9 Ways To Come Up With A Business Name

Having a good business name can be very useful for business owners. This is because the business name is one of the first things that potential customers will learn about, meaning that it can be critical in creating the first impression. Something that can either make or break the subsequent sales process. On top of this, it should be mentioned that business owners need to get their business names right the first time, not least because re-branding after a business name change can be a huge drain on their time, their effort, and their money. Fortunately, if interested individuals are stuck, there are a number of methods that might be able to help them come up with something suitable for their businesses.

Here are 9 methods that interested individuals can use to come up with a name for their business if they are feeling stuck:

1. Portmanteaus

It is common for business owners to choose a couple of words that are meaningful for their chosen field before turning them into a fine-sounding portmanteau. For example, Compaq comes from “computer pack.” Likewise, Lego comes from “leg godt,” which is Danish for “play well.”

2. Foreign Language

Different languages have different words for the same things, which can leave very different impressions on the people who hear them. Due to this, it might be possible to come up with a good name by choosing equivalent words and phrases from a suitable foreign language, though business owners might want to use this particular method with care and consideration because of the potential for them to choose something silly in a language that they aren’t actually familiar with.

3. Mythology

There are a lot of memorable figures in mythology that possess a wide range of positive characteristics. As a result, businesses have been known to use mythological names to borrow some of that brand power. For instance, Nike is named for the Greek goddess of victory, who some people might recognize as a woman with wings. Likewise, Samsonite is named for Samson, which was intended to make use of the impression of outstanding strength projected by that Biblical figure.

4. Personal Name

Sometimes, it is simplest to use the business owner’s name. For proof of this particular method’s popularity, look no further than companies that include but are not limited to Bayer, Boeing, and Ferrari.

5. Descriptions

Business owners might be able to come up with something useful by writing out some short descriptors for their businesses before seeing whether any of them can be combined into a business name that sounds good. One excellent example of such names is 7-11, which is short, simple, and most importantly, sums up exactly what is good about the business in a very succinct manner.

6. Change a Name

If the business has a strong association with a particular person, a particular place, or something else that is important to it, it might be possible to come up with a business name by making a small change to their name. For example, Cisco comes from San Francisco. Likewise, Danone comes from the childhood nickname of the founder’s son.

7. Change a Letter

Speaking of which, it is very common for businesses to come up with a business name by choosing a suitable word before changing its spelling, as shown by how Reebok comes from the South African antelope called the rhebok. Said approach enables them to capitalize on the pre-established meaning of that chosen word while still setting themselves apart in the process.

8. Tell a Story

There are some business names out there that tell a story about the people who came up with it. One particularly famous example is Virgin, which was named thus because its co-founders considered themselves to be virgins in the field of business. Another good example is the clothing company Kenvelo, whose name literally means “yes-and-no” in Hebrew because the decision-makers couldn’t settle on a name.

9. Business Name Generator

Finally, if business owners are well and truly stuck, they might want to check out one of the business name generators that can be found out there. Not only can business name generators help them come up with the right business name, they can come with other useful features such as checking to see whether their names have already been taken, thus making them that much more beneficial.

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