A Closer Look at the 2019 Volvo V60 T5 Momentum

Volvo continues to impress with yet another addition to its lineup through the 2019 Volvo V60 T5 Momentum. Although it has borrowed most features from the V90 model, it still has a uniqueness that adds to its style and makes it worth every penny. The V60 will offer three powertrains; hybrid gasoline and diesel but the United States will only have two gasoline setups when it launches. Since the T5 four-wheel drive is one of them, let’s take a closer look at what we will be getting.


The V60 has increased in size compared to the other previous model to have the wheelbase nearly four inches longer while the body has increased by almost five inches to 187.4 inches. This size, however, does not beat the V90 which we can sum up as a big Volvo wagon measuring 194.3 inches in length and a wheelbase of 115.8 inches. With such a size, the car is quite easy to maneuver and park while the view out over the abbreviated hood is easier to confront.

The V60 is also an inch wider than the previous model, and its height has decreased by 2.2 inches. With the larger body, the V60 is now offering a bigger cargo space measuring about 28-30 cubic feet, if the rear seats are up but when folded, the volume goes up to around 44-48 cubic feet. Apart from larger cargo volume, the leg room also has increased for the rear passengers since the second-low legroom has gone up to 35.2 inches from 33.5 inches.


The 2019 Volvo V60 T5 Momentum has a base price of $39,895 while its counterpart, the T6 AWD Momentum will cost $44,395. If you prefer the Sporty R-Design trim, then you will have to part with $5,000 extra compared to the Momentum models. Further, if you are interested in the luxurious Inscription, then it will cost you $6,000 more, and unfortunately, it is only available in the T6 model.

Moreover, do not think you will walk right into an auto shop and get your car; Volvo is only making this vehicle on special order. As for the care and maintenance, you let Volvo take care of it through the Care by Volvo subscription program where you can pay a flat monthly subscription fee that also caters for insurance and service.

Technical and safety system

The older car had an old infotainment system which Volvo got rid of when it designed this model to incorporate its unique brand selling point: Sensus. Sensus is a vertically-oriented touchscreen that has a tablet-style interface which has facilitated the removal of buttons from the dashboard to create a more aesthetic look in the car. The only buttons you will find on the center stack are hazards, stereo controls, and defrosters.

You might be afraid that the sense of touch may not meet your expectations, but you will have the pleasant surprise of seeing how well Sensus interface works. Tapping and swiping are similar to what you do with your smartphone and tablet, and you can quickly locate the functions. The navigation system can, however, be a challenge when trying to program although the concept is sound. Sensus has the advantage of being compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and also offering 4G connectivity hence no slow internet speed anymore.

As for the safety features the Volvo V60 T5 Momentum has an automated emergency braking system with pedestrian and collision avoidance, lane –keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. If you prefer you can also have the rear cross-traffic alert and automatic braking, which are optional.


The T5 Momentum has a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four which produces 258lb-ft of torque and 250 horsepower. During testing, the vehicle accelerated to 60 miles per hour in 6.4 seconds and covered a quarter mile in 14.9 seconds. The eight-speed is rarely in the wrong gear, though it is standard on those that use petrol and an optional feature for the diesel-fueled vehicles. The eight-speed automatic gearbox does not have paddles, while torque can peak at 1500 rpm.

Other features

The T5 Momentum model has seating surfaces and door panels covered in a gray plaid-weave cloth while the center console, lower dash and bolsters are in off-white fake leather. However, if fake does not impress you, then you can select from the four colors available of genuine leather. You also get a panoramic sunroof which is a standard-fit, motorized folding rear seats, and a power-operated tailgate.

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