A Closer Look at Feadship’s 92M Superyacht Aquarius


The Feadship’s 92-meter superyacht Aquarius made its debut September 3rd. It was created in partnership with an experienced yacht owner and is the brightest Feadship launched to date. The superyacht features a user-friendly layout as well as efficient use of every inch of space. It’s also expected to be the quietest Feadship to date once sea trials are underway. There is even room on board for some favorite pieces of the owner’s private art collection. This superyacht is a fantastic ship, bow to stern.

With a fuel capacity of 220,000 litres (58,118 US Gallons) this superyacht can take you places. The fuel drives the two main engines MTU 16V4000M63L, 2240 kW which spin at a breathtaking speed of 1800 RPMs. There are three generators onboard and one emergency generator to keep the juice flowing even if something goes awry. The engines are designed to be quiet. We won’t find out how quiet until sea trials are underway It’s expected to be the most tranquil Feadship to date. All of these features add up to 17 knots / 12 knots speed with a range of 5500 NM at cruising speed.

AALSMEER - Launch yardnumber 695 - Aquarius. © Foto: Nils van Houts

The yacht owner brought significant insight from the hotel industry to the table. The owner’s stateroom is on the owner’s deck with his, and her bathrooms separate. There’s a massage room, a media room, and a private balcony. There is a total of twelve rooms for guests in six staterooms making an overnight stay exceedingly comfortable for both the owner and his guests. Even the crew remains in relative comfort, with 31 crew in fourteen crew cabins, one in the captain’s cabin and two in staff cabins. Two crew to a room isn’t all that bad.

In addition to the staterooms, the service areas are meticulously designed to make optimum use of every inch of space. Even the infrastructure in the galleys and pantries are optimized. The entire plan executed to the highest possible standard. This ship is something only someone with extensive expertise in the hospitality and high-end hotel sectors could have co-created. It’s as functional as it is beautiful.


This superyacht is expected to be one of the brightest Feadship has created. This effect is set up with significant amounts of glass usage in the superstructure. In partnership with a comprehensive LED lighting system Aquarius is expected to shine brilliantly across the sea. As a bonus, it’s also energy conscious. The LED lighting system is designed to be energy efficient while still illuminating the superyacht’s interior and exterior brilliantly.

Aquarius features a teak decking, steel haul, and aluminum superstructure. It will be sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands. Little more is known about the superyacht as it’s only recently launched and will soon be undergoing its first test to ensure it’s sea-worthy. Expect nothing less than perfection out on the sea from this Diesel beauty which boasts 6,000.00 hp. It’s a brilliant vessel all around.


It’s difficult to find out much more about this brand-new Feadship superyacht at this point, but there are high hopes additional photos and information will come out shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below. There are some amazing shots of the exterior, even if we have yet to see the interior. If it looks half as good as the outside, the inside is gorgeous.

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