A Closer Look at F.P. Journe’s Chronometre a Resonance

F.P. Journe is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their Chronometer a Resonance. The watch gained immense popularity and in the twenty years since its initial introduction, it has risen to the status of icon. This is one of the factors that has prompted a very special limited re-release of the model. Manufacturing will only continue throughout 2019 and after this time it will cease. We’ve not yet been informed of the total number that will be produced, but what we do know is that F.P. Journe will retire the watch for good. If this is one that you absolutely must have in your collection, as so many do, this will be your final opportunity to secure yours in brand-new mint condition from the watchmaker.

The F.P. Journe Chronometre a Resonance at first glance

Our initial impression of the watch was one of awe. It bears a modern styling with an eye-catching aesthetic achieved through the brilliant showcasing of the metals used in its styling. It is offered in two variations with one in a rose gold example and the other in platinum. Either choice features their respective precious metals is a showcase of beauty that exudes high-standards in design and quality. You can tell at first glance that there is something very special about each, from their modern styling that indicates a nostalgic vision with the rebirth of a classic and a timelessness in the final examples that are destined to become collector’s items. We’re strongly compelled to take a much closer look and investigate more into the intricacies of the last hurrah of the Chronometre a Resonance.

The case, crown, lugs, and bezel

We begin with the case which is crafted of platinum material in a round style that measures 40mm in diameter and 9mm in thickness for a thin and comfortable fit on the wrist. The lugs are also made of polished platinum which melts into the overall design of the metal bracelet as barely distinguishable. The case features a polished finish that is complemented by a bezel that is inset with a slight lip from the case observable. The polished finish of the bright and shiny bezel gives it a mirror-like appearance, with the intricately detailed oversized crown strategically placed to the lower right side, giving it a brilliant effect of an offset kind of balance that is difficult to describe with mere words.

The dial

The dial provides a background of white gold with silver guilloche sub-dials. What makes this watch so different and intriguing is the placement of two dials with one perfectly centered in the right quadrant of the dial and the other on the left. Two sub-dials are placed partway within the dials to create a novel yet practical effect with Arabic numerals and blue colored hands that form a sharp point on the main dials with a needle style on the subdials.

The movement with a diameter of 32.6mm and a thickness of 4.2mm.

The movement for both examples is crafted of solid red gold with two balance wheels. It is an in-house caliber 1499.3, manual winding with 40 jewels beating at a frequency of 3 Hz at 21,600 vph. The movement features a total of 286 components with two independent balances which beat in resonance resulting in improved timekeeping accuracy. The functions of the movement are hours, minutes, and two seconds’ for each dial along with a power reserve of 40 hours. The single movement powers each of the two timezone display with a 12-hour scale on the right. This makes it easier to distinguish home from travel times.

The strap

The Chronometre a Resonance is available in a metal bracelet of platinum or with a genuine alligator strap with matching hardware for the closure.

The rose gold Chronometre a Resonance

The rose gold example bears the same features as the Platinum version with the exception of Red gold materials for the case, dial, bezel, crown, and bracelet. There is a magnificent contrast on the dial which similarly to the platinum edition, uses white gold around the dials and subdials. It is also available with a matching precious metal bracelet or with a genuine alligator leather strap.

One other variation will be available

The F.P. Journe Chronometre a Resonance will also be available in a “Black Label” edition that features a deep back dial.

Pricing and availability

The limited edition one year run of the Chronometre a Resonance will begin in 2019 for one year only. The price of the red gold version will be $84,600 with the platinum version offered at $88,700, and the platinum with the black label dial offered at $93,200.

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