A Closer Look at Pininfarina’s 1900 HP Battista EV Hypercar

Cars have always been a sign of the times and an indicator of things to come. Perhaps as early as the first Fords on the road, we have looked to the automobile industry for inspiration and even hope for the future. First, it was simply a faster way to travel multiple passengers without a train track. By the 1950s, we dreamed of flying cars. Now that we’re almost a quarter of the way into the twenty-first century, people dream of pollution-free electric cars that can do things we’ve only seen in the special effects of movies like Speed Racer. A closer look at Pininfarina’s 1900HP Battista EV Hypercar is all it takes to see that the dream is within reach.

Did Pininfarina Just Create a Real-Life Batmobile?

With gullwing doors, there are plenty of reviewers who will call Pininfarina’s 1900HP Battista EV Hypercar a DeLorean-esque time machine. Don’t get it twisted. Back to The Future was brilliant, but the car in that movie was a mess of wires and cobbled together parts thanks to a mostly mad scientist. The Battista is as far from that standard as you can get and still be a car. Pininfarina’s Battista EV Hypercar looks more like something Bruce Wayne would custom order for weekend billionaire road trips, just to annoy Alfred. The sleek, minimalist black exterior is utterly Batman in every way that matters. Those doors aren’t something from a gawky 1980s seagull; they are clearly batwings. The Battista even has a name that unintentionally sounds like something the frequently punny, often too blunt fictional vigilante would probably choose anyway. Whatever the inspiration, this car is clearly where the future of vehicular design is heading. Beyond its darkly breathtaking good looks, Battista offers something no other car can boast. This electric car can beat many Formula One cars to sixty. Not only will it do two hundred and nineteen miles per hour, but it is street legal (just not at that speed.)

You’ll Only See Taillights

Former Formula One driver Nick Heidfeld took to the track with the Battista, and it performed like something out of our wildest futuristic fantasies. According to The Drive, this incredible car is over 1,900 horsepower, and it has 1,700 pound-feet of torque, with a top speed of 218 mph. If that’s not impressive enough, it has a range of roughly three hundred and ten miles on a single charge. That is serious power, distance, and speed. Although it’s not the fastest car in the world, Battista is near the top of the list. For an electric car to perform that well, it throws everything we know about EVs to the wind.

Building on Greatness

Pininfarina Design Director Luca Borgogno told Mahindra that “The automotive world is ready to see a marriage of beauty, electric power, and performance.” He couldn’t have been more right. Pairing luxury with ecology isn’t a new idea, but there has never been a machine like the Battista. Originally the Battista was intended to go on sale for around two million USD in 2020. Whether Covid19 had a significant hand in slowing the production of this hypercar, or it’s just that perfection takes time, it’s finally here. Monterey Car Week saw some stunning innovations, but Pininfarina’s 1900HP Battista EV Hypercar is the crown jewel of the whole stunning collection.

An earlier model was first shown at The Geneva Motor Show in 2019, but that was a rough draft compared to this completed project. The finished Battista comes in at an equally stunning price of two and a half million USD, which is a full half-million more than they intended to sell for. Nevertheless, in 2019 Pininfarina had already collected over thirty down payments from eager buyers who wanted to secure one of the hundred-fifty models planned for this limited edition at any cost. It’s doubtful anyone will mind paying ‘a little more’ once they see what they’re getting. Sadly, pushing back the release date means the Hypercar missed a chance to celebrate a milestone for the company. Pininfarina, once a coach-making business, turned ninety last year. With nearly a century of experience, it’s no surprise this superb Italian company created the Battista. No other auto manufacturer has the same unusual perspective and visionary intent.

EVs Rule the Road and the Track

There are a few cars in the world that can match or beat the Battista. For example, The Koenigsegg Gemera and Tesla Roadster are in the same class as the Battistas 1.9 second time. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S Plaid at 1.98 seconds and the 2.1 seconds of the Porsche 918 Spyder are too slow to keep up. A low profile and 120 kWh battery pack offer lightning speed. Pininfarina paired that with a smart, durable carbon fiber body that can handle the pressure. Furthermore, the pop-up rear wing is a sign of just how much acceleration this amazing electric machine is meant for. You can even get an upgrade. For a massive $2.9 million apiece, there are five Anniversario edition models of the Battista for the ultra-elite collectors. You can add the Furiosa Package if you need a cherry on top. Doing that will get you the Anniversario badges, engraved headlights and chassis plate, exclusive custom seats, a splitter, rear diffuser, and side blades that the basic model doesn’t offer. Moreover, according to the Robb Report, these special editions come in three unique colorways. If you manage to snag one of these five cars, you’ll be able to choose from Bianco Sestriere, Grigio Antonelliano, and Iconica Blu as long as you don’t mind waiting a few extra weeks.

Final Thoughts

The dreamy sci-fi world occupied by the best cars and hypercars is a subject of great fascination to hundreds of millions of people. However, seeing a vehicle that can realistically go over two hundred fifteen miles an hour on a battery is on a completely different level. Knowing that you don’t have o sacrifice speed or style to save the environment is almost unbelievable. Pininfarina’s 1900HP Battista EV Hypercar manages to be both the culmination of many dreams and a promise of incredible things yet to come.

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