A Closer Look at the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar has a surprise planned for 2019. Known for high end luxury and sportiness, it enters the arena of automakers who do their best to take care of the planet. The anticipated vehicle is revealed as the newest member of the family in an electric crossover version. Jag may have waited to make this move that lands them firmly into the EV era, but there’s a lot to tell about the new I-Pace.

Design done well

Leave it to the geniuses at Jaguar to take their time and do it right. The electric crossover SUV is their first example that features a long range electric format. From what we’ve seen in the concept, the traditional Jag nose and haunches are present with an alteration in the length. A little shorter, the signature design is still recognizable as distinctly Jag. The profile takes on a wagon shape that offers drivers and passengers a it more height with a tail that’s truncated. It’s as though they took the E-Pace and shortened the overhangs and compressing the body with a slightly minimized aesthetic.

Don’t be fooled by appearance

We have to compare the new kid on the block with the E-Pace, and although it has the look of a shorter auto, there’s actually an additional foot of length. It’s all in design and application. In all fairness, the XE sedan belongs in the lineup for comparison as an influence on the length of the I-Pace, which is similar with a length of 184 inches, but this is where the similarities end. In many ways, this model signals a departure from other models with a foot of extra space between the wheels of the E-Pace and an extra six inches compared to the XE. It’s the assumption that this detail was intended to offer more interior space for a bit more room on the luxury scale. The construction has its own unique all-electric platform.

From concept to production

The Concept version was first spied at the LA auto show in 2016. It gave us a taste of what was to follow, but the tweaking and adjusting continued. The production version is not shrouded in mystery at this stage of the game. The automaker is releasing some juicy details about the final version that is set for release.

Power and glory

Expect the new guy hit the road in a 4,800 pound SUV that is powered by 432 lithium ion cells in a 90 kw that offers a combined output that screams with 295 kw for a total of 394 horse power and 512 pound feet of torque juicing the two electric motors. According to Jaguar, you can reasonably expect the vehicle to sprint from zero to sixty mph in a mere 4.5 seconds.

Range and charging

It will take forty minutes to charge the battery if you go with the 100kw fast DC charger. If you’re a US customer, you’ll have the option of a 50kw so you reaching eighty percent is going to more than double charging time from forty to eighty five minutes. A level two house charger should get you to eighty percent in ten hours, or thirteen hours for total replenishment. You can expect a range of 240 miles from a full charge.

Interior specs

Jaguar spent some time on the design of the interior. The production model will come with the in-house InControl Touch Pro Duo system featuring a driver information cluster of 12.3 inches, an infotainment screen measuring 10 inches and a 5.5 inch vehicle function touchscreen on the lower portion of the tech area. The moon roof is generously sized and easily open inside the cabin when more interior light is desired. The traditional gear shift has been replaced with a control knob at the center stack.

Pricing and availability

You can expect deliveries of the 2019 gem to commence during the second half of 2018. The vehicle will be sold with a choice of levels including S, SE, HSE or a First Edition limited run model if you’re really into securing a collectible. Although the prices for the United States will not be announced until the Geneva Auto show, it will include a 8 year 100,000 mile battery warranty if you’re a new owner. If you’re a taker on the new I-Pace, it’s time to make your contacts because orders will be taken within a few days.

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