A Closer Look at The 2019 Kia K900

Not many car buyers are aware that Kia has a luxury vehicle so when K900 hit the markets, most people were expecting it to be over the top. Unfortunately, it has not delivered what most customers were hoping for, and though the manufacturers wanted buyers to have value for money, almost everything has remained the same. Matter of fact is it has gone with standard technology and mechanics but let us delve right into what exactly you will be getting when you buy this sedan.


Luxury comes at a cost, and the K900 has hit the markets at a rate much higher than its competitors. It goes for $59,900, unlike the Volvo S90, Lincoln Continental or Cadillac CTC whose price range is between $46,145 and $48,100. However, when you include the VIP package that costs $4,000, the price shoots up to $64,895. Still, even at such a cost, the Genesis G90 is much higher-priced at $68,350.

Improved design

Not much has been developed on the K900, and it looks much similar to its predecessors. It is only longer and wider and has a shorter front whole the rear overhangs; changes that help to increase the passenger space while ensuring it achieves that classic rear-wheel drive proportion. Also, if you are in the market for huge cargo space, the car is extra-large guaranteeing you optimal room to put your luggage. All the same, its design is not something that will stick in your mind, and you might not even recognize that it is from the Kia brand.


The K900 brings comfort to its drivers as well as passengers thanks to the seats which you can adjust whichever way you feel like, including the headrests. It has extra cushioning to protect you from any bumps when driving on rough terrains. Its rear passenger side-seat is more of a lounge chair that can adjust in 14 different ways, and it also has four-way lumbar support. As for the front passenger seat, you can move it all the way forward or only tilt its backrest using a button.With such adjustability, the passengers at the back can enjoy VIP rides due to the extra room provided. Apart from those rear passenger seats, everyone gets to have enough space for their elbows, knees, and head and if you need to carry anything in the trunk, its 15.3 cubic feet is more than enough room.


It has the same standard twin turbocharged 3.3 liters V-6 as that of the Stinger GT sports sedan. With that, it produces 365hp and 376 pound-feet of torque which gets to the standard all-wheel-drive system through its eight-speed automatic transmission. Compared to other luxury sedans, the 2019 Kia K900 horsepower is quite low since the Genesis G90 can produce 420hp while the Cadillac CT6 churns out over 400hp. You can accelerate it to reach 60mph in five seconds which is an improvement of half a second from its previous version. Besides, if you want to increase the speed to 149mph, you do not get to worry about any road noise because it has excellent sound insulation provided by the acoustically insulating side glass and windshield that also protect you from too much wind noise.


The safety that the K900 offers is what separates it from the rest since it has not only active features but also passive ones that come as standard equipment. It has almost everything you need including blind-spot monitoring, driver-attention warning, lane-departure warning coupled with a lane-keep assist, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning with pedestrian detection and many more.

Fuel usage

K900 may have a smaller V6 engine, but it uses fuel like the V8. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the K900 can go for 18 miles on a gallon if driving in the city, 25 miles of on the highway and 21 miles if driving on both. K900 recommends using premium fuel, although it is not a requirement.


Kia brand uses UVO as its infotainment system, and the K900 displays it well on its ample interior. It has a 12.3-inch touch screen which can display three areas of the system simultaneously. However, that is just about it in the car’s technological features, and since it was expected, it is not much of a surprise to its customers. We still cannot overlook the two wireless charging pads for the front and rear seat passengers.

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