7 Ways To Improve Your Profits With Old-School Ad Techniques

In 2018, companies and businesses throughout the U.S. have spent more than $10 billion on out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Despite what some so-called marketing pros say, traditional forms of advertising (i.e. banners, billboards, etc.) get results. If you are on the fence regarding if OOH advertising, such as a custom interior sign or banner, should be a part of your marketing strategy, learn more about the different OOH advertising methods and how they can boost your sales, here.

1. Channel Letters

Affordable, aesthetically and environmentally pleasing – this is the trifecta of advertising gold. These are the exact benefits offered by using channel letters as part of your brand-building efforts. When you use channel letters for your business, you are making it virtually impossible for consumers not to notice you. The three-dimensional design makes this a great OOH investment for any business.

2. Lightbox Sign

One of the biggest challenges of outdoor signage is the fact that it can’t be seen clearly at night. While you can invest in spotlights, this isn’t always an effective illumination method. A much better option is a lightbox sign. These signs are designed to be seen, having bright, LED bulbs mounted behind the transparent sign material.

3. A-Frame Sign

An A-frame sign may seem like an outdated OOH method; however, the fact is, this sign option is actually quite versatile. It allows you to set it up easily, all while maintaining stability – even in bad weather. These signs are “out there” where potential customers are. Using this sign significantly increases the likelihood of someone entering your place of business.

4. Pylon Signs

Are you searching for a way to get your message spread as far as possible? If so, then a pylon sign is the way to go. These can be installed at any height and are completely customizable. You can create a pylon sign with your logo, or the product you offer. After all, have you ever seen the giant cellphone-shaped signs in the mall? This is a perfect example of a pylon sign. And, chances are you notice it every time. Now, think about if you had a pylon sign for your business. You could attract the attention of more potential customers than ever before, making it a great investment with high ROI.

5. Acrylic Signs

Did you know it takes a person just seven seconds (at most) to form a first impression about your business? Due to the short amount of time you have to impact someone, you need to make sure your business is impressive. A great way to do this is with acrylic signs. These signs offer a sophisticated, professional look for your business. They are the ideal option for reception areas, lobbies, and even outside your business.

6. Stands and Displays

In today’s world, people are bombarded with ads, logos and other media on a constant basis. While these advertisements say things like “buy now,” or “go here,” they don’t provide much in terms of information. By setting up a display or stand, you can provide potential customers what they want most – information about who you are, what you do and how your product or service can benefit them.

7. Menu Boards

Do you have a restaurant? Or, even a small snack kiosk? Regardless of how you sell your food, having a menu board in an easy to see location – even far away from your physical location – is extremely beneficial. You can highlight the amazing food you offer, drawing hungry people to you.

As you can see, when it comes to OOH advertising, there are a wide array of methods that are still extremely effective. Consider using these in your marketing strategy and see the amazing results you can achieve.

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