaged. Since it is not affected by abuse, you will enjoy plenty of stability with this car. That means you could hit an object, and the vehicle will not lose control due to the force. As it is subjected to abuse, it transfers power, which is why this suspension system provides one of the best accelerations.


Few people know what it entails to make a sports car accelerate or move at high speeds. By analyzing the 2022 Caterham Seven 420 Cup car, you now understand why it is powerful. Due to its high power, drivers may be tempted to perform risky stunts such as drag racing. Even though it is good for drag racing, it is not advisable to use it for that purpose. Remember, experienced drivers also become victims of road accidents. Since this car is powerful, you should learn to brake when necessary. So, if you are looking to race in a rally, consider getting this car.

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