A Closer Look at The 2023 400HP Nissan Z

2023 400HP Nissan Z

Nissan has recently announced the pending arrival of its new 400 horsepower Nissan Z model that is set to top for the 2023 model year. It’s been over ten years since the first Nissan 370Z made its debut. The arrival of its replacement is a bit overdue. It left fans wondering when the automaker would make the move to deliver the next generation of the Z. The breaking news on the situation

What we know so far

Motor 1, obtained the early detail about the 2023 Nissan Z coupe. It’s been one of the most highly anticipated sports cars of the year and it made its debut in New York City. The New York Auto Show was disrupted by the recent upsurge in Covid-19 cases, but the car was still displayed in the limited event that gave us our first peek at the new sportscar.

What we know about the car so far is that the Z Proto concept car that was spied is nearly the twin of the final product. It features a pointed nose with a squared-off grille.

It gives a nod to the past with retro LED light fixtures from previous model years that extend to the rear of the vehicle. It’s a curvaceous car with a sporty sloped back, dual exhaust tips, a glossy black diffuser around the exhaust, and a partition that houses the horizontal LED taillights.

Available in 2 models

The 2023 400 HP Nissan Z will be available in a choice of two models. The first is a base Sport edition featuring 18-inch wheels. The second is the Performance trim that features 19-inch wheels. Buyers can choose from a collection of nine color options when the new model drops.

These include Passion Red, Everest White, Ikazuchi Yellow, Seiran Blue Brilliant Silver, and Boulder Gray, all with a contrasting black roof. These are the six two-tone paints available. The single-tone paint options are Rosewood Metallic, Gun Metallic, or Black Diamond.

More details on the 2023 Nissan Z

Car and Driver reports that there are no numbers associated with the upcoming model. It’s just called a “Z” for now. It’s built on the FM platform on a 100.4-inch wheelbase, the same as the retiring 370Z model. It will come equipped with a VR30DDTT V-6 engine which cranks an ample 400 horsepower from the 3.0-liter with direct injection and variable valve timing.

The manual models of the new 2023 Z will get a carbon-fiber driveshaft with an EXEDY performance clutch. The automatics will come with 9-speed transmissions with available launch control. It’s built with lighter components that relieve the weight by a few hundred pounds. It’s estimated that the performance will allow the base Sport trim to move from zero to 60 mph in about 3.7 seconds.

Other notable features

The new 2023 400HP Nissan Z will be a two-seat version with rear-wheel drive. It will start at the Z sport as the entry-level model with a starting price of about $40,000. It will come with a 12.3-inch TFT instrument display with customization features, synthetic suede inserts, and cloth seats.

It will also come with safety features currently found in the outgoing Z model. The next step up is the Z performance models which will see some upgrades to the interior. One of them is heated leather seats, a newer Bose stereo system with 8 speakers, two more than the step-down base model.

Performance gear including enhanced brakes, a limited-slip differential, and a stiffer suspension will come as standard fare for the trim. The models receiving the Proto specs will also feature bronze-colored wheels, yellow brake calipers, black seats with yellow stitching and accents, and the manual transmission editions will come with a special shifting knob. Nissan plans to build just 240 of the Proto Specs, which will make them rare collectibles right out of the gate.

Motor Authority, confirms that the new Nissan Z for 2023 will be available for purchase from dealerships in the Spring of 2022. They add that the twin-turbo engine will also produce 350 lb-ft of torque, for enhanced acceleration performance, with a 6-speed manual transmission for the manual versions and a 9 speed for the automatics.

Motor Authority believes that the acceleration speed will be more along with lines of a 4-second run when moving from zero to sixty. Another notable feature of the new Z is that it will be the first Nissan with a manual transmission to offer the launch control feature. It will be included in the higher pried Performance model. The double-wishbone aluminum suspension of the outgoing model has been reworked with a modification of the geometry for enhanced caster angle for added straight-line stability with an additional strut tower brace added to the front.

Final thoughts

We’re less than a year away from the drop of the new 2023 400HP Nissan Z. The starting price for the base model of the sports car will be $40,000, with a performance trim available for those with a more adventurous spirit and the desire for enhanced luxury features on the interior.

This is just the basic information that is currently available. We’re certain that there will be a lot more to talk about as we near the advent of its release. The third option will also be offered in a limited edition Proto-Spec model of the 2023 Z, but we don’t yet have all the juicy details. still, it’s enough to whet the appetite and put us all on alert for the pending press released that could come at any time.

It gives fans of Nissan’s Z lineup something to look forward to as we approach the new year and the Spring of 2022 which will herald the availability of the new sports car. Until then keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for more updates about what you can expect to see.

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