Three Critical Truths about Nightmare Clients: A Halloween Special


To be clear, I LOVE my clients. And my members.  But, we’ve all had “that” client.

The one we dread meeting with,  the one who has us googling things like, “If I block someone on my phone, will they KNOW?”   Whether they call too much, pay too late, need constant hand-holding or are just plain jerks….here are three critical truths every business owner should know about nightmare  clients:

TRUTH #1: YOU brought them to your door.

It’s a hard truth, but one worth embracing.  I’ll be very honest, I’ve only had two true nightmare clients in my nearly 20 years of doing business.  Both of these “situations” occurred  very early on in my business and it didn’t take me long to figure out what I had to do to avoid this type of client in the future.

With just a bit of reflection, it’s fairly easy to discern what you may be doing that’s bringing  these creatures to your proverbial door.  Maybe you’re charging too little, or not setting proper boundaries from the outset, or going to the same cesspool these clients crawled out of for more just like them.

Either way, you are responsible for rolling out the red carpet for the right clients and doing all you can to repel the wrong ones.

TRUTH #2:   They’re paying you, sure… but they cost you way too much.

The wrong clients, the nightmare clients still pay you money, but mark my words… the fee is NOT worth it and it never will be.   Nightmare clients take up too much energy, can impact your mood with just one of their needy text messages, and can rob you of the JOY you should have as a self-bosser.   Frankly,  just allowing them to hang around  will deplete the rest of your business… because nightmare clients deplete YOU.

TRUTH #3:  The nightmare client must go.  Period.

If you have a nightmare client, chances are you think you need them… for financial gain.  If I could convince you of only one thing this Halloween, it would be that cutting your  nightmare client loose will dramatically grow your business. You will not only replace that income, but earn more.  Your market will see a change in you, your energy and how you show up to do business.

Your business anchored to a nightmare client is like a plane trying to take off while anchored to the ground.   Cut the nightmare client loose and watch your business soar.

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