A Closer Look at the 2018 Honda Gold Wing Touring

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing was released this year with some nice upgrades that are certain to please enthusiasts who look forward to each new offering. Following in the more than forty year tradition of excellence established in this upscale model, the manufacturer pulled its design team together to give it the tweaks and adjustments that continue to propel the Gold Wing forward in its consistent evolution. Luxury long-distance touring is alive and well and the redesign is timely and on track.

What’s new for 2018

Honda set three goals for the new Gold Wing. These were to make it more compact, lighter in weight and to install greater technological advancements in the bike. This called for a total redesign of the engine for starters. The flat-6 received an update, and the front suspension was upgraded to a Double Wishbone type. The next and final major task was to complete a tech upgrade so they decided that it needed some impressive infotainment features. With these three major accomplishments, they kept on the roll and gave it a sportier look and offered a seven-speed automatic dual clutch transmission. With these changes, Honda is looking to attract a younger generation of riders who are willing to join the older and faithful crowd. The new lighter weight is something that kept some from opting for the Gold Wing and with this obstacle out of the way, more new customers are enticed to reconsider it as a good touring option. The extra luxury features may be enough to bring in a new generation of Gold Wing riders.

A closer look at the suspension

Enhanced performance is a result of the addition of the new double wishbone front suspension. The upgrade made the bike handle lighter with a smaller percentage of shock being transferred to the handlebars from the road. This gives the updated Gold Wing more responsive handling and better grip in most road conditions, mostly due to the compression of the conventional fork that causes the wheel to move closer to the engine.

Improvements to the engine

The engine for the 2018 is a flat-6 with a 1,833cc displacement, but it’s had the weight reduced and it’s smaller in physical size. It’s also been tweaked for better fuel economy. A 1mm reduction in bore with a 2mm increase in stroke along with the use of new high strength steel alloy materials closes the distance between the cylinders. A lighter manual transmission and DCT unit achieved a record in further reducing weight in manual modes.

The Infotainment System

In keeping with the classification as a luxury tourer, upgrades were needed in the entertainment experience. It took a long time for Honda to get around to it but when they did, they went big. The new entertainment system is fully integrated with an intuitive system that riders can either control on the dash or on the handlebar. This is your choice but do state your preference. The new bike features Bluetooth which was absent previously and it’s now a standard feature that you don’t have to request as an option. You also get three USB inputs which are located in the forward fairing pocket, the left saddlebag and in the trunk.

It just keeps getting better

The new Gold Wing also comes with Apple CarPlay that’s easy to use with your supplied connected headset. You can control the Maps app through Siris voice commands for on-demand driving directions and more. You also get AppleMusic and can make phone calls and dictate texts to send. The tech is a big plus on the 2018 and it came at a good time. The audio delivers clear and crisp sound and it’s loud if you want it to be. The new software loaded in the infotainment system is easy to navigate, which is another perk.

2018 Honda Gold Wing Models and pricing

The GL MT model is listed for an MSRP of $23,500 starting. The GL DCT is offered at a slight increase off just $1,200 more with the GL Tour MT at $26,700 and the GL Tour DCT at the same retail price. The GL Tour DT A/B is the most expensive coming in at a retail price of $31,500.

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