A Closer Look at The 2020 BMW S1000RR

Some people want a bike that goes fast and looks great. If this is you, then having a motorcycle is more than just being about getting from one location to another. It is more important how you go there in the first place. With that mind, you will want to be introduced to The 2020 BMW S1000RR. This is the one that you have been waiting for. It is faster to ride than bikes you are probably used to. All the while, it is lighter and easier to ride as well. This is the best of both worlds. The technological and design improvements that BMW has incorporated into this one are rather remarkable, as are the safety enhancements. With its upcoming release, it is now time to take a closer look at The 2020 BMW S1000RR.

The First Test

The first test of a bike built for speed it to put it to use on an actual race track. After taking some tight corners, most riders look forward to a straightaway in order to get some well deserved rest. However, there is apparently no such need when riding The 2020 BMW S1000RR. Taking the corners is so easy and hassle free that you likely will not even break a sweat. All of the design enhancement combine to give the rider an effortless way to control corners. When riding fast, there is minimal wheel spin. The control is such that the front wheel will only be inches above the pavement when taking the turns. This is a perfect ratio.

With this bike, the rider is also assisted by throttle gear changes that are seamless. This makes the bike so fast as to be deceptive. The RPM on this one easily climbed to the 14,600 redline. When it gets there, a higher gear can easily be shifted into, resulting in yet more speed. You will win with this one. Riders will also appreciate the brilliantly designed windscreen. This keeps you well protected while zipping around the track or flying down the highway. There is also an included TFT dashboard will show you going roughly 170 miles per hour if you are in the top gear, but you will feel as if you are only cruising at a paltry 125 miles per hour.

Design Features

With The 2020 BMW S1000RR, drivers enjoy the ease of downshifting. You can incur four downshifts in rapid succession because of the include auto-blip downshift. This works in conjunction with the easy to use slipper clutch. Just firmly squeeze on the brake lever and you will find that you speed reduces sufficiently for that first turn. In test drives, there were only a few times when the ABS system even thought of intervening. This technique is more than sufficient to keep the chassis composes, while the rear tire will not lift off the ground when engaging the brake in a serious manner. This gives you the confidence that you need to enter each turn at speed, ready to accelerate at the next straight away.

Light and Easy to Use

The 2020 BMW S1000RR spent a full 46 months in the development stage. This is because BMW wanted to ensure that it was producing a bike that was easy to drive, fast, and light. How do you combine all three of those features? It seems that every part of the new S10000RR was an exercise in reduction. In fact, the bike is 25 pounds lighter than the model that it is replacing. This is partly due to its lighter crankshaft but is also thanks to its valves that are constructed from hollow bore titanium. There are other components that help make the bike lighter and easier to ride, but the 3.5 pounds savings on the crankshaft alone helps solidify it. This reduces the rotating mass of the engine. This makes the bike much more agile when moving from side to side. There is also the BMW ShiftCam Technology that allows curves to be taken with much more precision. This all results in an increase to the torque at a low to midrange level.

The 2020 BMW S1000RR has a power output of 205 horsepowers and 13,500 rpm. This is a bike built for speed. Look for it at a track near you and prepare to be amazed.

Thanks to Cycle World for the awesome video!

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