3 Things Women Entrepreneurs Must Know About Digital Marketing in 2019

As the founder of a mentoring and coaching platform for seriously driven women entrepreneurs, I have the honor of working with thousands of high drive (and high earning) women.   Despite the age, race and industry diversity of our members, one thing so many have in common: an aversion to anything “high-tech.”  And they’re not alone.  The most recent Digital Skills Gap Report found that while women performed better than men on “all things digital,” women were underrepresented among digital marketers.  In fact, that same study found that over 70% of the entire digital marketing workforce is male.

Why?  Many women entrepreneurs shy away from digital marketing — or do the bare minimum of it — simply because it feels “complicated” or “overwhelming.”   This hesitation to embrace digital marketing creates a vicious cycle for women entrepreneurs.  They don’t jump on the new digital platforms or trends because of the learning curve.  After all, they’re a physician, a coach, an attorney or an architect. There’s already so much they have to know.  Plus, many new “tech-y” things fizzle out after a year or two, so they wait…. until they feel they’ve waited too long and will be too late to the new platform to really be seen and heard.

Sound familiar?

I thought so.  If you’re reading this, you already know that Digital Marketing isn’t going anywhere.  Here are three things you must know about digital marketing in 2019, so you can fully leverage this form of marketing to grow the business or the empire you really want:

1: Digital Marketing is the Key To What You Really Want in Business

You went into business — ultimately — because you wanted freedom.  You wanted to decide your hours, your work location, your co-workers, your schedule and more.  You went out on your own because you wanted the freedom to attend your kid’s games and not have to ask your boss for permission to care for them when they are sick.  Or maybe, you simply wanted the freedom to bring your dogs to work.

Digital marketing makes all of this possible and —  due to DM’s ability to erase geographical boundaries and level the playing field so that great (but yet unknown) entrepreneurs can compete with the big names — it also has the potential to give you the money freedom you want as well.

2. Digital Marketing Does All of This When Applied Authentically.

Forget the paint-by-numbers approach being sold on webinars via Facebook ads featuring someone standing in front of “their” private jet.   Doing exactly what they do — and tell everyone else to do — is a guaranteed way to get lost in the mediocre masses, exactly opposite of what you need to do.

The key to making digital marketing work for you — and making it fun — is applying it authentically, using your favorite social platforms to showcase what makes you unapologetically, authentically you, so that you stand out. In other words, your digital marketing efforts should answer the most critical question, “Why should I work with her… over any other option out there?”

So, if you’re showing up like every one else, your efforts will be in vain.

3. Digital Marketing is Built on Principles That You Must Learn from The Right People

Every day, you’ll see digital ads trying to sell you on another expert who can teach you how to win the marketing game in the digital world.  Some names you’ve heard of, and others will be brand new to you.  You can’t make digital work for you by buying someone else’s recipe and “swipe files.”  You need to learn the principles… from the right people.

I am not a digital expert.  One expert I rely upon is Ryan Deiss, who hosts Traffic & Conversion Summit each year in San Diego. When being interviewed for this article he responded, “Unfortunately there are lots of so-called ‘gurus’ out there who benefit by making digital marketing seem more complicated than it is. The fact is, digital marketing comes down to two things: traffic and conversion. If you can learn to generate traffic, either through paid advertising or organic search, and then learn to convert that traffic into leads and sales, then congratulations…YOU are a digital marketer.” I’ve never met Ryan but I know that his roots are anchored solidly in direct response marketing, his principles are sound and his longevity in this industry is second to none.

There are a lot of charlatans in the digital space, people who trying to create their own digital marketing success by selling you on their “system.”  You need to learn from people who can separate principles (based in direct response marketing) from strategies (which can be applied with ruthless authenticity).   You need to learn from experts who not only know the landscape of the digital space, but can also take you from the 10,000 foot view, down to the minutia of the “How To” tutorials.

If you embrace the potential of digital marketing, show up authentically, and learn from the right people, digital marketing can be the missing piece in your 2019 puzzle.

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