A Closer Look at the 2019 Honda Super Cub C125

Some things are built to last for ages, and even when they escape from our lives for a while, they still manage to find their way back. The Honda Super Cub C125 disappeared from the U.S market as soon as the 1983 model was released. However, in Southeast Asia, Honda continued making a difference in people’s lives through the Super cub which has slowly started its invasion back in the United States. As Honda marks its 60th anniversary, it has celebrated with the return of the Super Cub to the US market. So what exactly is Honda bringing to the US market with this Super Cub C125? Let’s talk a look.

Smart key

Unlike other motorbikes which you have to twist the key to ignite them, this bike is undoubtedly different. It comes with a smart key system whose proximity-sensing ability enables you to lock and unlock the side coverage as well as control the ignition. Although it also unlocks the seat, you will have to turn off the bike to unlock the seat. Once the seat is open, only then will you get to the helmet holder and side cover button. Inside the right side cover, you will find a storage space in which there is a manual and tool kit. You will be able to see 1-gallon tank gas cap, a capacity which can go for up to 100 miles.


The 2019 Honda Super Cub C125 is a bike you will enjoy to ride leisurely in town because it is quite slow with the maximum speed you can attain comfortably being 55 mph. The main reason behind the speed is the 17-inch wheels which tend to be on the heavier side and the clutch, which is semi-automatic. The semi-automatic clutch is operated when you shift with your left foot, and it is not much of a problem for first-time riders who have never used a clutch before.The wheels, however, are large enough to give the bike stability, something that we cannot say for the Monkey and Grom counterparts.

Besides, with the wheels and stiff suspension, the Super Cub makes riding on dirt roads or pavements infested with potholes much easier. However, its wheels are incredibly narrow, and if you can go above the 55mph recommended speed, then you might start feeling like you are losing control of the bike.

Storage space

If you are thinking of luggage, then this bike will not do you much good. The Super Cub does not have storage space but you can buy an accessory rack from Honda, which of course adds to your expenses so maybe it should have come with the bike instead. Also if you enjoy giving your friend a ride on your motorcycle, then this one will not give you that pleasure. At least not until you can get a passenger peg, which unfortunately is not available in the United States so you will have to ship it from another country which is another expense.

Target market

The Honda Super Cub attracts many customers although considering how easy it is to ride, it feels like Honda was targeting first-time riders, youngsters and women. However, even the experienced motorcyclist will still get to enjoy this bike but only if they do not take it to the highway.

Other features

It has incorporated LED technology in the rear lighting. The bike also has improved from previous versions with the 3.9 inches of travel rendered by 26 mm forks set which are beneath the fork-shroud. At the rear, there are twin shocks whose 3.3 inches of travel help to support the rear end. It also comes with a 110 mm drum brake which is on the rear end, but you will have to exert extra effort for you to get meaningful deceleration. For the beginner riders, they can be assured of safety, especially on wet and rough roads, due to ABS protection provided by the 220 mm disc as well as twin-pot hydraulic caliper which slows the front.

When you want to park the bike, you will have to dismount while it is upright, then lift it onto its center stand since the bike does not have a side stand nor parking brake. However, the fact that it is lightweight, weighing 240 pounds makes the parking bit easy.

Price and color

It all comes down to money, and the Super Cub is available at an MSRP of $3,599. Compared to other scooters that are 125cc, this amount seems quite extravagant, but it is justifiable due to the technology it has incorporated and the exceptional build quality. As for the color, the bike is Pearl Niltava Blue with whitish leg-guards and a red seat.

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