A Closer Look at The 2020 Lexus RC F

Although the Lexus RC F is the epitome of vehicular beauty, previous versions have been known to be a little on the heavy side. Back in 2014, the V8 coupe weighed in at over 4K pounds. This weight was a serious performance dampener. There was no way the RCF could compete with its rivals like the lightweight BMW M4. The 2020 model is supposed to fix the mistakes of the past. To ensure that this goal was achieved, the Lexus went back to the drawing board with a focus on reducing weight. The changes they made include:

  • Reducing the size of the air conditioning compressor and the intake manifold
  • Hollowing out the half-shafts
  • Using more aluminum suspension brackets

The updated RC F also features new front and rear end styling, chassis tweaks, and modifications to its eight-speed automatic transmission and 5.0L V8 engine. For speed enthusiasts, there’s also a new Track Edition model that’s more hardcore than ever.

Feed your need for speed

With the Track Edition, driving enthusiasts no longer have to choose between a car that delivers serious performance on the track and luxury on the street. Blending the craftsmanship and classic elegance of the Lexus brand with performance upgrades normally reserved for exotic sports cars, the Track Edition can handle running laps all days and a relaxing drive home at night. The Track Edition has undergone a weight loss treatment as well. It features lightweight 19-inch wheels, titanium mufflers and exhaust pipes, and carbon-ceramic brake rotors. Many of its parts are built out of carbon fiber as well, like the rear wing, roof, hood, and front splitter. With these changes in effect, Lexus says they shaved almost 200 pounds off the 2020 Lexus RC F. Now, it’s about 50 pounds shy of 4K. Not a huge weight loss but, still significant enough to boost performance.

A new twist on an old classic

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to power. First, they used stiffer bushings for the steering rack mounts and rear suspension arms to further refine the feel of the engine. Then they used sturdier engine mounts to better handle its power. The new RC F’s naturally aspirated engine (now a rarity in the luxury performance industry) produces 5 more horses and 6 pounds of torque for a total of 472 horsepower and 395-pound feet. The gearing of the eight-speed automatic transmission underwent a slight tweaking to boost acceleration as well. Lexus says that the new RC F can go from zero to sixty in just 4.2 seconds. The Track Edition can do it in less than four. Nothing has been said about top speed, that we know of, but it should be somewhere around 168 mph.

To ensure the RC F lives up to these bold claims, every single one comes with electronic launch control as a basic feature. It’s remarkably easy to use as well, ensuring optimal performance in the literal push of a button. The Lexus’ system will then adjust the traction and throttle control automatically. This ensures that you will achieve maximum acceleration, even from a complete stop. When you are ready to engage this feature, simply press and hold the brakes, engage the system, hit the accelerator to get things pumping and then release the brake. Off you go!

As a final touch to ensure performance, Lexus partnered with Michelin to create special Pilot Sport 4S tires made specifically for the RC F. These tires use a unique rubber compound, profile shape, and tread patterns, even when compared to other Michelin tires. But, it was more than just creating something different. The changes were designed to increase the tire’s durability in extreme conditions, improve lateral grip, and minimize understeer.

Looks aren’t everything but they do matter

When it comes to looks, the most obvious change on the RC F is the redesigned LED headlights. Its new daytime running lights give it a much cleaner look. Designers also added a lower lip across the entire spindle grill and wider LED taillights wider in the back.

When you can get it

Production for Both the RCF and the Track Edition will start in the second quarter of this year. Right now, prices aren’t available. However, it is expected that Lexus will disclose this information as it gets closer to its sale date.

The Bottom Line

The new 2020 Lexus RC F is a thing to behold. Not only is it more aesthetically appealing and more streamlined than ever It also packs a wallop under the hood ensuring that its beauty matches its performance. This is a rare thing indeed in the auto industry.

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