A Closer Look at the 2019 Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha has done it again with an upgraded version of their best selling R model The new 2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 is the brand’s most recent iteration of the R3. Since the introduction of the model four years ago its soared in popularity with riders because of its fast yet smooth rev and highly capable chassis, it’s a super sport style bike that is within reach with a reasonable selling price which combines the elements that make it one of the most desirable bikes in its class. The new bike is worthy of a closer look, although we’re sure that there will be crowds honing in on the new bike at their local showrooms when it’s delivered.

Updates for the body

The new YZF-R3 has received new bodywork that points to the engineering and design refinements of its character to enhance the handling yet further for the 2019 model. Yamaha decided it was time to give the bike a more aggressive aesthetic while improving the aerodynamics so they took a few styling cues from the R6 and the R1 and incorporated them into the new R3. When you take your first look you immediately see that the fairing is sleeker and the LCD instrument panel is more akin to the dashboard you find in the R1. The clip on bars are mounted beneath the triple clamp with a 22 mm lower placement to add a sportier riding position than the predecessor of this bike. Changes in the shape of the fuel tank and a lower positioning give it a more ergonomic design. To improve grip and leverage, they’ve added additional width of 31.4 mm to give riders more room for the knees and the legs for a better tuck in when cornering without changing the 3.7 gallon fuel capacity of the tank.

Other upgrades

The halogen headlights previously used in the R-3 model have been replaced with upgraded LED headlights that are slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing. The new fairing and swoopy new body design cuts down on aerodynamic drag and adds roughly 5 mph to the top speed. Aside from ergonomic changes and styling, the fork also gets an upgrade to a more rigid version with an inverted KYB fork with a stiffer spring rate and better rebound and compression damping for front enhancements. The rear gets a KYB single shock with a revision of the spring and damping. Having said this, the fork is not adjustable and the shock isn’t as fully adjustable as it could be but these minor issues, which are not problematic have helped in keeping the retail price of the bike at $4,999.00 which is another benefit for beginning and intermediate riders who are not ready to shell out a lot of cash upfront. An ABS version of the bike is available for a $300 boost in the price. The engine powering the 2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 sport bike is a 321cc, DOHC parallel twin, 4 valves/cylinder, liquid cooled with a final drive: 6 speed/ chain transmission. The horsepower is 36 @ 10,700 rpm with 19.8 lb ft of torque at 9,000 rpm.

Final thoughts

An attractive bike for all riding levels is what you get with the YZF-R3 sport bike for 2019. It offers a smooth ride and the American favorite has just received some upgrades which will no doubt make it even more popular if that’s a possibility. It comes packed with user friendly controls and options and enhanced comfort with a new sportier aesthetic that gives it a more rugged and aggressive appearance with improved handling. The improvement in leg room and lowering of certain components gives the rider increased control during cornering as well as comfort in riding and enhanced grip. The new tank design is a brilliant upgrade that makes a host of enhancements to the bike possible. It’s a winner all the way around and for the low retail price, it’s a sports bike that is going to be well within the reach of a hungry audience of new and seasoned riders.

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