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The 8 Best Women's Watches for Under $500

No matter if you love to wear watches or just admire them, it's fun to look at the many options to choose from. Every year, the biggest watch making companies design and create new models for men and women. Watches can vary widely in price range from very cheap, to high end watches that run in the multiple thousands of dollars. Most women want a nice watch that not only suits their style, but has the functionality they need, is reliable, and won't break the bank either. A fairly average priced watch will cost you a few hundred dollars, so if you are in the market for a new watch and want to keep it under $500, here are seven women's watch that fall under the $500 mark.

1. Skagen Women’s Mesh and Glitz

Skagen created a woman's watch that gives you both an understated and simple look while also giving you an elegant and timeless appeal. The glamorous watch was designed in a 28mm stainless steel case with a mirrored border. Skagen used a brushed chrome for the dial as well as 12 crystallised hour indicators to give the watch a luxurious look. To look at the watch, you might think it is more expensive than it is. It is an affordable watch on any budget.

2. Invicta Women's Angel Crystal Accented Bezel Silver Dial Watch

Designed with 58 cubic Zirconia crystals in the bezel, this watch has an elegant watch, right from the get-go. Your eyes will immediately be attracted to their sparkles. They will show-off any type of outfit you wear. The watch was also designed with black Roman numerals, which are a stark contrast to the white dial, giving it a stunning look against the crystals. The dial was constructed with three sub-dials to give you the functions you want in a watch, like the date, day, plus a 24- reading. The case is a brushed stainless steel and comes with a stainless steel bracelet to offset it. The exquisitely thoughtful watch is expensive looking, yet very affordable priced well under $500.

3. Citizen Women's "World-Time A-T" Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

If you're looking for something different than the normal watch, here's one that's powered by light. What's more is this watch keeps time in 26 different time zones. This is a great feature for those female international travelers and without much fuss - it's easy to switch from one to another. What many women will love about the watch is that although it is highly sophisticated, it retains its feminine look and appeal. One of the soft touches used to create the watch, is the use of Mother of Pearl along with the textured sunburst design, making it the perfect "dressy" watch. It was also designed with polished rose-gold hour markers and other elegant accents, such as the Glossy sky blue sweep seconds movement to give it a mesmerizing look and appeal. A great women's watch for under $500, for those who don't want to break the bank on their next elegant timepiece.

4. Bulova Women's Precisionist Brightwater Watch

An elegant women's watch that is classy and feminine that keeps, keeping time to a minimalist arrangement. The Bulova logo sits at the 12 o'clock hour along with the silver toned index hours, are displayed on Mother of Pearl that encompasses the patterned dial. This is an elegant and luxurious look, with a twist of  contemporary. The final feminine touch is the glittery diamonds that are encrusted into the patterned bezel - the perfect combination of elegant and modern for any woman. The watch functions on a quartz time movement and is set on a stainless steel bracelet. This is a beautiful timepiece for any occasion for under $500.

5. Michael Kor's Women's Parker Silver Dial Navy Blue Leather Strap Chronograph Watch

From the famous handbag, shoe, clothing and watch designer based in New York, Michael Kor, this is just one of his newest watches in his women's collection. The watch was designed with crystal hour indices on a silver dial with 3 sub dials for a multi-function watch. The case is a 39mm stainless steel case, which ties into the elegant theme of the timepiece to give it an opulent look and appeal. The stick markers and hands will make it a pleasure for you to read your watch in any setting. The chronograph functions are embedded into the sub-dials, and the crystal-accented fixed bezel and crystal-accented index hour markers give the watch create a luxurious face for you to admire. The watch is offset by a navy blue leather strap which is one of Kor's trademark details of his brand. This watch is remarkably priced for under $500.

6. Juicy Couture's Women's La Luxe Watch

Here's a contemporary timepiece for those who love eye-catching and dazzling. Juicy Couture designed a textbook timepiece that any woman would love to wear on her wrist. This is an all-silver timepiece with a stylish dial that really stands out and catches the eye. It was designed with faux pearls plus crystal pave. The added crystals that are situated around the watch's round stainless steel bezel really sets this watch apart from others. On the face, you will find more crystals, including the crystal hour markings that offset the Mother of Peal dial. The combination of elegance and contemporary make this watch not only an exemplary Michael Kor timepiece, but a timepiece that can be worn as a piece of jewelry, and it is priced well under $500.

7. Certina Women's DS Dream Watch

The Certina Women's DS Dream Watch is a was designed in a neutral color rather than a traditional black or white watch. Certina designed this watch with a sunburst effect directly on the brown dial and used diamond hour markers to offset it to be exceptionally appealing to the eye. Stylish Roman numerals are used for the 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour markers and a date window was thoughtfully placed at the 6 o'clock hour for easy reading. Certina set the watch in a stainless steel case that is scratch resistant. Mineral crystal adds sturdiness to the watch, and it's secured with a brown textured leather band. This is a simple yet elegant watch for women who want classic with a touch of class, and Certina has marked this watch under $500 to fit in anyone's budget.

8. Seiko Women's Solar Core MOP Dial Two-Tone Steel Diamond Watch

Seiko is one of the biggest known names in watch brands. They make high quality, affordable timepieces for men and women. The Women's Solar Core MOP Dial Two Tone Steel Diamond Watch was designed in a yellow, gold-plated finish with matching gold-plated accents on its stainless steel bracelet band. The bezel and gold-toned hands match in their yellow-gold tones as well to create an elegant, yet simple, timepiece. Seiko incorporated diamond accents for the index hour markers and attached the watch to a gold link bracelet to give women the ability to wear the watch for any occasion, dressy or casual events. Seiko has always been in-tune with what women want in a watch and creates pieces that are classic and timeless. This Seiko watch for women is priced under $500, a great price for a very affordable, practical watch.




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